the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic

Do you have an idea for a lucid Quest? Post it here :content:

Hmm… I got one~ We could all watch the same movie/read the same book, but it has to have a cliffhanger-like ending, and then try to live out a conclusion of it out in an LD, then post what happened…

Or try to morph into an animal, and see which animal we become :cool: Or describe what the world is like seen through the senses of an animal!

I would suggest asking the other people in the dream what they think of you. Surely the answers would be interesting! :content:

What about turn on a dream PC, and enter the ld4all forums and try to read some posts and see what they say? Would be interesting XD.

I did that before… everyone talked about LD’s and Karrots. :razz:

EDIT- Here’s an idea:

Make it your personal goal to get a dream pet. If you already have one, see if it’ll listen to you and do a few things. (Ex: help you fly, teleport, ext) Always been a goal of mine, but I never remember to try. :cry:

XD Maybe you should MIR(Mnemonically Induced Reminder) and then WILD?

why not a really simple one to begin with?

like -
going through the mirror - seeing what is on the other side.

i’ve never done that, never actually tried too - might be something fun for everybody to give a try (even if it is for the second, or forty-second time)… and for new members (and me!) to see what it is all about.


Well that’s pretty much what the current one is if you X out (not pun intended) the gift part.

Actually just looking at your reflection in the mirror is pretty interesting if I do say so myself. My eye was set off to the side this one time, and my mouth was all stretchy. :content:

What about going into a giant grandfather clock and exploring all of the inner workings of it, like on Super Mario 64? :happy:

What about going into the very depths of your mind, right into the centre, and finding an object. An object that is responsible for everything that you know (perception of reality). I think those objects would get pretty creative, and it would be an emotionally trippy journey (good for mental development).

Going to a past life and searching things about that life.
(I was reading this tread and I suddenly remembered a dream of Q where she wanted to go to a past life)

I like StormThunder’s idea. Or asking other (philosophical) questions.

Time travel sounds good :smile:

Time travel sounds good. But I think we should try and meet each other or leave a hint of some sort like a scavenger hunt so that we can all participate.

to meet a Unigon :grin: Nah just kidding
my suggestion is: to meet yourself and see what happens

I like all the suggestions in this topic

Next part is here :content:

XD I’d probably give myself a verbal beating and tell me to stop being so lazy!

We could try to meet with DCs of all of the people on here. Then we could post what they looked like…

Although probably not everyone believes in Spirit Guides, maybe for one month people can try and contact theirs or other such type of entity?

Oooo spirit guides. Yeah… but that’s hard and a big journey. Good idea though

Yah I like the spirit guide idea also. This adventure idea is really good, makes me feel inspired to try even harder to lucid dream. Great idea!

everyone could build something, and see the different ways in which it was built.
log cabin, the pyramids, a clock - not sure what, but i think it would be fun if everyone tried and build the same project, and discovery all the ways everybody else figured out how to contruct them!