The Chroniclers

never said you wernt, just interested

Eh, you could sign up if you wanted to, but we still haven’t got any success. The more there are, the more likely it will be.

not at this stage thanks :wink: still working on my own things and through school i dont have a great deal of time, but good luck

Hello, me and Genkai are friends and I want to join :cool: .

I had nothing to do with it… Really :tongue: :mrgreen_hat: (read my profile)

Can I join? This will be really fun when it works! (And it will work, otherwise it won’t, but it WILL!) Don’t you love my train of thought?

Welcome aboard, The Evil Manifestation. Interesting choice of a username. :happy: Whatever. Hope you’re good at LDing.

Don’t you ever listen to me when I tell you about my experences LDing? :grin:


(One more post… Need 200… :crazy: )

Welcome to new members. The list on the first post is now out of date, so do not use that anymore. Use the one in the usergroups.

Plus, it’s kind of like history, looking at the older members that joined before these times.

There is a shared dreaming party going on, i am sure that you guys have heard about it, are you guys thinking of signing up to that or keeping it separate?


as in yes joining or yes keeping it seperate

If you mean joining as in going on the party then yes.

I am kinda confused if I am not making any sense then ignore me :help:

nah nah i got cool good luck then, i’ll be watching out

Ehhh, I don’t think I’ll join the “Party”. But If any Chronicler reachs the party, please contact the rest of the Chroniclers.

keep tying with this guys, dont give up, just remember not to put too much work on the world outside the dream, make it simple so you can all feel that places energy and head there without getting lost in too many different levels of dream themes so you guys never met up!

set out a plan really get into detail about some area of the world ie the meeting place. Its going to take time and practice, but trust me guys its worth it. Work on recall and lucidity, then work on shared dreaming and work as a team :smile:

good luck

Anytime anyones lucid, try to get to sky island, unless you really feel like going your own way.

I was wondering if I could join coz im quite into the whole SD thing and I would love to help. Also its a good motivator :smile: !
May I?

Ok going to sky island is my main goal in an LD as soon as i take care of some unfinished personal business.

I expect to have enough time to make an attempt first chance i get.

The Chroniclers Topic Continues in Part II