the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic

that’s an interesting idea carnun.

ever since 2002, the dreamers at sea life have been participating in a project called “dreaming our way to 2012”. we had some great results. perhaps both forums, could connect on this one?

i know sunwolf (who coordinates the projects with me) had earlier suggested running it during the coming overtone moon.


THis suggestion is some sort of mix of meeting yourself and travel to a different year;

You can travel somehow to the future and meet see how you are when you’re older and than the old you can show and tell you about the future


you can go backwards and meet yourself when you was a little kid and then sees what happens

Find a DC and ask, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”

:lol: Lol @ Carnun

Try to find the ‘computer’ to your mind and try a little hypnosis. Program yourself to say your name whenever you hear a bell, or to feel extremely cold/hot when on LD4all. (a good one for addicts :razz: )


or program yourself to shout LD4LL RULES!!! at random time intervalls :grin:

Alright, i’ll try my hand at this.

How about a battle against your “Dark Side” (or light side if you consider yourself evil). Keep in mind that this is more than just a DC, it is you and your fears. It has the power you do, and it will show up as you in some twisted way. :yinyang: If you defeat it, you win some sort of prize. It will let you do something you can’t normally in dreams, a way to get over your fears, or something else.

Or maybe make love to it?:slight_smile:

I told a dream character that she did not really exist. She got annoyed and told me that I was the one who did not exist.



another suggestion from me:

Look at the sky and see how the sky looks

Probably looks like the sky. :wink:

Stop spamming :tongue:

Snape, that’s not true, dreamsky’s can look incredibly amazing. :smile:

I know Q… I was just bein’ silly :tongue:
I’ve had plenty of dreams where I looked up at the sky and saw the moon (or moons), stars etc, and it always looks absolutely amazing. I feel inspired and filled with awe and wonder when I see the sky like this, as though the light fills me with confidence and happiness.

/me slaps Snape with a truit. :truit:

OK back on topic :tongue:

A good one would be to summon your destiny kin … see what powers it has, what it does etc
(credit for this idea to Hippo)

How do Q look like in a dream :tongue:

…and change the desert into a garden just for her.

I have an awsome idea how about you read a book like lord of the rings (just a sugestion) then pretend your the main character and like my example you would have to go and escape from all of the things like trolls and stuff see if you can do this fairly i mean like a trolls guna hit u with a mace dont blast it with some magic spell or make it dissapear just make yourself not get hurt and then next time try not to get hit hope you have fun :content:


How about a journey into the sub-conscious depths of your mind to meet the shadow aspects of your personality, like nightmare DC’s and the like, to seek integration and reconciliation with those DC’s. (aka Shadow Journey :tongue: )

Could be interesting. :unsure: