Chroniclers Dream Diary

This is a remake of the old topic. Please refrain from posting your dream until it is confirmed or proved false.

Red=false SD
Green= true SD


Sword of Dreams: The sword that controls all dreams. I found it on sky island.

Sky Island: The chroniclers meeting place.

Lucid band: Object that keeps user lucid.

Feel free to post Chroniclers related non-SD dreams!

I just woke up from lucid dream. Well It was about 30 minutes ago.

I’m not going to post the whole dream just yet, but Shatter, and Wyvern, did either of you guys hear anything, or see me?


No, but I’ll wait till I fall asleep, then post tommorow.

I had something last night about this but now I forgot. No LD though.
EDIT: Did you try contacting me through a letter? Even if you didn’t, I got a letter saying that I was dreaming but it didn’t register.
Now I feel stupid. I never miss stuff like that. :neutral:

Unfortunatley, nothing. Post dream here in red, and keep passwords out if they were involved.

Sorry, Wyvern, I didn’t send a letter. I just shouted your names really loud. :tongue:

[color=red]After I became lucid, I got into a big apartment building. I found a college professor who said he didn’t believe in lucid dreaming.
“Oh yeah, I have proof of lucid dreams.” I said
“Oh really?”
“I’m dreaming!”
“No way!”
“Watch!” I ran to the window and jumped through it with out breaking it. I fell about 6 or 7 stories and landed on my feet, but rolled. I got up, unharmed and waved up to the window. I saw the man’s face, he was shocked.
I ran around to another window and went inside. After talking to some dream characters, I remembered that I wanted to contact the Chroniclers.
I figured it would be best if I went to Sky Island, so I ran full speed at a large window. It bent and cracked, but bounced me back off.
This just angered me, so I ran even harder, really throwing my weight into it. the glass broke free and fell as 1 big piece. I watched it fall a few stories and shatter over some cars.
Unfortunately, I kept getting stuck on the window sill.
Finally, I ran to the stairs, and jumped over the railing. I landed on my at the bottom of the stairway, then ran outside.

I realized the dream was fading and that I wouldn’t make it to the Island, so I yelled at the top of my lungs and tried to send telepathic thoughts to Shatter and Wyvern. I did hear anything back, so I also yelled to the first 2 names from LD4all that I could remember, Duck and TheRealJollyRoger.[/color]

There was no password or anything like that.

I had a quick LD last night. I refuse to go into details, but tell me if you got anything.

Because nobody replied to my SD, i am assuming it was a FSD.

Chroniclers Summonus (False style)

I suddenly realize i’m dreaming! I have no time to waste. I teleport instantly to sky island. I summon the chroniclers, and see all of them from the backs of their heads, so I can’t see their faces. I feel the dream fading, so I decide to leave a dragonosi dream corpse (In an SD, when somebody leaves a presence, they leave their dream body behind.). My eyes glow blue, then I wake up. This all happened in about 5 seconds.

er maybe we just don remember it. Sounds like me >.> What time was it central?

GMT time it was about 12 p.m.-3 p.m.

Hehe, i made another attempt to get to sky island last night when I became lucid. I got really close, but my dog woke me up. I would have made it if I hadn’t taken my time making my dreamscape and all. I’ll have to remember next time to just teleport there.
The dream is in my normal DJ, link is in my sig.

I became lucid last night, and the first thing I thought of was meeting up with my peeps on Sky Island. I tried to fly through the roof of my house superhero-style, but I hit my head on the ceiling and died. I proceeded to wake up, happy that I was lucid, and angry that I killed myself out of lack of understanding for dream physics. Oh well… At least I’m getting there.

lol, better luck next time Genkai.

I had a dream the other night where Shatter found me and told me I was dreaming. Unfortunantly, I had a case of bad recall and can’t remember much else.

So, Shatter? Anything?

Abosolutley nothing. Sorry! Post the whole dream, and include details.

Actually, I haven’t gone to sleep yet. Don’t post any passwords if they were involved. I will check in tommorow.

EDIT: Actually, don’t post it. I will post a few details tommorow, or tell you it didn’t happen.

Nope, nothing. Please post your dream here, Ysim.

Okay this is NOT a shared dream, but chroniclers related.

I realize I am dreaming. Everything is pitch black, but off in the distance, I see the chroniclers emblem/seal/whatever. I begin to swim towards it, but then have a FA.

That was it, but because I believed I would have an LD, it happened. I guess that means I’ll have an LD every night from now on.

/me agrees.

I wonder what would have happened if you had made it…

i realized i was dreaming last night

I was totally going to make an attempt but… long story, just read it in my DJ >.>

the good news of my LDs, i don’t have any problem of remembering intent

I had two Lds last night, where I tried to contact the chroniclers. Anything? Guys?

no recall last night, sorry