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I think i’m very mnemonic :smile: i don’y use alarm clock, since i can just tell myself to wake up at X hr, and i usually do, if i REALY need to get up at a specific time for an appontment, i usually set the alarm on, but i always wake up before it goes of…wide awake.
So if i wan’t to remember my dreams i just tell myself to remember them, and i usually do, but ahain it depends on how much you realy want it.
usually i remember 1, max 2 dreams in 1 month or something, but when i started dream diary 3 nights ago, i remembered 3! but the 3rd one i just remember i was in a shower room or something.
next night i could remember 2. tonight i couln’t remember any! but i slept at my brothers place, and some idiot played music loud, so i couldn’t focus…but if i sleep at home, my cat comes and disturbs me instead!! whaa!! but im crazy about dreaming now, even done 2 assignments about it, and read about it online as much as i can, so if this isn’t Mnemonic enough…im gonna puke! :cry:

I’m reading a lot too. I’m also eating stuff I normally wouldn’t such as bananas… because of the B6, B12, etc, besides taking a daily B complex vitamin tablet.

I’m having troubles remembering my dreams. Even small fragments of dreams are almost rare for me. It seems I gotta work my way up to be even considered a newbie :sad: . I already keep a dream diary and try to write down what I remember but it’s barely much. I also repeat to myself before I go to sleep that I will remember my dreams which I can’t really tell if it helps or not but I guess it does. I’ve been working at this for around a week and I know I shouldn’t expect results right away but I thought I would at least remember fragments and pieces of my dreams. I’m hoping to remember at least one dream per night before I even consider LD. Does anyone have any tips to increase my dream recall? :help:

Good morning! (afternoon?)

I was looking for the best spot to post this, and I’m guessing this is it!

k, here’s my story (question)

I had a lot of LD’s as a kid. I remember very clearly being able to change the way my dreams went… like, I would have a dream, not like the outcome, and sort of rewind it, and dream it again the way I wanted it to go! I could introduce new characters at will, and so on. somewhere along the line I stopped LD-ing, not intentionally, I guess I just forgot to do it, or something, but I have always had exelent DR (dream recal - I didn’t see an acronym for that, I could be wrong) I could remember 2, 3 dreams a night, untill a few weeks ago. Actually, during the last two months, I was having LD’s like crazy, then for about a week, I would have one every time I went to sleep. Then, I talked to a friend about it, and I started looking it up on the internet, and ever since that night, no LD’s, and no dream recal. :eh:

I guess I should note that 90% of my LD’s are basically the same, as soon as I realize that I’m dreaming, either I wake up (which I know is common) or when I realize that I’m dreaming, I know exactly where I want to go, I go there, and then sometimes lose my lucidity. (I go and talk with someone I haven’t spoken to in a long time, I’m guessing it’s a reflection of what I most desire in RL)

So anyway, it feels like the harder I try, the less I can remember. I’ve tried not thinking about it, and just letting it come, but still nothing.

Any suggestions?



You could try some peppermint tea before you sleep, or some vitamin B complex. Read the threads in shortcuts about these.

You also could try keeping a dream journal on a regular basis. Just a suggestion.

Also you can try waking up in the morning without moving at all and try to recall your dreams, reviewing them before you get up for the day. It usually works for me.

Just my two cents. :grin:

Thank you for the replies. I’ve read about the vitamin B and peppermint tea, And I’m gonna give them a try, I guess what I was asking is if aynone has any ideas as to why all of a sudden, ever sinceI have been researching LD’s, I have just stopped being able to remember my dreams?

Is it that I’m trying too hard, or I want it too much?

I think I should have been more clear in my first post (sorry) :ack:

Thanks again!


Thought I would just post an update to my problem… After I posted that last message, I took a nap, and not only do I remember my dream, but it was lucid! ??

Who knows! it’s psychological. I must have like psyched myself out or something. ugh! :shrug:

Also, DM7, I used to keep a dream journal years ago, every night! Then I just stopped, but you’re right, I should start one again. :read:

Thanks everybody!

:scream: <-- hey! does he look like he’s saying “I want more” ?? (I think he’s talking about LD’s!) : )

Congratulations! Was that your first LD? :happy:

But yeah, like you said, it’s all psychological. The brain is a tricky thing to master, but if you can, it’s a very fun and powerful thing. :smile:

For the past 2 weeks, my dream recall was at an impressive 0. I was losing hope. I mean, how can I use a dream journal to enhance my recall when I have nothing to write. Last nite I got sick. I went to bed at 10 and slept till 1. I took 2 tablets of nyquil. I woke up remembering approximately 7 dreams. 4 vivdly. Although none were lucid since I was too sick to put any effort into it in the evening. My head hurts too much to write them out but I have been going over them in my head until they became solid.

In other news, I found a girl in school who remembers like 8 vivid dreams a night for as long as she could remember. I keep trying to introduce her to Lucid Dreaming, but she keeps resisting out of fear or weirded outness. She just doesnt want to accept it. It would be a great loss for her to waste her gift. I’m lending her my LaBerge book tommorow. Any other tips?

Best Regards,

IMO, writing them out is the best way to keep remembering them. Going over them is good, but they’ll be forgotten in a few days. And writing them down reinforces the idea in your mind to remember them in the first place. But whatever works for you…

2c. :wink:


7 dreams a night! that’s amazing!

I was thinking, that you should give your friend this website address, let her read up on it, and decide for herself if she’s interested. Some people just don’t like the idea of controlling their dreams (don’t ask me why! :tongue: )
not that you shouldn’t try to introduce the idea to new people, you definitely should! I think everyone could benefit from LD-ing.

I tried to tell me brother about it today, and he told me it’s impossible to control your dreams! I just left it at that.

sweet dreams!


I gave her my laberge book today and she seemed quite interested. She is the kind of person that gets embarrassed or shies away from the supernatural. We’ll see what happens ^_^.


I’ve found writing down as much as possible about my dreams helps a lot, every detail however small it is. The other night I had a lucid dream, not a successful one coz I wasn’t thinking clearly so I wrote down the things I was doing wrong and then last night I had another lucid dream and remembered not to make the mistakes.
Reading, writing, thinking about dreams just before bed always helps.

LSD greatly increased my dream recall, nut i’m not ADVISING :wink: anyone to use it… I get the feeling that regular excercise might help more, i’ll have to try that.

Yes, writing down every detail is very helpful in remembering dreams. ANother excellent reason for doing it is that when your checking for dreamsigns you won’t miss any subtle inner awarness ones. You should eventually be able to just remind yourself to remember your dreams, and you will wake up and remember them.

It’s strange that a short note in DD makes you able to recall entire dream, even from middle of the night. I think it’s not because of writing or storing your dreams, but of NAMING it.
When you wake up, you have nothing that lead you to the dream, nothing associated with it. So you can think about it for some time, but after next REM stages it’s gone. I’ve found that I can remember my dream pretty well if I try to DESCRIBE it in words, or just think some key-words - by doing that, I just get something linked to my dream, something I can “hold”.
Anyone having similar experiences? :confused:

yep even just a small note helps dream recall
i had a funny thing happen yesterday i couldnt remember any dreams that night and in the morning picking up the phone triggered a dream from that night in which i was talking on the phone

Yeah it happens a lot :grin: A few days ago I thought of a friend I needed to visit and immediately recalled a dream concerning him. Afterwards, I thought about driving to his house and bam! Recalled another dream about driving. :tongue:

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