The Chroniclers Part IV

[mod]This is a continued discussion. Links to the earlier parts… Part I, Part II, and Part III
This topic is for a shared dreaming group, The Chroniclers. It is for the first person to become lucid should go to what i will call Sky Island and try to contact all the members of the chroniclers. I wish i had artistic skill to draw the picture, but i don’t. So i’ll describe it, and maybe somebody could post a 3d picture of it (please?).

It is a moutainis/forest island in the sky, with several water falls coming from the four mouths, in each of the four montians. There is a mess hall, transformation chamber, a room area, common area, and teleportaion ring. This is set on the “shore” of the island, all around it. Several large birds nest in the forest, and a platinum statue of a dragon is nestled in the mouth of a cave in the tallest mountain. The island is set above an ocean normally, but can move. There is the control chamber, which steers the island. [/mod]

Here is the new version of my Sky Island image!

(click to enlarge)

I hope it’s satisfying. :smile:


That IS sky island. I will adapt it as my Avatar from now on. Thank you Basilus.

Now I have it as an Avi, but it would either be extremely tiny, or lossy like it is right now. Could 11kb for combined avi-sig hurt?

3 things to say about this topic. First, it’s missing the letter “e” in the title. Second, I think that a pic of Sky Island is an amazing way to start this topic. Third, that is an amazing pic, BW.

Thx, Matrix! :smile: As my post was the 1st of the new thread, I could correct the title. :happy:

shatterspike1, now we have a Sky Island and you like it, I’ll make your new ava (as it was foreseen in the Ava Help thread). :wink:

Basilus, you are an incredible artist, you know that? :clap: :thumbs: :bow:

Thx Q but I feel you’re exaggerating a bit. Go and see Cali, Linda Bergkvist, and some matte painters like Duffo. :wink:

[Edit: shatterspike1, you’ll find your new ava into the Helpdesk thread. :smile: ]

I’ll try tonight …
lets see… :smile: ***sakoda is a bit skeptic but willing to try…wish me luck and send me lucid vibes :content:

-sakoda , forums harlequin :mrgreen_hat:

That is a very good picture Basilus.
I haven’t had any dream recall these past two days, so defiantly no Sky Island recently.
I think it is because of stress, so I will try this weekend.

Failed … no recall ,just woke up :sad: or did anyone get anything ?
Post Nr. 200 yay

Harlequin, eh?

Well, if I get lucid any time soon (My subconscious is a nice guy, but sometimes he likes to tease me.) I’ll make another attempt.

Tonight is the night once again. I have a better idea of what SI should look like. And I have a new WILD technique that seems to work amazingly. ERGO, watch out for me, Chroniclers!!

I’ll make an attempt, but I can’t promise much for tonight.

I’m staying over a friends house and more than likely we won’t get to sleep until around 5AM. It’s hard to have good DR with soo little sleep :razz:

Please feel free to find me though. If you do make me lucid, I am more likely to remember the dreams. (If you have trouble getting me to realize I’m dreaming, just tell me to do a RC because there is water. That should work :tongue: )

Wow, awesome pic. I’m just wondering about the dark sky, though o_o I mean, the dark, higher segment of the sky. Still, AWESOME AWESOME artwork :smile:

the pick is really good …
(maybe uh add some of the buildings ? )

Thank you all for the comments about the picture.

sakoda, the buildings are already present on the picture. For instance, the teleport plateform is near a little lake, almost at the center of the picture. But the buildings are at the same scale than the remaining, so that they look like very small.

ah ok … now i see it

I was in the same boat, I got to bed at 4 last night, not much chance of Sky Island. I did remember one dream though.

I also broke my no recall streak of two days with me remembering 5-6 dreams on Friday/Saturday.

Ok guys, I haven’t been working too hard at lucid dreaming (other things on mind), but dreams seem to be sneaking up on me. I’m bored of no successes.

I’m going to make a very real attempt tonight to make it to sky island. I hope I see you all there.

Wow Basilus that picture is great. Thats going to make it heaps easier for me to get there now I have a mental picture of it!