The BIG meditation as a LD Aid topic

I liked the link you provided on page 1 Chilla, but the one above seems a little… fluffy? yeah fluffy.
In fact the link about Zazen I think is very similar to that which I practice, almost identical in fact. It may be that I’m practicing Zazen without even realising it.

You can believe you are actually moving energy or whatever you like, but the whole exercise is just for concentration…Well, the one in the link above is for energy control, but what I use it for is just a concentration type meditation. Concentration/ visualization, actually. I’ll post what I do (which is based on the link above) in more detail.

what about using binaural beats to bring our consciousness down to a meditative state?

Hmm. I’m not quite sure waht you mean, Steve. Partly because I don’t know what binural beats are. Would you like to elaborate? You got me all interested.

The monks in the Tibetan Buddihst temple that I volunteered in told me that every “enlightened” person goes through the same “meditation” process np matter wher they are from. First its is single point concentration, than Vipassan meditation, than you just stop because your mind is already “enlightened” enough so you don’t need to meditate.

First you need to start at single point concentration meditations. Techniques such as Zen or Shamata.

What to do after that, I cannot tell you. All I know is that you have to be able to sit in Shamata properly for an hour or more. And that is somethig that I haven’t achived yet. The max I sat at was 40 mins, while most days 30 to 20 mins.

Also, there is Tibetan dream Yoga. I know that it involves using imagination. I need to try the technicalities of it.

go here, Chilla
[Binaural beats)

Well, Steve, it seems like it would work, but, from what I’ve read on you thread about it, youd have to buy equipment or have to make something at home which I wouldn’t want to do. But I don’t know much about it, some I’m not going to try and discourage anyone from trying it out…

All you need is a mp3 or CD player

Oh. So, do you know where I could download one of these files?

You can download BrainWave Generator for free for binaural beats (there is a thread here in which Q explains a lot about BWG and some presets), and you can go to LucidQuest and sign up for free and download some soundscapes that might be useful. LucidQuest should be getting binaural beats soon.

look in the library :smile: there is a thread about BWGEN there that Philthemn wrote :smile:

Also, I tried something out last night. I layed down, with my headphones on, and made the proper preparations for meditation, then, instead of doing anything, I tried to observe all the strange colors on my eyelids (phosphenes?). After a while they begin to swirl and sway and become very interesting and entertaining to observe. I found that it sucked my thought away pretty much immediately. Granted, I only did this for five minutes after a mantra meditation during which I suddenly sprung up, looked at the time, and decided A. I hadn’t, meditated long enough to meet my likings, and B. that I was bored of Mantra Meditations.

Mantra Meditation.
Breathing Meditation.
Visualization Meditation.
Energy Flow Meditation.
Sinking Meditation.
DayDream Meditation.
Eyelid Meditation (for lack of a better name).
Third Eye Meditation.

And there you have it; All the meditations I’ve tried and liked, or made up myself.

Has anyone tried Falun Dafa?
My god it’s incredible, search it out on google you’ll be amazed.

Eh, It’s not the thing for me…

I’m kind of thinking specific, step by step meditations, by the way. Just to let everyone know. Not a generalized type of meditation, but I’m talking about personalized meditations; in case anyone wants to post what meditations they do.

I’ve been reading about the Ajna Chakra meditation(3rd eye chakra) here and there and I was wondering if someone experienced could help me out a little…
when I roll back my eyes in the direction of the center of the forhead, am I supposed to be a little crosseyed? or is looking up enough?

Okay Svav, that’s a good question. Luckily, I have the answer.
Step one: Find a trusty old ruler.
Step Two: Measure three inches out from your forehead.
Step Three: hold your finger where three or so inches away from the center of your forehead is.

Now, look at your finger. You’re a little cross-eyed and it’s a bit uncomfortable, yes? Well, luckily for you, you now refocus so your eyes aren’t crossed but still at that same angle.

Anything else?

thanks alot man that one has been troubleing me but I have another one. When I practise this meditation, I have to try with all my might to hold my eyes shut and that really disturbes the position of my eyes

should I just try to get used to that or is there something I might be doing wrong?