The Chroniclers Part V

[mod]This is a continued discussion. Links to the earlier parts… Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV
This topic is for a shared dreaming group, The Chroniclers. It is for the first person to become lucid should go to what i will call Sky Island and try to contact all the members of the chroniclers. I wish i had artistic skill to draw the picture, but i don’t. So i’ll describe it, and maybe somebody could post a 3d picture of it (please?).

It is a moutainis/forest island in the sky, with several water falls coming from the four mouths, in each of the four montians. There is a mess hall, transformation chamber, a room area, common area, and teleportaion ring. This is set on the “shore” of the island, all around it. Several large birds nest in the forest, and a platinum statue of a dragon is nestled in the mouth of a cave in the tallest mountain. The island is set above an ocean normally, but can move. There is the control chamber, which steers the island. [/mod]

Yeah, I’ll support this. Even if it isn’t my personal view, I’ll ask every active Chronicler to post their normal sleep schedule AGAIN, and I’ll construct a chart.

Mine is 7:00 AM GMT (Sometimes) to 2:00 PM GMT (again, sometimes).


School Days:10:30PM - 6AM CST

Weekends/Holidays: 11:00PM - 10:00PM CST

Mine is:

Go to sleep at 10:00pm-10:30pm GMT.
Wake up at 6:00am-6:30am GMT.

Thats on weekdays, on weekends i goto sleep later and wake up alot later.

Hmm I’m in GMT -3, but with daylight savings, it’d make it -2…

So in my time I go to bed around 10:00-11:00PM and wake up 8:00-9:00AM (This will change when my classes start again).

In GMT it’d be midnight to 10 AM?

i am GMT -6 ( i believe shatter is too)

right now it’s 7 41 as of posting

i go to bed at about 11 here, and wake up at 7 on weekdays (but i still don’t get 8 hours :razz: wbtb ftw)

so GMT i go to bed at 5 AM and wake up at 2 PM (i guess)

sheesh, that seems far off from everyone O_o

My sleep schedule is eratic…
I always go to bed by about 4AM GMT (11PM EST, GMT-5)
during the school week I get up about 10:45AM GMT (5:45AM EST)
On Saturdays: 3PM GMT (10AM EST)
On Sundays: 1-2PM GMT (8-9AM EST)
If I have a long break from school, (ie: Holiday Break, Spring Break, Summer, etc.) I start going to bed later and later, but getting up no later than 5PM GMT (12-noon EST)

But I usually have my best lucid dreams and such in the morning, after 11AM GMT (6AM EST) Although, I have had some before getting up for school.

TRJR, you’re not far off from me. :tongue:

very cool, very awesome, this is gonna be great!
my sleep schedule generally hovers around 9 pm - 6am EST

Well done,

The schedule will help. Keep it up

I have vry dynamic sleeping schedules, but as of late I’ve been going to sleep between 6:00 and 10:00 (GMT-6), and waking up between 16:00 and 20:00 (GMT-6)

So that’s going to sleep between 12:00 and 16:00 (GMT) and wake up between 22:00 and 2:00 (GMT)

You can almost always bet that I’ll be sleeping between 16:00 and 22:00 (GMT)

(I sleep days here on US Central time)

Just wondering how the compilation is going Shatter, and if maybe I could help out at all.

I might start drafting some scenes of Sky Island and then show them to you guys.

Sure, the only picture of Sky Island we have currently is Basilus West’s fine picture (my avi). More images would be appreciated.

And it’s snowing there too right now! :tongue: Nice animation for sky island right now

People giving up? I’ll be there on Sky Island waiting for you guys.

Havn’t gotten any LD lately @.@ but as soon as I get I will visit the Island, then we can sit and drink some soda or so =D

I havent been around lately been kinda busy with the holidays and didint try to LD :ack:
But im back now! Thank god i was on LD4ALL withdrawl…

Is there no way to join the Chroniclers anymore?

Actually, all you need to do is ask my approval.

i just haven’t had an LD in A WHILE

You are not alone.

I think he talking about the “The chroniclers is a closed group no more members are accepted” thing :tongue: