The Big Riddle Topic (Beware of Brain Damage) - Part 5

The kid drowned himself? Probably not… :wink:

:cool_laugh: He did it in a lucid dream! :tongue:

he held a glass of water over head yesh yesh?

Trung of Wu - yep yep :cool:

lol @ moogle :wiske:

How about this?

Before go out to eat, woman shoot her husband, than hold him underwater for ten minute, then hang. Then go out for wonderful evening at resturaunt. ^.^ How?

That’s a classic: the woman is a photographer who simply takes a photograph of her husband and develops it :smile:

yes. Like that one much ^.^

Here’s another classic riddle. In the first picture you see 16 ghosts. In the next picture, sections A and B have switched places. But now there are only 15 ghosts. How’s this possible?? Can you tell me which ghost has disappeared??

The one below the red candle? :peek: I don’t like ghosts :smile:

You mean the ghost below the red hat? Hm… has he really vanished?
Take a look again :tongue:

:eh: Well the one that would have been above the red hat if he hadn’t moved to the other side? :peek:

ie the only one completely above the center line.

Yes, someone else (Crazy) also mentioned that this ghost is the guilty one… the one who’s completely above the center line.
But you’re both not quite correct. Some element is missing… If he vanished in the second picture, can you really explain it if you keep in mind that the top parts only switched places? Where did he go then?
I’d say… take a look again :grin:

There are only 15 ghosts.
There are 15 heads and 15 bodies. So the first picture was an optical illusion? Then the second picture matched the tops to the bottoms? :peek:

do not like ghost either, but also dare to say none are missing. ^.^

Hmm… noticed that one of the ghosts hasn’t part of its body in C in the first picture. In the second picture, the same ghost does though because the bottom was not switched… Hmm… gets a headache :confused:

Edit: It has something to do with the ghost under the hat being entirely in section C, which was not switched. Only the tops have been switched, the bodies in C remain in the same position. The 15 heads in the first picture have been switched… But I’m still missing something… Yikes. :shy:

@ moogle: it’s indeed “some kind” of optical illusion but are there really 15 ghosts in the first picture? There’s still something missing in your explanation.

@ daysong: you’re almost there :smile:

Everything you need to solve it has been mentioned. Put together the pieces and you’ll find the answer :wink:


there are only 15 tops and 15 bottoms… the reason why it seems one is lost is b/c the one with the beer glass seems to hide a head of a ghost, while in the second part there is no ghost head below it. But there never was, only b/c the glass was at top of it and a body below you think there is a ghost.

if you count only the top and only the bottom the number remains the same.

i like this riddle! i like visual ones more than those think logical ones :bored:

Yes you’re right, but how does it explain the fact that there are 16 ghosts in the first picture?? You’re all só close, but I haven’t heard the exact explanation yet :smile:

The second-to-last ghost in the top picture exists entirely above the line. When A and B are reversed, this ghost is given a little piece of body “below the line.” In effect, this ghost incorporates another ghost’s body. In the top picture, the red hat thing serves as a ghost’s head. However, in the second picture, this hat doesn’t have a ghost attached, so it is just a hat. The effective disappearance of the mentioned hat (head) and body account for the “missing” ghost. :peek:

Hmmmm ok you’re correct. Nice one! :happy:

There are indeed 16 ghosts in the first picture, but you can only see 15 “pieces” above and below the line. There’s always 1 ghost which isn’t visible either above or below, and that’s the key. When you switch places, you see that these two ghosts both receive other body-parts so that they are now both visible above and below the line. Therefore the amount of ghosts decreases from 16 to 15. There are two such anomalies necessary to make it work, because the picture is divided into two pieces (above-below).