The Chroniclers Part III

[mod]This is a continued discussion. Links to the earlier parts… part I and Part II
This topic is for a shared dreaming group, The Chroniclers. It is for the first person to become lucid should go to what i will call Sky Island and try to contact all the members of the chroniclers. I wish i had artistic skill to draw the picture, but i don’t. So i’ll describe it, and maybe somebody could post a 3d picture of it (please?).

It is a moutainis/forest island in the sky, with several water falls coming from the four mouths, in each of the four montians. There is a mess hall, transformation chamber, a room area, common area, and teleportaion ring. This is set on the “shore” of the island, all around it. Several large birds nest in the forest, and a platinum statue of a dragon is nestled in the mouth of a cave in the tallest mountain. The island is set above an ocean normally, but can move. There is the control chamber, which steers the island. [/mod]

I will make an attempt with my amazing lucid dreaming cd.

I can list the songs if everyone wants… but the universe maybe destroyed in the process because of where I got them.

Shatterspike will you please make me a chronicer (sorry if mispelled).

I have not mastered LD s quite yet but I can still have them most of the time. Plus I had a shaired dream before and I thought it was really cool. :happy:


And thanks for letting me join! I’ll be working to gather everyone on Sky Island.

Sure you can be a chronicler. You have been added, shikigami.

May I remind everyone that tommorow night is the Chroniclers mass shared dream attempt night.

Hiya thanks for adding me. I have a question.

Did we ever get a 3d picture of sky island if so can some on tell me were it is?

The 3-d picture should be near the end of the first thread. It IS incomplete, however.

Hey, tonight’s the night again!! Don’t forget, guys! :wink:

I still cant find the picture can some one be more specific :help: .

yeah yeah i won’t forget

Is sky island supposed to look something like this

This is what came up when i googled it.

Sky Island, 2nd post

If/When newer 3D versions show up feel free to PM me the link[s] and I will add the image links to the first posts when the topic gets split to make it easier for people to find.

Hey This is my last post for tonight I’l see you all in sky island. (I hope!!!) :smile:

Aw crap! I better get to sleep so I can join in!

Uhh… The mountians are only about 30% of the island, and there are only four of them. Sky Island is fairly large.

meh, no recall

RC didn’t work last night… :confused:

I forgot! :sad: I didn’t go on the computer yesterday so I was never reminded.

I couldnt get a LD last night :crying: . DId anyone elles get to sky island. I’d like to think we didnt fail.

ah ah ah!

Thomas Edison once said “I didn’t make 1000 mistakes while inventing the lightbulb, the lighbulb was just an invention with 1001 steps”

Or at least that’s how i was told. True or not, thems some good advice :wink:

Can’t we just try everynight? I sure know I’ll be trying to make it to Sky Island all the time.