The BIG meditation as a LD Aid topic

I could not get anyone else to respond to my desires to have a BIG meditation topic made - as it is a practice that would boost the effectiveness of techniques such as WILD, and pretty much any other technique used to become lucid - so I thought I’d make one of my own, whether it becomes a legit ‘BIG topic’ sticky, or not.

Anyway, this is the thread where you can learn ALL about meditation, post your experiences in times of utter relaxation and concentration or your experiences in APs or LDs that were induced somehow by your meditation, receive help or advice from fellow meditators, ask any questions about meditating, share you most rewarding and most effective meditation techniques and discoveries with others, and share your very own unique methods of meditation with the rest of us!

(NOTE: I post this in ‘The Quest for Lucidity’ board because I believe - err, know - that meditation can be very helpful in preparing the mind for many of the LD inducing techniques, and may even induce lucid dreams in itself. It also can help with DR. Aside from that, meditation can benefit any one person by further clarifying their mind and relaxing them during the day. Thanks for listening)

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Well, since no one has posted… I will! :razz: A good method of meditation is the silva ultramind method. Go to the bottom of this page to register for the free course.

i agree - meditation is a great way to still the mind, and thus extend both the length and clarity of one’s travels in lucid dreams.

if you’ve ever got so excited about simply being in a lucid dream, that you simply wake up, you’re bound to recognise the value meditation might have for you.


I have a meditation tape that I used to do as part of the WBTB method during the summer. It was conveniently 45 minutes long, so I would sleep 4 or 5 hours, do the tape and then go back to bed for some pretty darn good results. However, quite a few nightmares were also the result. I usually don’t have nightmares when I don’t meditate. I guess those are just parts of my dweller in the threshold (or dark side) coming out.

I’m just getting into meditation but there is a great meditation ebook right here

That’s all I have to contribute.

That’s interesting. So interesting, that I’m actually going to read it :smile:.

So, what type of meditation does everyone do, if anyone does any?

Thanks for this topic CZChilla, I was wanting advice on editation for a while.

not specific advice, i just dont know how to really get into it :content:

hehe, i have a way, i’ve read it somewhere(i think it’s good to combine with crystals)
here’s what i did while meditating with my crystal(amethyst?):
1: i lie down on my back with the crystal(did i mention it should be flat(-ish)?) with the flat(-ish) side on your forehead(3rd eye) and imagine a trashcan
2: throw in all your thoughts and worries
3: close the lid and kick it away(if you want to) or just make it dissapear
4: now move your attention to the crystal
5: after a few seconds/minutes you might start to feel something strange on your forehead, just keep paying attention to it
well, that’s just about it, the first time i did it it kept me busy for half an hour tho it seemed like 1-2 minutes

That sounds cool, does it have to be an amethist?

Well, there are lots of meditations. What type did you really have in mind, if any?

Also, I was wondering, where would you get one of these crystals, and how expensive are they? Oh, and how big would they have to be?

somebody said crystals? :happy:

I buy mine mostly on ebay :content:

we also have a crystal topic here

for meditating clear quartz and amethyst are good, but you can meditate with any crystal/stone; it depends on what you want to do. Crystals each have their own unique energies that work on different levels. In the crystal topic are some links to sites with more explanation about the different kinds of crystals.

I just read about zazen meditation, it sounds good. Does anyone here to it?

I don’t like to think of Zazen as meditation for reasons I’d not like to get into (again) but yes, I tried is a few times. It’s not the stuff for me, though. I have a link to a site all about Zazen, though.

Link, well, adress tis HERE! Well, down there VVVVVV.

Hope that helps, if you haven’t already read everything the internet has to offer about it, Steve.

I haven’t read a lot of returns about meditation induced lucid dreams. On a buddhist sangha forum, there was only one people who have had a lucid dream. He asked what it was to the others, who couldn’t answer.

I’ve read that site already (I think it was Fadem who posted it) but thanks CZChilla. I think this method takes a lot of practice, but it sounds good so i’ll keep trying it (unless someone knows of a better method).

Really? Seems a little odd considering tibetan monks use meditation and lucid dreaming (I’m certain I read a credible source about monks using lucid dreaming). I guess a lot of people dabble in meditation without doing a great deal of research into it.
I’ve meditated on and off for the past seven years, more so over the past 6 months (almost every night). I have to say that I haven’t noticed an increase in my lucid dream frequency, though that’s not to say that if I set my intentions in that direction it wouldn’t work. I meditate to achieve a calm, centred personality, as opposed to using it as a vehicle for increasing ld’s. That being said, I do give myself strong messages at the end of my meditation sessions to recognise when I am dreaming. Doesn’t appear to have had great results so far.

This book is my bible, and details some fantastic buddhist techniques known as the brahma viharas, which basically set the intention to increase what is known as loving-kindness (basically compassion, happiness, patience and content). I think the most important thing to do if you’re just starting out on meditation is to find a good book with some practical and well set out techniques which you can follow, while providing essential background to those techniques.

Personally I have become friendlier, more open and kind hearted, more relaxed (socially), and just more content and happy. It’s amazing how much difference 30 minutes of meditation every day can make to your life - but, as always, only if you set the right intentions before each session!

I can’t say that t would be better to, but I’m going to keep dabbling in different types of meditation. Tonight I’m doing a Daydream type meditation (will elaborate on if you like) while last night I was using my ‘kick-hole’ mantra. All I know is that if you read up on something that seem appealing to you, do that instead, because forcing yourself to do another night or two of one meditation while desiring to do another is rather counter productive.

About the Monks, I haven’t read anything, but I’m sure they would have known and utilized, or at the very least just know about some sect of Lucid Dreaming. I haven’t read anything, again, so I wouldn’t know.

Yeah, I’m certain I read about monks never actually losing consciousness when they fall asleep, but that they slide into their dreams much like WILD’ing.

It was the Dharmaling tibetan buddhism sangha. I asked there which tibetan buddhist schools were teaching LD’ing and a moderator, who was certainly a monk, told me that…

But some LD’ers I know through internet and who practice tibetan meditation with a rinpoche from the Kagyu tradition (the one which is supposed to be the more interested in LD’ing) told me that their teacher probably doesn’t practice LD’ing (or doesn’t practice a lot). That’s why I suppose that meditation alone doesn’t provoke LD’s, and you have to set your intention in LD’ing if you want to have LD’s.

Moreover there are lots of meditations. I quite sure some of them won’t give you lucid dreams. I’ve practiced meditation during two years without having a LD.

I’m quite sure MOST won’t , alone, induce lucid dreaming, But I’m saying that meditations (focus meditations) would help alot while trying to improve your LD skills, because Meditation increases focus.

Meditation enhances focus, which allows you to use LD techniques more easily, for many of them require focus.


By the way, I didn’t get to try the technique out last night, for I dozed of on the couch, watching tv and never woke up after that. Oh well though, I’ll try it sunday (Chilla doesn’t realy sleep much on fridays and saturdays. Or at all, really. (Hello old hag syndrom!))