the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 74

Hello RZ / Max,welcome to ld4all.
I’m intrigued, you should make a post in the Quest forum. :content:

Hello! Thank you!

Yes, I’m gonna do that.

Hello All -

My first post, saying hello. Very glad to have found a community about dreaming (and in particular lucid dreaming). It used to happen to me spontaneously, and hasn’t happened for a while. I started keeping my dream journal a few days ago. Very interesting and surprising.

Hello J-Tor, welcome to the ld4all forum.

Now you are thinking about LDs, they could start up again :peek:

Hi there everyone,

Just got to know about this website and found it really interesting. I discovered about lucid dreaming a few years ago and tried to follow a dream journal a couple of times before but never had the discipline to do it seriously… this time I am a bit more detemined to go deeper into lucid dreaming, I am reading a couple of books and filling my dream journal with new dreams nearly every day.

In physical reality, I am Marcos, from Madrid. I’m 28 and live in Leeds, England. I work in a restaurant as a waiter and I am a calisthenics enthusiastic. Also interested in meditation, yoga, spirituality, sustainability and veganism-vegetarianism.

Guessing that’s my “in a nutshell” me. Really glad that I found this forum and let’s see if I get time to catch up with all the interesting info here! :smile:

Hello skatioloko / Marcos. :wave:
I believe that meditation can really improve the chance of LDing.
We do have The BIG meditation as a LD Aid topic and The BIG meditation as a LD aid topic part II

Hope you enjoy your time on ld4all.

Hi, just thought I’d point out that its weird that one can’t read one’s PM without at least 1 post, yet one gets PM’d with a welcoming message that contains useful links… like where to make an introductory post.

So you read it after you’ve made an introduction post. :rofl: I’ll mention it to Qu (the forum owner)

Welcome to ld4all Emerald Wolf.

what an amazing place to connect with LD explorers!!
I was listening to a lecture on youtube and the speaker mentioned this site…I’m glad I caught the memo and jumped onboard with everyone here :smile:
it has been a long time since my last lucid dream (probably 5-8 years or more…) I used to be very interested in exploring lucid dreams when I was younger in high school and college. Something changed after a while and I stopped practicing. Maybe life just got too busy?
After a long hiatus I’ve recently realized that returning to my deep subconscious dream realms might be the most important task of my life.
I look forward to sharing my experiences and hearing from new friends here.

many thanks to Robert Waggoner for mentioning in this youtube interview! I would have never discovered this site without him.

has anyone read his book?


One hour later. :smile: thank you for the link, I enjoyed the interview. Oh, apparently there was a link to it in lucidity centerstage … 081#726081

Welcome to ld4all RainbowCrow.
I think you may like Qu’s youtube video Lucid Inspiration (a few of my lucid dreaming experiences) (3min 26)

Hi, I’m Megan

I’m guessing that you are one of Ysim’s friends. Hope you enjoy your first ld4all vampire game. :bat: :bat: :bat:

Am I being accused of recruiting members using the dark forces of Wolfgame/Vampiregame!?

Cause this might be a little true.


I’m new. Just got LeBarge’s book as well as a few others. Everyone dropped out of my book club, so I have no one to talk to about this stuff anymore.

I am hoping to find others who might chat a little about their experience. :confused: Sucks to be all alone learning this!


Welcome to the forum seosuperbeast.

There are many ways to communicate here.

  • Posting in topics
  • Our chat room - just enter your nick in the quick login box on top right of page and join #ld4all
  • Once you get to know someone, you can talk about lucid dreams through the private message system.

So you won’t be alone on your quest again. :smile:

Hello everyone! I’m new. I’ve been (sorta) lucid dreaming since being a kid. I think it started with realizing I could just wake up from nightmares instead of having to suffer through them, and that kind of led to being aware of dreaming and control over dreams in general.

Pretty interested in some of the experiences I’ve read so far of other people-- for example transformations and methods of flying. Great new ideas for me to try!

Hello archie :wave:
A lot of natural lucid dreamers seem to develop the ability due to nightmares.

You could tie this in with the current wings quest Ask and Receive. Ask for the power/gift that you deserve. Link is at top right of forum. :spinning:

Hello! I’m new here. Well, not really. It’s been about a decade since I logged in and don’t know my old login info if it would even still work but the site is much the same as when I left it last time. I don’t know if it’s still active (I’m not finding many threads that have been updated in the past month or so) but I think even browsing the community and looking at the resources here might help me get back to being a better lucid dreamer.

Welcome back hoby. If you remember your old nickname you should be able to get your old account back, it will still be there.