the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic Part II

Direct a movie-like scenario?

Maybe a quest about exploring a dungeon and claiming the treasure would be good. It would test your fear resistence too. :grin:

Achieve great pleasure?

I think that might bring a lot of R rated dreams. :tongue:
Well, I know for me it would.

Er, seeing how high you can fly?

Oh wait, how far you can drop without waking up. This is pretty hard.

How about seeing if you can stop time? (That’s one of my dream goals :tongue:).

I stopped time once in a dream! (though it was semi-lucid)
And I could command time! If in an exam I needed more time to finish some questions I could command time to stop!

Nice! Even better if you could do that IRL, though :tongue:

I should like to be a tree, either by melding with an existing one or morphing into one. I suppose it would also be fun to be other plants.

Imagine the new perspective it would bring. How nice to spread my roots, soak up the sun, and bloom…

How about just check what’s in your pockets?

this one is inspired from one of the forum topics, i’m sorry i can’t remember who it was that ate the dream scenery, but:

eat the dreamscape :happy:

That sounds good Q! :grin:

How about creating an invention?

I got one! :cool_laugh: It came to me with some HI/visualizations last night and I wrote it down to remember.

Open a time capsul.

Or, if you think you can within a limited amount of time, put a time capsul in the ground in an earlier LD and go back to see if what’s inside in the same or different.

Fun, eh? :grin:

I did this one and found a small rag doll in a green, egg-shaped piece of plastic. ^^

I have a suggestion, why not keep all quests unlocked? Not everyone can complete a quest within the given month and many of the quests are excellent, allowing people to do it more than once.

As long as the topic stays on the quest at hand, why not open them all up?

But please, please, keep giving us new quests each month! You have great taste in quest suggestions, picking the classic LD quests.

I have another suggestion. We talked about a badge or something to show quest completion, something special like that. Well, instead of a badge (which was bothersome due to limits in sigs), how about a topic thread to say “Yes! I completed all the quests!”? (Quests Complete, Quest Graduation, Completed All Quests, Quest Mastery…)

People could list links to their completed quests (I do in my LD Tasks anyway) and discuss their favourites and their most difficult accomplishments. It would be neat to see who all has managed to do them all or how close people are to doing them all.

LD4All Quest #1: Moon 4: Through the Mirror
LD4All Quest #2: Moon 5: Transform Into An Animal.
LD4All Quest #3: Moon 6: Meet my Spirit Guide
LD4All Quest #4: Moon 7: Finding Lost Memories
LD4All Quest #5: Moon 9: Dreaming Our Way to 2012
LD4All Quest #6: Moon 10: Unfold Your Wings and Fly
LD4All Quest #7: Moon 11: Join the Party
LD4All Quest #8: Moon 12: Improve a Skill.
LD4All Quest #9: Moon 1: Connect to your Kin

Edit: We did just this, I think it looks good!

Well, by closing them after the moon, it will make the current quest special and give the incentive to go for it that moon, and not procrastinate doing it.

Once in a while all quests will be unlocked.

but i’ll think about it, it might work better if they stay unlocked.

:grin: thanks. Yes, every moon there is a new Quest, exept the moon where all Quests are unlocked. (that’s also to give me some rest :wink: )

that topic might be a good idea, but how to manage it. People just posting what they completed with a link to their DJ?

my suggestion:

jump into the TV

try to talk to your pet :razz:

my second sugg.

fly without any apparatus whatsoever

i prefer to levitate

Flying is always awesome, check out:
LD4All Quest #7: Moon 10: Unfold Your Wings and Fly

Talk to your elders. I mean family elders. For you, that could be your parents, your grandparents, but you can go wild and talk to the immigrant great great great grandparents too.

Another one? Sure. Visit an oracle. Or, slightly different version: talk to a mirror.

Another one: slide! Just walk out of your room, jump on the streets and slide as if you were skating.

Finally, meet an entity. That could be life, death, peace, wind, water, love, fate—or even: the hero, the father, the dragon… You name it, just meet an entity.