Astral Projection/OBE

Welcome to the Astral Projection/Out Of Body Experience Tutorial,here is an in-depth tutorial on what to do in order to achieve AP.Let me explain these 2 acronyms first.I don’t know if this topic is supposed to be on beyond dreaming or quest for lucidity so i put it on here,anyway moving on.

AP/OOBE=Astral Projection,you leave your physical body when you sleep.The difference between these both is that in OOBE,you consciously make an effort to do it and in AP,you do not.

Let’s move onto the tutorial(if i am making spelling mistakes,forgive me,i am on phone!):yes:

So,AP/OOBE can be done during the night,or morning,or afternoon,it is your choice of plan sonce you can do this anytime during the day.Our first task is to relax,breathe.Flex your muscles from your toes in your head,i like to do this method when i wake up from an ND since i feel extra tired and groggy.Once you feel relaxed move onto the next method.

You are now going to visualize.Take one of your body part,like your hand.Start moving it,in your mind.Once you feel like you can physically move it in your mind,try and work up to your head.Now,at this point,you will drift off again,if you are doing it in the middle of the night after an ND.Picture yourself getting out of your body and :boogie:,you’ve made it.

You are ready
You have now come out of your body as a soul,but we do not know if this is in irl that you are coming out of your soul or in dream world.Visit places ,heal people,there are many people who have reported that they feel healed the next day,check what your relatives are doing and ask if that was what they did the next day,they will say probably that they did just that

The science behind AP and out of body experiences are unknown,we do not know if it is a dream or not,although there is a debate going on.What you think is what you believe.

Anyone can Post your experiences here I’d love to see them!!


This will be edited and improved soon