Variation of MILD I discovered

After reading through the section in EWLD on MILD for the first time again in a long time, I came up with a very nice idea.

He says that the basis of MILD is remembering to do a task (having a lucid dream) but can be greatly helped by linking that thought to dreamlike situations. Such as “Next time I see a door, I’ll realize I’m dreaming.”

Now, keeping that in mind I realized something else. You know how when you are drifting asleep those rushes of random thoughts come along? It is usually stuff such as what happened during the day, tasks that must be done, or other random thinking. These thoughts are the exact thoughts that are about to become the base of a dream once you enter REM. Therefore, that means these specific thoughts are much more likely to be in your dream once you fall asleep.

Putting all this together with an old meditation I once used frequently, I developed a nice MILD variation that got me 3 LDs over the past 3 nights so far. Here’s a basic rundown of what I do, its nothing fantasticly complex, but I find its working for me.

-Get comfortable and relax your mind a bit. Not a whole lot, but just comfortably calm.

-First, recognize your intention to have a lucid dream.

-After your intention is set, open your mind a bit and listen to the thoughts that come naturally. Don’t cling to the thoughts or force them to come, just see what goes on when you lie there queitly.

-You might notice that some thoughts come and go quickly, but then others will captivate you for longer than usual.

-Now begin setting intentions for each thought. If you find yourself thinking of Bob, say “Next time I see Bob, I’m dreaming”. Or if thinking of work, say “Next time I’m at work, I’ll be dreaming” and so on…

-Repeat this until you cover a good amount of the random thoughts flowing in your head.

Sooner or later that night you will dream of at least one of those things you were thinking of while drifting to sleep. Lucidity will occur almost automatically out of nowhere. I think its the fact that you are remembering to do so many things at once, but all with the same goal. It also is the concept that you dream whats on your mind so this should make it easier to hit dream signs head on. Lucid Dreaming is all about finding what works for your own mind. I don’t know how many others think like me, but anyone who finds themselves thinking alot before going to sleep should have good results with this. Please give some feedback, as I’d like to know how this works for others.

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Well, im thinking those random stuff too, but it should be hard to catch them (dunno, haven’t tryed).

However, nice method, quite interesting i must say. I gonna try this.

Seems like a good idea since I don’t have that much success with MILD. I going to have to try that tonight and I guess that one could also do this during the day if one happens to meditate :cool:

I didn’t notice such a thing in my dreams. Generally, my waking state preoccupations don’t appear in them. But it could be the case of some people : for instance, in DDs, I noticed many work related dreams.
Nice idea however, i’ll try it.

it sounds nice.
i started meditating before i go to sleep, so this would be nice to do while i’m meditating…
gonna try it tonight, if something happens i let you hear.
(but my dream recall sucks right now, so DILD isn’t going to work for me right now i think)

Sounds like a worth while idea. My dream recall has deteriorated a little since my last LD, so this might motivate me to get it up a bit.

I tried your variation last night Trancewave - it worked great!

I had an LD that lasted about a minute (my longest yet :cool: ) as well as several non-lucid dreams in which I remember questioning if I was dreaming or not, but for some reason didn’t do an RC :grrr: … If I HAD, perhaps I would have gotten 2 or 3 LD’s :grin:

I suppose it could have been a coincidence (i’ve sorta been “due” to have an LD for a while now), but for now I’m going to attribute last night’s success to your method. I’m going to try again tonight. :grin:

I like the sound of this, have a feeling it might work for me. I’ll try it.

I think this is a good idea.

awesome! its 10 times better than the ways that require to wake up in the middle of the night [including mine] i personally dislike getting up early because i dont want to…and sometimes i dont even wake up when my alarm goes off :razz: plus i have school. so yeah…i like this a lot because it has success, and you can do it without having to wake up at 3 am. ill try this for sure for the next couple of days and tell ya what happens! Subtle Chaos inspiried me to do this :razz: if theres success…it works! hehe…im hyper.

Very nice thoughts and ideas, trancewave. You sure know how to invent :smile: Looks like it’s pretty successful too. I’ll try it tonight!

Wow, I’ll try for sure, sounds awesome.

3 LDs. Worked great for me.

Hm, this seems to work very well for some people :happy: I tried it a bit last night but since I also did the counting tech I didn’t really focus too much on it. I will try a bit harder tonight and see what happens.

And Freecude it seemed to work extremely well for you :cool: I assume you will try it again tonight and report back here tomorrow to inform the rest of us.

The next time I hum a song I haven’t heard before, I will do a RC!

didnt work :sad: i didnt even look at my images right when im falling asleep…i just fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. hehe.

tried it again last night. No lucidity this time; however three of my targets turned out to be the main subject of a few of my dreams. Dreaming was even mentioned at one point in the dream, but the idea of a RC sort of just slipped my mind. If I’m firmer with my intentions it should work out alright so its working good so far :happy:

“The next time I think about the Neural Noise Synthesizer, I am dreaming.”

Dreamt about:
Yu Gi Oh!

The first random thought was my best friend and I also had a dream about him but I didn’t do a RC :sad: Trancewave are you otherwise good with MILD? MILD isn’t really my thing, but I will try this again tonight even if it didn’t work yesterday. I mostly thought about different persons last night before bed but only one of them made it into a dream, or I only remember that one came into a dream.

i still didnt get it. when i think back…i dont remember at all going through the stage where i see random things (before i fall asleep)…so yeah…since im not going through that…i cant really do the method