The Chroniclers Part III

The mass attempt is for a night to focus our attempts. If we tried everynight, without trying for something else (Like inside exploration) chances are, people would be burned out.

hey I just got blender! I will try to make a new complete in technicolor pictor of sky island. :smile: hope you will like it. (it may take awile). :cry:

Okay, cool, I get it now. So when are the focus nights? Are they just whenever or is there a tight schedule?
And Shiki, lemme know when you get that picture done asap, I’m sure it will help me, and all of us, get the idea of what Sky Island looks like and so we can easily go there.

ps, how did you become a dream researcher?

The saying is actually unsourced, but wikiquote lists it as, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Yep the picture of Sky Island would really help me too. I find it really hard to focus on getting to Sky Island because I dont really know what it looks like.

here is my absolutly crappy drawing of it.

Thanks for the picture shater spike. belive it or not it really helps. And to you Tahku its not an actuaul title I just put it as my custom title.

Hey guys, don’t forget what tonight is :wink:

I got a lot of sleep the past 2 nights (waking up at almost 11 both monings :tongue: ) so I should atleast have some vivid dreams. (I’m also more likely to have an LD when my dreams are already vivid)

What about tonight, now?

Hm… I’m having a birthday party tonight with family… and those usually last until around two o’clock… I do not project a good outcome. But you never know! :wink:

Alright, lets try and get there tonight.

tada forever!

As I projected, very little recall.

I think I’ll try more on Thursday nights as well as Saturday nights, as I’m usually doing things on Saturdays and not on Thursdays.


well let’s see. I actually had a terrible time falling asleep.

right when i was about to fall asleep it started raining REALLY hard, and of course right on the side of the house that my room is on, loudly, keepi9ng me up an extra hour

I looked and looked and found no one. But I learnt how to fly to outer space! So I’m still really happy. Flying high was my weakness.

No lucid here. :sad:

Yeah, i’m going to chalk it up to being yet another “step”.

Maybe we need to mix things up. Ideas people?

i got one

if shared dreaming is possible (of course we don’t know yet) then maybe other connections to dreams are possible

how about a little experiment. This requires two people who get LDs often

first one has an LD and sends a message to the next one. It can be any message, it doesn’t matter

then, the next dreamer has an LD and recieves the message, and sees if it’s right

we should try this when both are haveing LDs on the SAME night (which could be hard) and DIFFERENT nights (who knows!)

Not bad, not bad TRJR. Everyone should pick a partner to do this with.

Another idea is to pre-contact each other through a normal dream.

BTW TRJR, did I say your sub-title?

huh?? my sub-title?

anyway i know a perfect pair: Wyvern and Sean. That would work good because they both seem to LD often. Anyway of course if they don’t want to that’s quite alright :yes:

i suppose i could partner up with you shatter, even though i don’t get LDs often.

Just a suggestion, i will partner with anyone!

Well, I’ve been wanting to experiment with patronuses lately. I figured that I’d send a message to all Chroniclers and see who gets the message. I just need to remember it when I actually get lucid…