The Big Shared Dreaming Topic - Part III

are we talking about the episode where spongebob goes into patricks dream and he needs quarters for the seahorse ride??? xDDD if that was MY dream, i would literly hate sub couincess when i woke up for making something so stupid xD

thinking scientifically shared dreams cant be real because your subconscious mind is just putting a random scene but… screw science most of our science these days is not right and my cousin once had one

I’ve had this too: I remember waking up one morning (about the same time as my brother, we sleep in the same room), and I said “I had an interesting dream just now” and began to describe it. He couldn’t believe what I was saying, because he had just experienced virtually the same dream, minus some small details.

I would have no idea what caused this though - maybe proximity, or possibly just luck :neutral:

im starting to think deja vu is different for everyone , the only deja vu i ever have is related to my dreams, i tend to have dreams that seem to range from a week - a month( as in i wake up in my dream and think i wake up in real life but its another dream over and over) sometimes in those dreams ill be doing w/e i would in real life , hanging with friends or walking down a street and either a day or week later in real life i get the feeling of deja vu, and for the next 10 - 30 seconds i know EXACTLY what is going to happen , sometimes down to the words someone is going to say… i randomly have a dream that seems to be ’ the future ’ to a certain extent … i even once brought it up to a friend and the next time i said i had deja vu he tried to do something stupid that he thought would never have been in the dream … but sure enough he flailed his arms around making some rediculus noise (bad speller lol) and did exactly the same thing in my dream -.=

How cam you join the chroniclers? I would love to join

Limitless, and anyone else interested, to join the chroniclers just read and post in this topic. Also be sure to check out the chatroom on irc, #SkyIsland. :happy:

my friend and I once had the same exact dream. What really creeped me out is that in both versions I fell off a cliff (she watched me fall in her version, i fell in my version) so IDK. Maybe there is such a thing

I’ve had some dreams I’m trying to make sense of.

In one dream I was on a nature trail in what seemed to be a nearby beautiful area called the Columbia Gorge. I ended up falling to my death from what seemed like a cliff area. While I was falling the words that came out of me were: “Tell my family I love them and that I’ll try to become an angel”.

A few weeks later I found out that a missing female hiker had fallen off a cliff area of a trail in the same area on the very same night of my dream. I’ve had other “last words” kind of dreams, however this one is the most recent and validated for me. I wonder if this was a shared dream with someone who was making the transition from this life (from the perspective of being them and feeling their last thoughts).

I have had two shared dreams so far, however, neither of them were lucid. I know it was a shared dream because it was with people I know personally, and I checked with them. The first dream was that two of my friends and I were at a school together and there was something to do with a boiler room in it as well. (I am not very good at remembering dreams). The next day, I talked to one of my friends who was in the dream and it turned out that she had had an almost identical dream the previous night as well. When I talked to the third person much later, it turns out that she had also had a very similar dream, though I didn’t find out if it had been on the same day.
The second dream was just a friend and I chatting through Skype video chat (this was the first person from my other dream). I just recently managed to ask her, and it turns out that she had had the same dream. Any thoughts on this?

Hi, everyone :smile:
Well, not sure whether I should post right here but I had a strange dream which made me interested in SD. Actually I don’t feel competent enough to classify that experience. :confused:
I had an ordinary dream, nothing special, and I was quite bored with it. Suddenly someone “took” me away from my dream (it sensed like that) and I found myself in an unknown scenery- a town in Austria (I’ve never been there), in a small square with old coffee-houses. Very beautiful and antique… Then a blond girl appeared and told me that I was in her dream and that I was not real. I couldn’t convince her that she was in my dream and not the opposite. She took a picture of me and I was taken to the boredom of my previous dream.
I would forget the most striking detail. The girl told me that she would post this picture for all. I found this forum on the next day, while trying to find feasible information about SD in the net.

:smile: I’d like to read your opinions about this experience. This was the first time I had a dream like that.

I have been looking for this topic everywhere! Thank goodness I finally found it! :smile:

For a while now I have been thinking of a method that may work (although I haven’t tried it yet since my LDs aren’t very developed). Okay, so, step one is to be really good at lucid dreaming, or just be in a phase in your dreams where you suddenly have lucid dreams almost every night (it happens to me sometimes). Step two, in RL, tell the person you want to share your dream with that that very night you will attempt to get into their dream and/or bring them into your dream, and to remember that if you call their name then you are indeed sharing dreams.

You see, it’s like planting a seed in that person’s mind. You tell them that in their dreams that night you will attempt to call their name, so it makes it easier for you to get into their dream or the other way around. The hard part, however, would most likely be getting into their dream. What I think would be the simplest way is to just find a mirror or some other method of teleportation (shadow travel, water surface, etc.) and continuously say (and BELIEVE) that on the other end you will be in their dream. Once on the other side, continuously call that person’s name until you meet them!

Again, I just thought of this method about a month ago and have never tried it, so I have no idea if it works. But I have a feeling it will and am itching to try it out with my sister :smile:

Also, one more thing before I finish this post, when I was about 5 years old I had a dream that my mother was fighting a giant long-leg spider on our staircase and was trying to squish it with a flyswatter (or course it was useless since the spider was the same height as she was). Just a few months ago I found out that my sister had the exact same dream as I did at the same time (minus a few minor details such as the flyswatter not being the same color).

I somewhat do believe in SD’s and I really hope it’s possible!
Me and a friend came up with the idea, when we had just found out about LD’s, that we should try finding eachother once we were lucid, and try and make the other one lucid. We’ve never tried this in a dream, since we’re basically too busy doing our own things (we haven’t really had that many LD’s, so it’s still kinda new).

