The Chroniclers Part VI

[mod]This is a continued discussion. Links to the earlier parts… Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V
This topic is for a shared dreaming group, The Chroniclers. "It is for the first person to become lucid should go to what i will call Sky Island and try to contact all the members of the chroniclers. I wish i had artistic skill to draw the picture, but i don’t. So i’ll describe it…

It is a moutainis/forest island in the sky, with several water falls coming from the four mouths, in each of the four montians. There is a mess hall, transformation chamber, a room area, common area, and teleportaion ring. This is set on the “shore” of the island, all around it. Several large birds nest in the forest, and a platinum statue of a dragon is nestled in the mouth of a cave in the tallest mountain. The island is set above an ocean normally, but can move. There is the control chamber, which steers the island."
Sky Island as drawn by Basilus West.[/mod]

Is anyone in the Chroniclers still around?
I’ll stop on by Sky Island on my way to the moon then. I’ll look for your mark, biodreamer. :smile:

I’m still here… well, I’m watching the topic, anyway :tongue: . I’m still trying to focus on getting lucid on a regular basis so that I can actually GET there; school hasn’t made that too easy for me. Seeing people post again is awesome, though! I’m feeling more motivated already :grin: .

I gave up.
I thought everyone lost interest.

As bad as I would want a regular schedule, being in an SD not only means sleeping at the same time, but dreaming at the same time which is where it gets a tad bit complicated.
Might as well keep trying, though.

well im in no matter what! :wink:

Ok i’ve never gotten to be lucid in a while…
But i will try this soon,and as soon as i do,i’m gonna go to this island and probably leave a mark too…
My mark will be my smiley :tongue:
I posted it somewhere,i can’t remember…
Probably a PG thread…

I tried to go to sky island-I told myself,“when I open my eyes I will be in sky island”. I opened my eyes and appeared in a freakish sort of place-everything was red and black, and there was a big scary sphere in the middle of the place. However, it felt odd, like my mind hadn’t created it, and the people there weren’t like ordinary DCs. They were like real people(it felt that way) but noone talked much. However, some were saying they were trapped here and told me to get out so I forced myself to wake up. Strange, huh?

I’m in, I’ll see if i manage to get to sky island in a week or so ^^
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Ive been having more LD’s recently, and I need something not terribly exiting. This sounds great, haha.
Almost every day 7:00 AM GMT, - 2:00 PM GMT

OK, I’m gonna resurrect this topic.
Chroniclers unite!

Seems awesome, I may join. :smile:

Okay, okay.
So I haven’t had any really good LD’s yet.

But perhaps may I join?
Maybe a LD’er could bring me to sky island and get my lucid?
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Chroniclers unite? lol i think we all died

I think so too

says you guys. i’m still going strong.

As long as there are two people here who want to meet on Sky Island, The Chroniclers are still alive.

Otherwise, we’re zombies. ZOMBIES!


i’m one of the newest members of the chroniclers, can somebody give me a “text tour” of the island just by listing the places? thanks! :slide:

The island is empty every time I go.
Common guys. :tongue:

/me waits for entry.

Well, you could teleport me there and make me lucid. :content:

i wanna go D: sounds fun xD