the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 57

Hello. :welcome:

Good Luck with the LDs and I hope you enjoy being here. :colgate:

hello. i am crooked. i just recently got interested in lucid dreaming, but i feel that i might have experienced them before.

one- i had a very long dream, involving a haunted house. i realized it was all a
dream, but i went along with the storyline because i didn’t really know much
about lucidness.

two- there have been times when i am just starting to fall asleep…and then all of a sudden, my body would jump, like a giant shock went through me, and then i’m wide awake. i had no idea what caused this.

three- i’ve actually been browsing this forum for a couple days now. i tried to have a lucid dream just last night, and it half worked. i tried the WBTB + the MILD technique, and for that, i wanted in my dream to appear in a large, empty white room, sort of like a blank piece of paper. it almost worked. i had three normal dreams, two of which took place in large white rooms.

four- as i said in three, i had three dreams last night, and i can remember them almost perfectly, so i figure i should be able to get the hang of lucid dreaming soon. hopefully.

i have two questions:

one- the normal dreams i had last night, i should’ve been able to realize they were dreams, but i didn’t. :cry: so, does anyone have any good reality checks, because i’m not so good at remembering to do them.

two- has anyone ever tried to go to another person’s dream? i’m thinking it would be cool to see what my family dreams about…unless i really don’t want to know. :open_mouth:

i’m trying a RC now: every time i look at the clock, i’ll count my fingers and test my vision [since i wear glasses, and everything is blurry without them].

and that’s all. thanks for reading, and i hope we can become best friends. :tongue:

:welcome: crooked, we are already best friends :razz:

I hope youll find answers to your questions here :colgate:

Dont forget to drop by playground :tongue:

And good luck :smile:

hello crooked :wave: welcome to ld4all :smile:

you are best using a RC that is easy enough for you to remember to do during the day. Your current one is a good one to start off with :thumbs:
In pathways, we have a “big RC topic” and “new RCs invent!” you may like to browse those topics.

sorry. i edited my post asking this question, but i was afraid nobody would see it.

pardon my repeatingness. ;D

shared dreaming is quite rare and some even doubt it exists.
There is a shared dreaming topic in beyond dreaming
The Big Shared Dreaming Topic - Part III
A group of members are attempting to share dreams on sky island
Chroniclers Dream Diary
The Chroniclers Part V
If you search in the beyond forum there are probably other topics about ‘invading dreams’

Hey everyone, another new guy here, happychappy.

After a vivid false awakening a few months ago during a recruiting trip for work in a different city, I decided to try to teach myself how to lucid dream. It’s been about 6 weeks, and I have good dream recall (2 or 3 / night) but so far, no dice on the lucid dreams. I’m trying really hard not to try too hard - hahhaha. Anyway, love the site - lots of enthusiastic people and good info.

Talk to you soon

:wave: hello happychappie

It will happen. :happy:

WBTB (Wakebacktobed) when combined with another method really increases the chance of becoming lucid. :thumbs: Also, if you are prone to FAs, it may be an idea to carry out a RC everytime you wake up.

Ah ha - now why didn’t I think of that…Thanks!

Hey there everyone! New here to LD4all. I’ve been into lucid dreaming for about 1 year 4 months. It’s some crazy process! I started out at dreamviews, but this forum seems a wee bit better after checking it out a few times.
I’ve recently had an amazing experience with my first unintentional WILD. So, it gave me a new confidence with LDing. WILD’s have always been my weak spot. Hopefully I can master this technique with your help! Nice to meet you all.

Hey i’m new here also. i have been looking around the fourm for about a week and finally joined. I made a DJ and in really helped in recall. Cant wait untill im LD’ing. :smile:

:welcome: oneirowatts and matt94

I hope youll like this site and that you find this place comfortable.

I would like to remind you of playground :tongue: there might be much :puh: and unseriousness in there :wink:

And lastly I wish you good luck on your path to LD’s :thumbs:

hey, Oneirowatts, happychappy, and matt94 :tongue:

:wave: hello Oneirowatts, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
Congrats on your first unintentional WILD :boogie: BTW since you have 50 LDs, don’t forget to post your most interesting one in the sticky “Your Most Interesting LD” topic in the dream journal forum :grin:

Good luck with mastering WILD :thumbs:

:wave: hello matt94, hope you enjoy being a part of the LD4all community :grin:
If you wish to keep an online dream journal here we have a dj forum for members to keep their personal dream topic :content: If you haven’t already … I recommend reading the ‘choose your technique’ topic and ‘links and descriptions of all known techniques’ topics in the knowledge base forum :content:

Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:

I’m sure you will both enjoy your time here :cheer:

Wazaa, I’m trying to create LD’s with WILD.
ATM i’m really trying to get a LD. Listening to some track, then WILD and hopefully if I get awake WBTB.

I had 2 clear dreams but one was pretty weird, I dreamed in a dream.
So I had a dream in a dream and I woke up in my dream(NOT LUCID!) but just de dream in my dream ended. I told my friend in my dream that I had this.
Then I walked back to my home and everything was sooo clear.
The dream in my dream was me driving a car and it felt like I really controlled it.
People at chat say it wasn’t a LD and i’m pretty sure it wasn’t. But I could remember the dream very good. In both dreams i’m able to recognize where it was in reality. Kinda weird. :tongue:
They also said it probably was a False dream. :neutral:

welcome donkey! :hugs:

False dream? You mean False Awakening? :tongue:

I myself have had a dream in which I was dreaming of my dreaming in that dream too. that is a Dream inside a Dream inside a Dream inside a Dream. Try figuring THAT out! :tongue:

:wave: hello donkey, welcome to LD4all. I noticed your nick the day you joined and associated it to Donkey in Shrek :grin:

:yes: a pre-lucid or false LD … I prefer the term pre-lucid :content:
… unless you really were AWARE that you were dreaming?
I’ve had a few dreams in which I went to sleep in the dream. One I recall I had a false WILD but was actually lucid in that part of the dream :content:

I had another dream where a name was written on a window as a URL.
Like (nl is the domain for my country :tongue: ) and I told that friend in my dream I saw that. :neutral:
Dunno, all way to clear to be a real dream.

Last night I dreamed a teacher wanted to shoot me with a sniper. Can’t remember it very clearly but one point was so detailed that I can remember i’m in a toilet behind a blue wall and remember where the gun shots are. :eek:
How they looked and how big and stuff. :confused:
Ghehe pretty weird huh? :wiske:

:smile: You should begin a DJ topic in our dream journal forum to record your dreams. :thumbs:

I get toilets :toilet: appearing in a lot of my dreams

Just wanted to post a hello to everyone. I’m mid 20’s and from Australia. Stumbled across a lucid dream thread tonight on a forum and a few google searches brought me here.

Basically every dream I have had for about 16 years has been a LD. I never really thought about it much or even realised it was particularly uncommon. I almost feel a little bad as there seems to be all these people here trying to teach themselves to LD and I have been doing it every night and taking it for granted.

Anyway best of luck to everyone here trying to learn how to LD.