The Chroniclers Part II

mmm, i think i am going to have to skip any WBTB tonight, since i have work in the morning and i need sleep.

So if i don’t get lucid it’ll be up to you guys i bet!

I’m trying the whole shebang tonight, WILD, WBTB, Autosuggestion. I didn’t get much sleep last night and today I’m going to be doing a lot of physical activity so hopefully I’m really tired later on.

people…had a thought.
if thier are a LD4all computers in your rooms on sky island, why not try communicating through the forum to WAKING people, surely the next logical step after shared dreaming. i wont join up just yet, i need more practise at attaining lucidity before i start sharing it like haribo starmix

What’s that? I’ve never read Harry Potter.

I haven’t to :grin:

:lol: i read harry potter but i can’t remember

better idea then, also from harry potter

They usually got mail and such from owls. Pretty cool. So send us all some owls then!

(never read past 4th harry potter)

A Patronus is essentially a silver ray of light in the shape of an animal that is usually cast by a wand. Though I suppose you could just shoot them out of your hands. In the seventh book, it’s revealed that they can be used to send messages. (That has nothing to do with spoilers, by the way…)

Yeah, I think we might need a more ingenious form of communication than just shouting, though…

Just use the summoning chamber.

I wish everyone good luck. I hope we all succeed.

umm, no dice for me.

Nope, I failed.

Just 3 ND’s last night. One of them being a nightmare… Nothing strange enough to trigger a DILD so nothing for me this time.

Dang it…! Did someone hide the sky island behind some clouds?! I couldn’t find it when I went lucid this morning… :sad:

No lucidity last night for me either, altough I almost WILD’d.

I had no recall from last night, sorry guys.

argh, I hate July, it’s my dryspell month. I have SO many LD’s in June, then comes July, and nothing. I’m hoping august is better.

No good. I was so close to becoming Lucid, but failed to notice that having 34 fingers was a Dreamsign.

Hey, I was reading the older posts on this subject and it looks really fun and cool, can I join?

Anyone can join, we’ll just have to wait for Shatterspike to induct you into your ranks.

:razz:, I feel important.

Sure you can join. You’ve been added to the user group.

I’m thinking that could a mod lock this topic, and make part three with this post at the beginning?

Edit: lol Genkai.

Welcome Tahku :smile:

I’m going to make another serious attempt tonight. I feel all inspired from last night :tongue:

link to The Chroniclers Part III