The Big Shared Dreaming Topic - Part III

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i hear experienced lucid dreamers can visit there friends dreams. I find that impossible, if it is possible what if you just imagine your in your friends dream, but your not really. If its possible can someone tell me they have done it. (i read about in a guide)

Impossible, both technically and biologically. Unless… unless unless…

You find the exact input perceptions for each dreamer (using lights and sound), and read alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves from the brain to produce some sort of clarity to it. But thats overwork :sad:

There is a story about it in my dream book. I do not know how credible it is.

A long time ago, before I joined LD4all, I had this dream that my brother and I found a “secret passage” inside a cavity of a tree in our front yard. I told my brother about my dream, and he claimed that he had the same dream too. :happy:

I thought I should share this for all of you non-believers out there.

Has anybody else here had a SD?

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That sounds a good dream.

There is a group here on the forums that are trying to achieve shared dreaming. I don’t know if you’ve heard it or not but it’s called The Chroniclers. I’m sure you’d be happy to join it :content:

I thought it was too late to join. Am I still able to join? Or did they like close it or something?

All you gotta do is ask. I’m sure they’ll let you join!


I recently had an experience where both me and my friend had the same deja vu

lol maybe you got your wires crossed

I heard that deja vu is an illusion caused by information going in+out of a part of your brain at the same time - not sure which part of the brain though

the parts of the brain being responsible for time perception i think :razz:
also , there is the small possibility that it really was a SD , but it could also be because they looked at the same film or something … and thats why their brains created simmilar images

Ok. I want to find this person, I just know it was someone. The connection was too real, she was too real. I’ve been having LDs pretty well every second night (Whenever I have recall) and I remember almost pefectly. First things first, I did tell this person to check a lucid forum, but I don’t remember which. I gave a codeword, but I was an idiot in my dreamstate and I think I made up a nonsensical word that started with an m (Moside seems to be comming to mind, but please my recall of that word is the only thing affected). We just talked for about 20 mins in what was supposed to be the lucid crossroads (Or thats what I was aiming for when I got there, but when I walked into the dojo area she was standing there). I went to say a very “friendly :wink:” hello, and she said I’m in a dream. We started talking, I said the code word, then I’m pretty sure the dream diverged as I walked into the other room and were sitting on the couch.

This was all last night (4 hours ago?) morning of dec7/night of dec6

Please put up with my topic Ld4all :smile:?

Please dont let this topic die for atleast 3 days, I really want to see if I can find this person

Since I’m in a good mood I will leave this post as it is for 3 days before merging with the big topic. :tongue: :moh:

Well if it really was a shared dream then that is cool. If you get anymore or if your already interested you should join The Chroiclers. Just click my icon that is under my picture on the right and hover your mouse over it and it’ll say The Chroniclers click on it.

Hmm… that sounds interesting but i dont believe it was a SD.
DCs can be just as real as real people and it could have been a normal dream. Shared dreaming can only be achieved if you connect two people’s mind in some sort of way, which is why it’s very unlikely to hapen. If you did have one, then well done and i hope you find that person. :content:

Isn’t a SD like having an AP?
Or is the difference that in Astral Projection it is said that you go to an Astral plane?
Would be good to know if SD is same as AP =D

Well, a long time ago I had a dream of some girl I recently met at that time. The dream was very vivid and had many aspects in it that I normally don’t dream about. It was a wonderful setting but I doubt the dream itself is interesting for you guys. Anyhow I wrote it in my diary. One day her and me became a couple and I let her lend my diary to read. The next time I visited her she told me that she had the exact same dream. Well she was in the dream from her side of view and she said that at some time in the dream I turned into a pink rabbit and that was also at the same time I woke up XD. It was a wonderful experience and since then I’ve always wondered about the power of dreams. This was a long time ago and we’re not together anymore but still veery good friends. I felt a very strong connection in that dream and I know it’s true. She wouldn’t lie about something like that, I know her too well and we are still very truthful to eachother. So from my experience I can say its possible. Even if only by the power of love lol.

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Lets say i become lucid. like… extremely lucid (i dont know if the more lucid you are the more powers u get) is it possible that i could go into my “lucid elevator” and say this button will take me to …s dream? or does it not work that way?
is there a distance requirement :happy:
or does the other person have to be lucid too?
what if you think you are in their dream but you are really in your dream just thinking its their dream? :confused: :confused: :confused:
help is appreciated :content:

I’ve always wondered this too…

I don’t think that the other person needs to be lucid to be able to have a SD. Don’t bump

I REALLLY want to try this! All I have to do is get lucid now. But I believe its possibble. Maybe you just have to be an experiended Lucid dreamer