The Chroniclers Part II

This is a continued discussion
Part I

[me] Ok, anyone new, make sure to visit the first post of the first topic to understand what is going on[/me]

Welcome, Astraea. You have been added to the user group.

I am posting, once again, that on Friday, July 6th 2007, We will make our first mass attempt to reach sky island and have a shared dream. For the new members who missed the PM…

If you are getting this PM, you have signed up for the Chroniclers somewhere along the line. If you didn’t for some reason, please disregard this.

I am announcing that the first major attempt at a massive Shared dream will be attempted on Friday, July 6th 2007. We will all use our methods to try and become lucid, and If one succeeds, they will summon the rest of the Chroniclers. This is the date to attempt to reach Sky Island.

Let’s kick off this group.

Break your dry spells guys, and prepare for a nice long attempt.

How would I go about doing that? Would it be like “Calling all Chroniclers!” how would I track others down. I maybe could find Genkai because I know him very well but how would I make the others Lucid?

All you really have to do is have the right intent. If you want to summon someone, just make them appear. Or, go through a door into their dream. Once you find them, just tell them to do a RC, becuase they’re dreaming.

Or, you could just send a signal “To All Chorniclers, You Are Dreaming, Do A RC…Then come here” :razz:
Whatever works.

The main method is using the summoning chamber on sky island.

But how would I know what door open or who to tell to do a reality check? :uh:

You can use any door. You can even MAKE a door. Just say that the person you are looking for is on the other side of the door.

As for who, just remember the people on the list :razz: not too hard.

umm fine lets all try that tonight to see if it works. :partying_face:

Click the link in my other post pleez

Making someone Lucid…

Tell them to do a RC. We are all Lucid Dreamers here, usualy when someone tells us to do a RC, we do. On the slim chance that doesn’t work, do something impossible IRL, like throw a fireball :razz:

Now do a RC! :tongue:

Can I join ? Sounds like kewl idea. I always wanted to have a SD.

I sleep at 23:00 GMT - 6:00 GMT (or 10:00 at weekends).

Yay I cant wait for this massive attempt… :content:
So do you need my sleep time? Im pretty sure its 11pmGMT-8amGMT. Im not to sure if I worked it out correctly though :neutral:

Welcome Duck and Astraea :content:

Yes, the mass attempt ought to be fun :colgate:
/me can’t wait :hyper:

Hey Shatter, now that we have a memberlist in the usergroup, I think we should change the first post to people going for the mass attempt…or something.
:shrug: Just a suggestion.

I should have posted here sooner.
Err… I made it to Sky Island and there were a ton of penguins and flamingos there for some reason.

Oh, and the reason I didn’t summon you guys was that I fell off. :cry:

like i said before i was sooo gonna attempt

but… things… came up :mirror: :wallhit:

Hey, at least you managed to get on it. I ended up catapulting over the whole thing. Managed to get a nice view of it though. :cool:

lol! it seems everyone had some crazy way of not making it there

Am I the only one who just… teleported there? I mean, these are inventive ways of getting there!

And btw, there are no flamingos and penguins on sky island. The climate isn’t right. Normally, at least.

I tried to teleport there ( i found a good way of teleportation for me)

distractions ensued!

also low lucidity

Meh, it moves so the climate changes :razz: Besides its a dream after all

I usualy try to fly there, just by flying straight up, but I have tried to teleport there…

/me gets an idea for tonight.

Seeing as how I’m lucid dreaming every night now (With my newly achieved everynight LD technique), I’ll try and make it there. Also, someone help me to remember not to FA!


…wanna share that every night LD technique?