Although, I did think of it in my last LD, but I forgot it after ~10secs :cry:

I’m sure SD’s can happen if there is someone who is very similar to you mentally. Haha me and a group of friends kinda did the same thing. We would have completely different dreams in the same place, but due to our timing we miss each other or we just simply dont recognize one another. (Ex: I would start out trying to hitch a ride. I get a ride in a red mustang and we somehow get into a pile up. One friend would remember seeing someone getting in to a red car, not knowing who, Then another friend would recall chillin somewhere until a huge pile up occured.) But its rare though.

I have had a shared dream (I’m led to believe that it was astral travelling)

This occurred when i had my first out of the ordinary dreaming experience.

It was with a spiritual teacher/friend of mine. It started with me in my friends office(also in real life) I sat down in a chair and he asked me what spirit animal i was, I replied “I’m a dog, but also a tiger”. I then asked what spirit animal he was. He replied “I’m an eagle” He was wearing aviator style sunglasses and i looked into his eyes and the dream scene changed.

I was in an army uniform running after a girl on a beach, chinese soldiers were chasing me i caught up to the girl but the chinese soldiers caught me and bayoneted me. The dream ended.

A few days later i was talking to my friend in his office, in the exact same chair. After an hour long conversation we were having, he asked me “So someone was in here the other day, asking me about spirit animals” I froze and got goosebumps, i was speechless and he just sat there smiling and nodding his head. He then relayed the dream to me. It was an amzing experience, and I’ve had several others with him since then. :content:

Hmmmmm… I’ve spent the past 2 hours reading the 3 forums for this… and I think I may have a theroy… I had a shared dream with my cousin when i was 8. She was 10 at the time. We had grown up together, and still today I consider her a sister.

Well, one night, I had a horribal dream, where this witch was teaching both of us magic; the bad kind. And as a last test, we had to kill each other and the family. Well, niether of us could, so the witch started killing us with rolled up newspapers, which if they touched you, you died instantly. So, she killed all of our family and then killed me, who was flying at this point, and I woke up. A week later, I met up with my cousin for a play date, and she had the same dream, and saw me get killed and stayed in the dream till she was almost killed. Sooooo, needless to say I belive in shared dreams. I think they occur mostly not planned, but can become planned, though how I’m not sure. A friend of mine and I want to try. She sucks at becoming lucid and I’m better at it then her. However, we are both good at dream recall, so the plan is when I become lucid, I will go to her, tell her shes dreaming, then become lucid together and have a SLD:)

My theroy is that in your shared dream, some details won’t be exatcally the same, but the main points will. It’s like how we view the world. Like my friend is not very observant; I’m observant of a lot of things. So I may see more stuff and realize more than she will, making the dream a tiny bit different than mine. The only reason I say this is because in taking comparsion of my shared dream with my cousin, I saw the witch ugly, she saw her as pretty, and with tiny things like that… hope that helped someone…

Hi all,
I’m just dropping here to say that I have just gotten a conclusive evidence that SD exist.

At least for me.

Me and my friend did an experiment, I would go into his dream and give him a passcode, which I didn’t tell him.

On the second try it worked.

Not only that the dream matched, he also got the passcode right.

There are trillions and trillions and uncountable amount of words in English, and yet he guessed it right.

It’s not even a common word, and he can’t spell it in writing.

I have not done it, however I want to. And we haven’t fully discovered the human mind, although look around you. Hypothetically, what if there is no God, and the World was built by humans? What if we could once breathe in space? I, personally, am Christian, I believe in God, but I am just saying, if we are wrong, our ancestors must have of built Earth. If not, then who did? And even if we aren’t wrong, then our world was made by an eternal-living almighty being a trillion times a trillion times our size. And you doubt the possibility of dream rendezvous? The human mind’s power and ability has faded with the progression of technology; telepathy and telekinesis were once common abilities. Now you have to train your mind if you want to simply mind read or remote view, which most still doubt possible. Think about it. :smile:

The earth didn’t need building. Most of the materials in the universe were created by the nuclear fusion that stars undergo to sustain their life, and it is likely that a combination of forces in the universe, such as gravity and dark matter, could have done the rest and formed the planet. Current evidence shows that dark matter is largely responsible for the ability of galaxies to exist and that there is another force that is currently projected to take everything back apart again.

That is one other possibility, yes. However, even if it is right, there is nothing saying this being created the universe where we would be able to share dreams.

That said, it is possible that shared dreaming exists, although there is not nearly enough evidence to support it. I’ve seen reports from people who have had SDs, and there have been some studies that show a mechanism that might make it possible could exist. I recommend you watch Through the Worm Hole Season 2 - Ep 5, the one talking about the sixth sense if you’re interested. You can find it on Youtube. It doesn’t go into shared dreaming directly, but some of their talk about the sixth sense seems to be closely related.

I had one of these a few months back, I’ve only had one LD since, and my dream recall (which used to be excellent) has all but disappeared.

I had a nightmare that I was pregnant. When I woke up, my bf asked me what was wrong and I told him about the nightmare, and he said that he’d had a dream where he posted on my Facebook “hi, have a bun (in the oven)”. It really scared the **** out of me, and ever since then I’ve had this irrational fear that other people can see inside my head.

I want my lovely LDs back, any advice?! :sad:

Wow this is really scary for you, how these two things are related with each other.