The BIG Reality Check Topic [part III]

I look at my hands several times a day. Whenever I wake up, when I feel surprised, when my computer prompts me… but I think I need to add another RC to the routine.

Last night, I was climbing around in a rocky landscape with some interesting caves nearby. Everything was so vivid, I just clued in that I was dreaming. When I checked my hands, I had ten fingers. But that didn’t shake my conviction. I kept climbing around and the next time I looked at my hands holding the rocks, I had six fingers on my right hand. That was reassuring. I thought, Cool! If I’m lucid, that will make this easier to remember.

I stayed lucid for maybe a minute, but I was more interested in continuing to explore the dreamscape than in messing with it. Which meant I slipped back into ND mode and I never did get into those caves I wanted to check out.

In my dreams i have no control over what im doin, im not even sure if its me in them or if im just watching it like a movie. So if i have no control how am i ment to look at my hands and clocks to do RC’s its really annoying.

Hi Bean, welcome to the forum! :wave:

What you describe is absolutely normal. It happens to everybody. In ND’s, we can’t control anything.

By taking the habit of performing RC’s in real life, it will trigger your subconscious to do automatically the same during dreams. In your dreams, the RC will certainly fail, so that you’ll have more chances to realize that you’re dreaming. Good luck! :smile:

Last night I did my first RC in a dream, ever.

I looked at my hand and it seemed normal-- solid, right colour, correct amount of fingers. I look away and check back again (I do double hand checks all day IRL) and it almost escapes me but then I notice that my thumb is a bit shorter than IRL, become lucid, and fly off.

Because this RC almost failed, should I adopt a new one? Or since it has a 100% success rate, should I keep it?

I think looking at your hands is a pretty good RC. A good RC is not necessarily a RC which works but a RC which makes you lucid. It may fail yet you realize you’re dreaming.

A good thing is having a second RC, so that if the first fails, you can use the second. It’s too early IMO to decide if your RC is good or not. You can only know this with more experience.

Thanks BWest, I suppose you’re right. I’m just too impatient, I want to get everything perfect now! =]

I think holding my nose will be a good secondary RC, since it’s pretty fail-proof.

Has anyone ever heard of biting your lower lip as a reality check?

No but it’s a good idea :content:
I don’t normally do RCs I just become lucid when someone threatens me in my dream

I was at another site and when the subject of lucid dreaming came up, one of the participants said they use it because it is inconspicuous.(spelling?)

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Latly I have been missing some big time dreamsigns, like this one friend I have, kim, she’s in like every second dream I have or her car is, so everytime I see her, reality check, but last night I was dreaming I was in school ds right there, and I looked out the window and her car was driving at the school and it hit the wall and cracked it and she got out and climed in the window and sat in her desk and took out her books like nothing happened, so right away I pluged my nose and tried to breath and I couldnt so I didint think I was dreaming then it kinda faded.

Then I fell asleep again and I was in a diffrent class, and its summer so I shouldnt be there, and I was on a computer and my teacher yelled my name and said “Are you dreaming in my class?” which was odd cause I was perfectly aware and knew I was awake so I tried to look at the clock but someone one was taking it down from the wall to change the battery when I looked so I just forgot about it.

Its really making me angry I am missing these because the dreams are soo vivid too and I am so close to being in control then the reality checks dont work.

The biting lip thing seems cool and won’t make you look silly while doing it in real life.

In my dreams I’ve never RCed, I just realise I’m dreaming and enjoy being lucid. I think I just do them during the day so I think about LDing a lot and therefore have them.

Stantheman, Im not an expert, but I think you should adopt some new RC. It is good to have more than 1, incase they fail. Usually ones that require you to search for something, such as a mirror, or clock, are harder than simply looking at your hands.

When you plug your nose, you have to “expect” to breath despite plugging it (IRL). This is because if you just plug your nose, and see that you can’t breath, it will go into your dreams as “When I plug my nose, I don’t breath”. I think…Am i close? Sorry for my uncertaintiy, Im new to this, but have a basic understandings of things.

I practice my RC’s as best I can, I usually do a series of 4 or 5 to make sure I do a few back ups in my dreams. I usually start out seeing if I can see my nose, then check if I can breat, check my hands, then I bite my tongue, and if there’s a light switch available, I’ll flick it on and off.

My problem is that in my dreams, I’m typically looking at everything in a third person view. I’m usually never an actual character in my dream, it’s usually just a movie for me. So, how am I supposed to perform reality checks in my dreams?

Could I just be mistaking a third person view with not being able to see my nose? So, in other words I don’t know that I’m actually in a first person view.

Yeah, my dreams are often not in normal view… I can see myself doing stuff. I’ve found that doing RC’s with another person and doing them together when you are together helps because in your dream you’ll most likely do the same thing. My sister is a pain and a help. -Mocha is Crazy— @_@

And Shakujou, I’ll try doing more than one when I WILD or go to sleep, it seems to be worth my while.

shakujou, if you don’t see yourself as an external character, it’s exactly like IRL thus it seems to me that you are in a first person view. Hence I don’t think it will be very difficult to perform RC’s.

Do you mean that you never do any act in your dream and it’s just like watching the TV? I find this very surprising. Do you write down your dreams? Do you have a DJ?

I guess he’s talking about a low awareness; such a low awareness that it’s like you are the guy that is sleeping and the dream-you is a totally different person. I have that too. I think it’s not a good basic for LDing, but you can achieve it anyway.

Most the time it seems like I’m just viewing a movie. But like the dream I wrote out in my DJ, I was a character in it.


I’ve only been recalling for about two weeks now, so I don’t really know how my dreams typically work yet, now that I think about it.

From your dream entry, it looks like an everybody’s dream. You’re acting in it, you have sensations, so you should be able to perform a RC.

I have a foolproof reality check that has worked for me nearly all of the time: I look at the digital watch on my wrist, turn my head away and think of random numbers I look at the watch again if it changed significantly or displays non time like 78:98 I know I’m dreaming

Lol… something funny happened today.

I kept having these dreams in which a girl called me on the phone. Always in completely different scenes. I thought “oh this is just a dream, she would never call me” the first time and didn’t get lucid. The next time I thought “this is a dream” and got lucid. And today she called me IRL. It was even more funny. I was calling her ex-boyfriend, my phone didn’t work. Just when I hung on, the phone rang and I went on and she was it. I immidiately did 256 RCs, but I wasn’t lucid. What does that mean? :eh: