the BIG MILD topic [part II]

I always to MILD when I go to sleep. The mantra that seems to work best for me is “I will wake up after every dream”. Have tried using “I will wake up at the end of each REM-period”, but that doesn’t seem to work at all.

The only other thing that seems to be working for me is to ask my brain to do something for me, it doesn’t work very well but better than just stating something.

I repeat it a few times, and then say it out loud, really meaningfully, thinking about every word…then carry on saying it in my head.
(it’s worked a couple more times now)

The best matra I’ve found is “The Next time I’m dreaming I’ll remember to recognize that I’m dreaming”

The remember to recognize part is the key because you’re goal is to remember to recognize/relize you’re dreaming, not just to realize you’re dreaming, this is a small subtle difference bt it made all the difference for me. Until I made that change in my mantra it barley worked but now I can do it at will.

Also try repeatiing your mantra until you fall asleep.

I don’t think finding the perfect mantra is the key to MILD. About 90% of all my LDs have been from MILD and what I learned so far is that you got to train your mind to remind itself of its intention. After you do MILD for a while, usually your thoughts begin to trail off as you go to sleep. You have to try to catch yourself at least a few times and remind yourself of your intention. I usually try this as many times as possible and I eventually miss it one time and I end up spontaneously remembering my intention in a LD later (hopefully).

That’s my variation, so I guess MILD can sort of be done in different ways.

I’ve had mild success with MILD (ha ha - get it? yeah, it sucks. what do you want from me?), so I may as well share my experince.

For me, I think the best mantra is the one you make yourself. You’ll find it easier to remember, and recongnise it easier and stuff.

But I have one question - with MILD, are you just meant to suddenly remember that your dreaming, or do you just suddenly just remember to take a RC? Cos usually for me it’s the later (not always mind).

Oh, and for anyone interessted, I try and repeat my mantra till If all asleep. I find it easy enough, as as soon as I lay down for sleep now, I automatically start saying it in my head. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered (hard day or whatever), but I generally try to keep at it for at least half an hour.

When I do MILD I always suddenly remember I’m dreaming, never do an RC. It’s just totally obvious I’m dreaming and I usually start flying right away without any hesitation or doubt :content: Guess it depends from person to person, I never do RCs, MILD or not.

Any tips on visualisations from those experts in MILD? I’ve heard that the general consensus is that they are vital, but any insights into special techniques, what you visualise, or where you visualise in relation to your mantra (e.g. after, before, whilst saying the mantra) would be welcome.

I visualise during my mantra. I visualise whatever I want to happen: me waking and writing in my dream diary, me becoming lucid, etc.

I tend to visulize myself finding a dreamsign and becoming lucid.

[color=indigo]yeah I repeat and then say it out lod really meaningfully and then a couple of times in the half hour I remember to do it, I imagine myself in bed (kind of…smilie looking= :smile: ) and a little dream bubble pops up and in the dream bubble is me waking up in bed, and I look round and I’m dreaming. A little exclamation point appears over smilie me#'s head!

Then I go back to repeating the mantra!

A little wierd, but it gets it stuck in my head so I’m ok with my crap imagination![/color]

I’m like Lucidity_Master, I basically visualize the last dream that I remember until I find a dreamsign and then repeat. Basically I use the technique as LaBerge outlines it.

I’ve been looking to broaden into WILD but haven’t had much luck yet.


Sometimes visualization works for me, but usually not. Visualization tends to distract me from my mantra. Its best to just stick to one specific anchored thought. The more things you have floating around your mind while doing MILD, the higher chance your just going to drift off unconciously. Keeping focused on one basic thing for a while will give your brain a chance to drift into deeper levels of sleep easier.

Yea! I’m gonna try MILD tonight, I think I’ve planned the time ok and everything…I honestly hope this works, I’ve heard that most people get good results with it.

Hey Lucid_Adventurer,

What were the results of your MILD attempt?


A few times last week I decided I wanted to wake up during the night just to improve my dream recall and it worked very well, even found myself waking up out of habbit on days when I hadn’t intended to. That got me worried, what if I can’t stop this from happening :eek: but it was ok once the intention of waking was completely off my mind.

My last lucid dream was a MILD. I never thought it would work for me coz my mind usually does the opposite of what I want.

Hio i wakeup every time i realize that i am dreaming. have anny one some tips to me?

edit… i do not have this problem any more :smile:

Well the MILD technique was the technique that used to work for me the best, but I have been very busy in real life and have not had the chance to practice it or any other indiction techniques recently.

As a result the number of lucid dreams that I have had has dropped down to zero. I’m starting to post to this forum again to help build my intentions.

Has anyone recently had any sucess with the MILD technique? Judging from the posts on this forum it appears to be the least popular technique, I wonder why that is?


I dont know why either. It seems liek it’d be the easiest to pull off.

It is not that it is unpopular. In fact, it is most likely one of the most used technique by LD ers on this form. It is just that there really is not much to say about it.

It is easy for some yet hard for others. Every one is different it that regards. In reality all the techniques are easy it is just a matter of finding the one that is right for you.

Hey milod789,

I guess you are right about the MILD technique. One of the things that I have noticed is that most techniques that people use are very similar to the MILD technique in a few ways.

On that note I’ve also noticed that (in general) most LD techniques are quite similar, perhaps out of necessity or becuase of the way out mind works. I wonder if someone will come up with a totally new techique at some point?

Ow well, I’ve been working my way back up into using the MILD technique last night it almost worked for me and it felt like I developed some low-level lucidity in a few of my dreams. I’m looking to fully apply the technique tonight and get some lucid dreams.