the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 63

Welcome harpertown, emozombie, PabloFoxCoyoteThing to the forum !

Yeah, harpertown, LD’ing can get addictive. Real life gets affected by this LD training very much. So, that’s why 2 LD’s per week should be the best :wink: (my opinion)

Anyways, hope you all can get answers and help on this forum - and I’m sure you will.
Good luck ! :smile:

Hello All,

My name is Cameron and I am new to the whole Lucid Dreaming experience, I have two friends who have been able to achieve this skill and that has really intrigued me. So, here is a little bit about me, I am a college student (majoring in Computer Programming), I am a gamer and a martial artist. I feel that lucid dreaming will be a great addition to my meditation and everyday mental well-being. If there is anything else, just ask :slight_smile: I am a nice guy and am really excited to be here! Hope to make quite a few friends.



My name is Brian, but I prefer to be known as Forb. It has been my online handle for some time now.

I have had this website bookmarked for quite a while, I will explain why I am only now making an account an joining the community: I am an artist, a painter. And I spent a few weeks at a program at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. During that time, I experience a dream almost every single night, that is weird for me because I rarely dream. Unfortunate for me, as I love dreaming.

I took that as a sign that it is possible for me to explore the dream world, which was a breakthrough for me, I never thought I was able to. I’ve been keeping a Dream Journal since then, and have been thoroughly enjoying myself. I even got my brother to join me on my quest for Lucid Dreaming.

Anyway, I’ve rambled… A bit more about myself; I play D&D, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m currently 19, and moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to intern with artists. I was born in Chicago, raised in Florida. I have been all over the US, and a few places out of the country including Hong Kong.

I will mostly be here to read the boards and have a public DJ, but if you want to talk I will be around!

Welcome to the forum, CamCub3d & Forb.


Hello everyone,

I’m new here. Have had a few short LD’s in the early years of my life. After watching Waking Life 6-7 years ago I went out and got Stephen LaBerge’s book and started practicing. 3 weeks later I had my first deliberate LD and over the next month or so I had another 3-4. Then I changed my job, became stressed, ‘enjoyed’ life too much (wine, partying) and I lost the ability. Been wanting to get back into LD again and started setting time aside a couple of months ago. Doing RC now about 10 times a day or more and started my DJ. 4 days ago I made an attempt at a WILD and it worked. It blew my mind and gave me a feeling of being able to do anything I put my mind to. Glad to have found a forum with others who are into LD. Been trying to tell my friends and family about it but it seems like something that is difficult to understand for most people. I guess you need to have one to really get it.

:welcome: hello Bodom247

congrats! :yay:

:wave: hello Sir_Tophat

good luck :thumbs:
and it’s so easy to spend lots of time here browsing through old topics and DJs and also taking part in current threads :content:

:welcome: hello VerbalVandalist

there is a big sticky remembering dreams topic in the stuff forum and also a topic in knowledgebase - Improving dream recall

:wave: hello harpertown


the shortness must be a little frustrating but it will give you lots of chances to practice at prolonging them and experimenting more.

:welcome: hello emozombie

it doesn’t need to take up that much time :eh:
did you have any LDs last time?

:wave: hello zeek

congrats on the LDs so far :grin:
Just setting the intention to realise you are dreaming if you wake up naturally in the night (ie going to toilet or turning over in bed) will improve the odds of becoming lucid.

:welcome: hello PabloFoxCoyoteThing
love the name :happy:

I think that film could inspire quite a few dreamers to come back to LDing :boogie:

:wave: hello Cameron

I remember reading one of the topics here that mentioned that meditating can actually increase LD frequency :smile:
part 1 and part 2
there are probably more if you do a forum search :wink:

At LD4all it is almost impossible not to make friends :smile: :grouphug:

:welcome: hellp Forb

you could use some dream inspired artwork in your DJ or make a topic in fruits of lucidity (for art inspired from LDs) or garden of creation for any art inspired from dreams or not.

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/me spots age under avatar and points to link to are you over 30 in her signature :peek:

congratulations :boogie:

:yes: or they need the imagination to understand what is possible.

I hope you all enjoy your time spent on LD4all and in your dreams :dream:

Thanks for the welcome Moogle and working class hero! :thumbs:

Hello everyone, :peek:
my forum-name is Auditor, obviously, I am 17 years old, live in western Germany and am an academic high school student. I have been passively reading in the forums for about a year now, since I registered, and am trying to acquire the skill of Lucid Dreaming for a month or two longer.

Researching about the idea of basic income, I stumbled upon a girl’s YouTube channel, who promoted not only her political point of view but also Lucid Dreaming. Even if I was in two minds about her political view I was instantly fascinated by the possibilities of inducing LDs at will and remembered as a child I had been able to choose what I wanted to dream in a way. Back in those days, when I regularly had to be in bed at eight o’clock being not too tired, I started daydreaming with closed eyes until the dreaming developed a momentum of its own. Because I always forgot the fact that I must have been dreaming these dreams were surely no LDs but they always seemed to run the way I wanted them to be and were well… simply gorgeous. This wonderful ability faded about half way through primary school without me really recognizing.

I am confident I may regain the nightly freedom of my childhood through lucid dreaming.
Having spent a lot of free-time to research, read and ponder now during summer holidays may have finally paid off as I succeeded in intentionally inducing two quite short LDs in the past four weeks :content: - both by recognizing the strangeness of situation in dream and confirming with RCs. I have a feeling that actively swapping thoughts and ideas instead of just passively reading about Lucid Dreaming will motivate and empower me even more to explore my fantasy’s possibilities. According to my long-term observation this site seems to be the perfect place :wink: .

See you soon

:welcome: hello Auditor … wow a full year without being tempted to post once :eh:

congrats :yay:
did you manage to do anything while lucid? or did you just enjoy the sensation of being aware it was a dream?

Hey guys my name is Dylan and i am 14 years old.
I have always like dreaming but I hated when I woke up and couldn’t remember the dream or if I did remember, why I didn’t try to fly or somthing like that. I am hoping that this site will help me eventually be able to control my dreams. :smile:

Hello, I’m ze_gobou, I’m French and I am here mainly because of the (temporary, I hope) closure of the French forum. Now I have no choice but to come here and practice my English X_x

welcome to the other side, ze_gobou!

Thank you very much ! I sent you a PM about the French forum, too.

:welcome: ze_gobou to the international forum :happy: there are some french members here actually :grin:

Well, this forum is a good place to practice your english, in here we do not comment if people use poor english :wink:

Have a pleasant stay here and good luck with your LD’s :cool_laugh:

Thank you very much :content: But please correct me if I make huge grammar mistakes :content:
Actually, the French forum is closing right when I think I need the community (I’m having less and less LDs X_x). This is also why I’m coming here :content:

EDIT : I forgot to say that penguins are going to take over the world… and I support them. Hence my avatar :razz:

Hi ze_gobou,:welcome: you remember me from the French forum! :wnvoss:

:wave: hello Salbe
welcome to LD4all :smile: keeping a dream journal is a good way to improve recall and it also has the bonus that you can read the dreams at a future date and the experience will all come back really clearly.

hello ze_gobou
I hope you enjoy your time on the international LD4all :grouphug:

Thanks for the tip moogle :content: I will do that.

Hello folks! :content:

Nothing much to tell, only that I’m new and have just started few days ago to learn the skill of lucid dreaming:) Hope that by joining this community, I’ll learn the skill faster, and at the same time enjoy reading other peoples experiences ^^

Welcome :welcome: and good luck Haddock! :smile: