The BIG OBE topic [part IV]

I’ve been trying to learn to AP/OBE from an LD for a little while now.
A strange thing happened yesterday… I tried to make the switch-over by closing my eyes in the LD and thinking “I wish to astral project.” To tell a short version of the story: I experienced what looked and felt exactly like my last (and so far only) successful OBE, but on waking I noticed that some details were very off, ex. in the “OBE” I was in bed alone, but my fiancé had been sleeping next to me the entire time.

I really have no idea what to make of it.

I read that it is possible to AP from SP but is it also possible to AP from an LD or is it only a dream when you try to AP from an LD?

I’m not sure if it’s even appropriate to post here now…since I’m newly back here and since I’m really not that experienced a LD-er in terms of ability to frequently enter into LD-ing, though I have had quite a few over the last 10 years or so.

OBE-style WILD’s are, now, pretty much the primary way that I experience LD’s, though I will, on occasion, sprout a DILD every now and then. It’s almost always WBTB style occurrence…usually around 3-4 a.m. I usually go back to bed and then lie on my side on the bed facing toward the edge of the bed…and then slowly but progressively relax toward falling asleep with my eyes closed while remaining aware…just gazing into the darkness behind closed eyes and sinking into emptiness, without thoughts…without speculation…just peacefully sink into emptiness and let go, but stay aware. Soon, I’ll begin to see HI emerge, but I don’t try to “go into it”…don’t try to step into those dream images. I just watch them come and go with interest, of course, but without trying to specifically do anything with them or to them…just keep relaxing/sinking into that state of impassive observing. Then, once the HI gathers intensity and a degree of immersion, I’ll typically begin to hear auditory hypnogogic phenomena, like surging roaring sounds…or strange motor-like vibratory sounds…or the voice of a man or woman making some kind of strange announcement, as if on the radio, but impossible to understand…or the sounds of people or children talking/playing right beside my ear or beside the bed. These sounds will often create a kind of vibratory, high frequency ticking sensation throughout my body that’s pretty strange and hard to “sit still” through. The key, for me, is to simply stay loose…stay relaxed and detached…don’t push…don’t pull…and just let it do it’s thing. If the energy is there and if I can stay relaxed and impassive through this transition (and sometimes its tough because sometimes the ticking/surging sensation comes through in very strong waves and are almost unbearable…not painful…but unbearably “ticklish” on some ethereal level) then often I will start to experience a subtle, slow rolling sensation as I slowly roll out of my body toward space beyond the edge of the bed. The key here, for me, is to not push it…and to not resist it…as mentioned before. For me, it’s absolutely nothing that “I” am doing to make it happen, other than staying relaxed and detached…it happens all by itself. Again, if the energy is there and if I don’t get too excited or resist too much, the slow rolling will spill me onto the floor beside the bed in my “dreaming body”…or whatever you want to call it (I’ve ceased the compulsion to label things definitively anymore). From that point forward, it’s about first trying to stand up and then get moving to explore while holding onto dreaming cohesion. :smile:

That’s my typical technique for rolling out into an OBE-style WILD. I don’t feel comfortable calling it a technique, though…because it’s nothing really that I devised or endeavored to put into practice…it’s just something that kind of emerged on its own. I had definitely read some info, also, in the past about other’s experiences which corroborated this method…but, after watching this happen many times in my direct experience…I think it simply has more to do with the state/quality of progressive relaxation before going back to sleep while simultaneously holding onto inner wakefulness.

For what it’s worth…my own 2 cents :smile:

My first post here :smile:

I am quite an accomplished LD’er, and after reading R.Monroe and R.Robertson books, I decided to take a step towards OBEs.

Yesterday and especially today I experienced the vibrations for the first time.
In my DJ ( HERE) the full description of my experience.
I am going to posted any further progress here…

So, after more or less one month, I had my first OBE ! :happy:
Link to DJ

It was an awesome experience, and I am really proud of this accomplishment
I wish it was just the first of many such experiences

I have to say that I have read / researched a lot during this month, and I keep reading. In the end what helped me most was the advise given by Glitch on Astral Society forum (topic: best AP method), which resonated with me as the right thing to do; it is basically a distillation of Castaneda books, and I started practicing as soon as I could.

Cheers !

Congratulations! First of many, I’m sure. Happy adventuring :smile:

I’ve had an account on here for a while but never been that interested in OBEs, mostly as I had the impression that they were dangerous.

But I came across this free book yesterday, The Escapist’s Guide to Out-of-Body Experiences, and it’s got me interested, as it presents a viewpoint on the topic that I’ve not seen before, and gives a basic guide (similar to some lucid dreaming techniques) to having OBEs, with some meditation added in.

Admittedly, I’m not sure how much of it I believe, aside from the fact that the author experienced what she experienced, but that’s more personal because I’m never sure how spiritual I feel X). I think everyone has different opinions and experiences about the topic, and we’ll probably never have a conclusive answer, especially with the addition of spirituality.

I’m not sure what the point I was going to make in this post was, but I thought that this book would be interesting to people in this topic. And it’s free, so no money has to be spent! I’m definitely going to try out the method that she recommends, plus the meditation, because I do want to try this out now.

I am going to post a AP/OBE tutorial /FAQ since i cannot find it anywhere in this unit beyond dreaming,is it ok to post this on beyond dreaming or another unit???

Edit:here is the link to my tutorial: