The Chroniclers

Alright, if you’ve read this topic then you know what has been going on so far. Otherwise, read on!

This topic is for a shared dreaming group, The Chroniclers. It is for the first person to become lucid should go to what i will call Sky Island and try to contact all the members of the chroniclers. I wish i had artistic skill to draw the picture, but i don’t. So i’ll describe it, and maybe somebody could post a 3d picture of it (please?).

It is a moutainis/forest island in the sky, with several water falls coming from the four mouths, in each of the four montians. There is a mess hall, transformation chamber, a room area, common area, and teleportaion ring. This is set on the “shore” of the island, all around it. Several large birds nest in the forest, and a platinum statue of a dragon is nestled in the mouth of a cave in the tallest mountain. The island is set above an ocean normally, but can move. There is the control chamber, which steers the island.

I hope you got all of that.

Here is a Member list…

Shatterspike1 :content:
Fadem :content:
Samuri0 :content:
Basilus West :content:
Josh Redstone :content:
anarchy-dude :content:
dreaminghamster :content:

:content: =Confirmed(Like wolfgame)

Here is the offical seal[thanks to Vend3r]…

P.S. Please stop posting in the old topic, this is the offical one.

most intriguing… hope to see you or some of the other members of the forum there soon!


(glad to see that you started this topic btw :o)

[quote="eXpulsion from paradise
most intriguing… hope to see you or some of the other members of the forum there soon!


(glad to see that you started this topic btw :o)

Thanks! are you going to join? (or is that implied?)

I like your idea and your island! :happy: And how will Chroniclers contact other Chroniclers or dreamers?

They will contact each other by going into the dorms and going to a specific room, and calling out the persons name of who is sleeping there. The other way, for everybody, it to go to the mess hall front door and saying “Summones Chroniclers”!

BTW, are you a better artist then me? if so, PLEASE make a better version of the emblem.

I don’t like to draw logos… and logos don’t like me! So I think I can’t. :wink:

ok…are you going to join? if so, then you should try and contact all the chroniclers (just 2 others) in your dreams so we can become lucid. of course, we would need to know your regular sleeping schedule. speaking of which…

Mines is 6:30 GMT to 2:00/3:00 PM GMT. List yours in GMT so we know when we sleep.

Uh… 9:00 GMT to 6:00 or 7:00 GMT, I’m joining!

(Just to see if shared dreaming is possible, if it is… kickass :happy: I doubt it though)

Heya Ill join, my lucid rate is very low, but this may help and its very interesting.
I sleep uhh 5GMT- 1GMT

Shame on you for saying such a slandorus thing! Go get a couple books!

Soap, your sleep ends at 6:00 Pm…i’m afraid you might need to be on the Nightlands(where we are when we are awake…our souls i mean).

I haven’t had one yet, and if I were to believe everything that people claim… I’d still believe in like… santa :tongue:

My sleep schedule is about from 0:00 GMT to 9:00 AM GMT.

Fadem and SamuriO, your schedules are not very clear. I suppose Fadem’s is 9:00 PM GMT to 6:00 AM and SamuriO’s 5:00 PM GMT to 1:00 AM GMT.

I had an LD last night. In this Ld i figured out i was dreaming, and called out Take me to sky island! Did anybody get anything?

Nothing special for me. When was it exactly?

Around 12:00 GMT…oh. Nobody else sleeping then.

If this works, and you guys should report back to the rest of us waiting in the ARK, you’ll be the real DREAM TEAM

I’ll join if it’s alright with everyone :smile:

…and if I may suggest something; we should make sure there are at least two people per timezone with a similar sleep schedule. Sleeping at the same time makes it easier for shared dreaming, right? :content:

Yeah. That sounds good…

Hmm… Not sure if this belongs in this topic, but i want you all to know about a recurring Dream Creature…

Cadik-A Demon-like creature that steals life force while people are sleeping. They break into dream homes and kill people. They are tiny and scrawny, and have small wings. They attack in swarms.

They where killing people in my first dream of them, and in my second dream of them i learned what they were called. I wasn’t lucid in ethier of those, but if somebody somehow managed to finally get to sky island, expect those to appear on the shores. I had about 2 more dreams after the first two, so it is a recurring dream creature.

Hello there I was passing by and seen you was wanting somone to redo your logo, so I did, hope you like it, if you need anything changed let me know.

Good luck with your journey and happy new year to all!