the BIG MILD topic [part II]


Well, I didn’t have a lucid dream, but I did wake up after every dream and I remember two of them very vividly. So it’s a start! I’m going to try and MILD every day for a little bit until I get the hang of it.

sorry if this has already been asked or something but can MILD help increase dream recall? If I say to myself “I will go to sleep, I will dream, I will remember my dream, I will write down my dream in my journal when I wake up.” instead of things to get me lucid will it help me remember my dreams better? Im just starting out and I need to improve my recall.

Renko, I believe it does. When I first started out, that’s what I did. I told myself I’d wake up right after I dreamt and that I’d vividly recall the dream. It worked. :smile: First night I recalled – I dunno – 3, 4, 5… I think 5 dreams? And I woke up right after each one so I could write them down. It’s a subconcious thing. Try telling yourself you need to wake up at 6:30 and odds are you will. It works for me like that anyway. Give it a shot. :smile:

Well… It seems that we have to recapitulate what is really MILD (the original method), before there is too much confusion on this thread. :bored:

Yes indeed Basilus, what renko asked after is actually called autosuggestion, a form of self-hypnosis aimed at triggering a subconscious response. MILD as defined originally by Laberge uses this in step 2, so it is a very important aspect of it, yet not totally the same (but it’s understandably confused at times).

Ok so the difference between autosuggestion and MILD is that you visualize yourself doin the thing you are saying in MILD? or something like that? Is MILD more effective than autosuggestion?

That’s what I understand too. In MILD, you’ve to work on your past dreams, and visualize yourself becoming lucid in them.

Both work rather well. About what works better with you, I suppose it’s merely a matter of preference…

Autosuggestion is a part of MILD. Personally, I find that MILD works better then autosuggestion alone, and I think this is why Laberge “invented” MILD in the first place. It kind of increases the effectivity of the autosuggestion if you also visualise a scene in which you perform the action you are suggesting to yourself (in this case, become lucid during a dream). So to conclude, MILD = autosugestion + visualising.

I believe this is my first induced lucid dream. I woke up early this morning, earlier than my normal time because I had some stuff to take care of and I knew I could go back to sleep when it was done. So, I thought I should take advantage of this time to try to have a lucid dream. Well, I had one but it was not in the place I wanted it to be. It was in my apartment where most of my lucid dreams seem to occur. I wanted it to be at my friend’s house.

While I was falling asleep I kept repeating to myself that I will be aware that I am dreaming over and over until I fell asleep. I also repeated that I wanted to have it at my friend’s house. But that part didn’t work. :eek:

Oh, I have to mention I woke up around 7am went back to sleep around 10am and woke back up after having 1 lucid dream and 1 regular dream about 2 and a half hours later.

Here is the lucid dream I had…

I’m in my apartment. It is daytime. I go into the bedroom and stand by the bed by my bedroom door. I noticed that it is daytime by looking out my bedroom window from where I am standing by my bedroom door. I go into the livingroom and hear music playing on the radio. It is a James Taylor song, I think it’s called ‘Operator’ or ‘That’s not the way it feels’. I go back into the bedroom and hear the same song playing on the bedroom radio. Both are playing at the same time. I stand on the same side of the bed again by the door and peek over into the living room to look out the window and I notice the shade is pulled down and I am the only one here and I did not do it. This is when I realize I am in a dream and I become afraid of what willl happen next because of the shade being pulled down. So, I panic and wake myself up.

I do this in most of my lucid dreams, panic and wake myself up mainly due to my fear of the unknown or not feeling that I have total control when I really do have control because it’s my dream.

I was upset at myself when I woke up in this reality. :grrr:

Maybe I need some type of affirmaton to say before I go to sleep to help me not to panic or be afraid when I realize something is different in my surroundings in my dream and to just use it or change it around.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks! :smile:

Oh, I also wanted to mention…

If you notice in my signiture it says LD = 2. I had a natural lucid dream on April 1st and I paniced and woke myself up in that one too because my lamp was missing. The light switch I touched to turn on my hall light did not work either but that did not make me panic, the missing lamp did. Weird huh? :lol:

Well, by this lucid dream occuring on April 1st, I felt that my subconscious may have been playing an April fools joke on me by removing my lamp. :lol:

Hey, anything is possible, right? :wink:

Negative suggestions (not to be afraid for instance) are said not to be very good. You just have to convince yourself it’s wonderful to be lucid! :cool_laugh:
But I don’t think you need this, indeed. It’s rather normal to panic when facing unknown. In your further dreams, you’ll certainly and naturally behave in a more calm way. :content:

Thanks, Basilus. :wink:

I see what you mean. I just have to get use to it. It is a fear of the unknown and I’m starting to realize now that there is nothing to fear in my dreams.

I have only felt comfortable in a few of my lucid dreams. I want to have more like that soon. I feel I will be calmer in the future because now I am understanding what LD’s are and how great they can be. :happy:

When you sucess with MILD, what happens? I mean… do you know that youre dreaming when you start dreaming, or do you just happen to do an RC cause you told yourself to do so before falling asleep?
And another thing: If you do MILD without WBTB, do you have LD’s during nREM or what? I just don’t get it :smile:

1.Any can happen- you may just notice you`re dreaming, you may just remember to test the reality…no rules here really.
2.No.Lds during nonREM happen(or so we think - theres really no way of telling without eeg machine) regardless of technique.

Let me explain MIILD to you.Its pretty simple- MILD is basically all you do about dreaming in general- your RCs, your dream diary, your thoughts during the day, reading about dreams, keepening the awareness…etc.
As you can say from the description theres no one proper way of doing MILD although you can do some things “better”
1.Dream Diary - note your dreams(or emotions, or anything you can remember when waking up)
2.After few weeks you should be able to spot “dream signs”(DS)- things that occur in your dreams most often.Such as school or riding on the bus, or water or sex or…etc.
3.Once you have the list of your ds you can start doing your RCs according to them.I.e- you dream often about swimming.Then you do your RCS when you swim or when you think of swimming…etc.Anything thats connected with your ds somehow.
Apart of doing RCs you can state to yourself out loud before sleeping(or anytime) “im dreaming when im swimming”.Its important to do so.

Of course you can go your own way when doing MILD ,i just gave you the example combo that may enhance lucid dreaming.

Good luck

Maby it’s a little bit (or a big bit :razz:) off topic, but what’s the point by doing wild as you go to sleep the first time, then?
(I’ve read that pro’s can do that)

You’re right Brambleburr, it’s possible to have LD’s during nREM sleep.

You don’t have dreams in nREM sleep. In the case of WILD, you either…

a)Simply remain conscious through nREM sleep, then go into a dream when you get there.
b)Skip right to REM.

I am not sure which though.

1.Indeed theres much smaller chance to have ld when doing WILD when going to bed first time.WILD tech is to be done after some sleep(but that does not mean one can not try other times)
2.If you sleep deprived REM starts earlier and sometimes even right off

 It is said it is possibile to have nonrem lds.I just pointed out that one has no chance to say wheter his/her dream was in REM or nonrem phase without equipment.

What you have quoted means that lds in nonrem can happen wheter you have done WILD,MILD or any -ild

Here is my answer.

About the amount of NREM dreams:

But it seems that this poor dream rate during NREM sleep is only due to a poor dream recall.

Some recent experiments seems to show that there are at least as much nREM dreams as REM dreams.

smacks forhead

I had no idea that your RC’s should be used along with your DS. I was simply doing RC’s whenever I saw something weird, now i’m gonna go through my journal and look at whats common in my dreams. Thank You So Much!