the BIG MILD topic [part II]

Hi ypm

Yes, I agree that most of the techniques are indeed very similar to each other.

Anyway good luck I am sure you will be LD ‘ing again soon. Just practice seriously and try to be confident that you will LD. Really try to believe it.

The only MILD mantra that seems to help me with lucid dreaming seems to be “I will wake up after each dream and I will remember to write it down”.

Then again it could be that when I use that one I only use that one. If I use anything else I also use that one and then I guess that they interfere with eachother somehow.

In MILD do I have to imagine the whole process of lucid dreaming?

I don’t think that you “have to” do anything for the technique to work for you.

But for me what I do is visualize the dream that i just awoke form until I get to the dream sign that I chose, see myself recognizing it, doing something, and then I repeat from the beginning.

But I do know that people on this forum just say a mantra or just use the visualisation, so I guess use whatever works for you.


Thanks. Tha mantra I am using works well for the dream remembering part and waking up after the dream. Now I have to have a lucid dream mantra!

MILD is the most successful technique for me. I think the reason it works so well is that when you wake up between dreams you are only half awake and part of your mind is still half asleep. You’ve just been in REM sleep, and your brain wants to dive straight back in, so any visualising you do is likely to be carried into your next dream. It’s like “coming up for air”, and it’s very easy to reinforce your intention and get quickly back into the dream state. With all the other methods, you are “starting from cold”, like a car on a winter morning. If the engine has been running for hours and is fully warmed up it will start like a dream (no pun intended).
It’s the coolest method and it works brilliantly if you keep practicing it. The hardest part is remembering to wake up between dreams, but this gets easier once you make it part of your routine.

My first LD came through MILD. I woke up and started writing Lucid Dreaming for about 2 pages and then went back to sleep but the tech hasn’t worked since. How long should I stay up for after I awake from a dream? I am not the best at getting back to sleep. Maybe I should just do the Mantra and go to sleep.

You don’t need to stay awake long - just long enough to realise that you are awake and reinforce your intention to have a lucid dream. Once you feel that you are awake, take your mind back into the dream you were just having. Try to re-live it and feel all the feelings you were having in that dream. Tell yourself that in your next dream your mind will realise that you are dreaming
and really believe it. Once you learn to really believe it you are planting a seed in your subconscious mind which will make you become aware that you are dreaming. While you are remembering your dream, imagine a dreamsign
and see yourself becoming lucid when you recognise it. Stay awake just long enough to do all this, if you stay awake too long you will find it hard to get back to sleep. Drift back to sleep with this intention firmly set in your mind. Expect it to happen and give it great importance in your mind. Only then will your mind make you become lucid.
Lucid dreaming is easy - if you believe it is.

Thanks for the reply but what about the time it takes to write my dream in my journal? or would I remember it next time I awake?

You can just quickly jot down a few notes about any dreams you remember. That is usually enough to help you remember the whole dream in the morning.

Personally I usually find running through the dream in my mind in order to visualize it enough to remember it in the morning. Writing the dream down wakes me up a bit more which sometimes results in an LD but also sometimes results in staying awake for an hour.

I think a quick note in your dream journal is usually a good idea.


Reading this topic, it seems that most of the MILDers concentrate on the mantra above all. Am I wrong ?
Do you try to visualize something ( dreamsigns for instance) ? Do you imagine you’re in a dream and realizing you’re dreaming, or not ?
And if not, can you MILD almost at will ?

Whenever I try to remember that whatever happens next is a dream and whenever i try to keep thinking it I won’t sleep because i’m actually thinking, and by the time i actually fall asleep its usually forgotten…

When I do it I do both and concentrate on the actual visualizations more I think.

From what I have read of the MILD method, the visualisation and the mantra are designed to go hand in hand. When you visualize you visualize the last dream you had until you contact a dreamsign, then you visualize yourself becomming lucid and then repeat.

I believe that the idea is that you fall back into your last dream, excpet this time (as you have been rehearsing) you recognize the dream sign and become lucid.

But I guess part of the idea is to adapt any technique so that it works the best for you.

Ow and no I cannot get it to work for me on demand.


Since this contains information relating a bit to MILD, I figured I should post a link of a topic I made about a different approach to MILD.

That is an interesting technique Trancewave, it seems like a good way to fall back into a dream. I’ll have to try it in the next few nights.

How has your success been lately with this technique?


Pretty good so far… 3 LDs out of 5 attempts. =D

Okay, I have no idea what a MILD, or WILD is? Can you explain what exactly they are, and how to do them?

It might be more helpful to click on the how tab in the wings at the top of your screen then visit the big WILD and BIG mild sticky topics here on the forum in the quest for lucidity section. You will be able to gain a more in-depth understanding of the two techniques beyond their simple definitions and therefore be in a better position to decide what method is for you.

You could also check out the wiki book: