The Chroniclers Part VI


Wyvern was in my LD last night and told me to go to sky island!

Maybe it happened and I don’t remember. :razz:
All I dreamt about last night was having fun flying around and some girl trying to hypnotize me, but failing. I don’t believe the topic of Sky Island was ever brought up with anyone.

GAME ON. Listen guys, I don’t give up. Ever. So any of you all that have the thought of giving up, erase it, because it doesn’t exist in my mind for things I know are possible. Has someone actually constructed Sky Island yet? It may be why it is so hard to get to…Construct it on the AP, in a certain geographical location, that way its not so difficult to get to, like, just go to the moon, hang a left, and theres a blue door that will take you there, or something. Lets be consistent :smile:. It may be helpful to know the geopgraphical location to find it hehe. Anyways I sleep anywhere from 8-10 pm Eastern time, to 6-9 am Eastern time. Lets do this, I already have my password, and we’ll get it done. I’ll change it to my first goal in an LD so we can get it done faster :smile:. If any of you all get my password, give it to another person on this forum, and have them PM me saying they have the password. Then Ill tell them what the password is, and they can confirm. Be ready, because its super easy :smile:. Namaste

Is this project still going on? I’d like to join! :smile:

Yeah, if it’s still going, I’d like to join too. Even though my experience in lucid dreaming and astral projection is a little weak, I still want to have this as one of my goals.

How do I get there? Could someone describe how it looks?
(…new here. waves)

I’d like to join, if it isn’t any trouble. I’m still not great at LD, but after reading through a few pages in the topics, it sounds really interesting, and it would be great to be able to have an SD.

First of all…
/me apologizes for his absence.
Secondly… i don’t know if I’ll be very successful in these attempts… I haven’t even had a LD in a very long time and my dreams aren’t vivid at all.
I’ll keep trying, but I can’t really promise anything.

Now… Nya, welcome! :wave:
You can get an image of the island either by looking as shatterspike1’s avatar picture… at least it could lead you to a more detailed visualization.
Or… you could create your own image of The Island. Perhaps add landmarks like curved trees or a volcano… that should make locating The Island easier once you enter a LD.
i can’t remember the details, but I’m pretty sure you could find more in the first post (just click on the Chroniclers’ group icon thingy below my avatar and follow the link in the description of that group.)

Have fun SDing :smile:

Hello guys, I think this is the right place for this post, if not, forgive me. I would like to meet with somebody in dreamtime. My main aim is to find somebody to remind me that I am in a dream.

So, if you want to do it, go ahead and come meet me.

Kind regards to all

I suggest you read the first post of The Chroniclers. Read Moon Man’s post above yours to get to the first page. In summary, The Chroniclers are a group of shared dreamers or people attempting, who meet on the island, which is described in the first post.

May I join the Chroniclers?

Anyone can join. If you click the Chroniclers symbol under a members avatar, you should be brought to a profile page. It should have a button that when clicks notifies someone to allow you to join.

Btw how is The Chroniclers going? It seems like the activity around here almost has gone to zero.

I know that it has been very low on activity for a long time now but… Let’s give it a new start?

Anyone that is interested?

I am willing to join the Chroniclers.

I know a lot about the dream plane and what is on it, but not too much detail. I don’t have much experience with it, but I have already had one confirmed shared dream. I have also seen people from a dream I had.

I honestly find something that bugs me about the Chroniclers group. You give them a description of the island before they actually arrive. This could potentially lead to false shared dreams since they could be remaining in their inner world instead of the dream plane. They could just be remaining in their inner world and be dreaming up DCs. Nobody wants that. It just leads to excess false shared dreams that slow down progress for everybody.

I think it is a good idea if you didn’t give the whole description to new Chroniclers because of the above reasons, but if you told them to focus on the energy of the island and create a portal to it, it would be much more efficient to do that instead of what is happening now.

I’m not telling anybody how to run the Chroniclers, and I know I may sound a bit cocky and bossy, but it is just something for you to consider. I have read accounts from people much more experienced than I think most of you are (don’t get offended by that, I don’t know much about the members of this group), and I feel that their advice can come in handy.

Once I complete my current goal, I will try to visit Sky Island or create a portal to other people. I can’t guarantee that LD4all members will be first on my priority list to find, though, so it may take a bit of time for me to find people that are on this forum.

Can’t wait to get started with this. :smile:

Snowboy, the idea of Sky Island is to give everyone a focal point. Yeah, it may result in a few false SD’s as we are all focusing on the same visual and thus could potentially dream of it the same night without actually sharing the dream. That, though, is where the finer details come in. For instance, what was said or done, rather than just where they were. It does require a little bit more recall ability, but if you’re lucid, that shouldn’t be too bad.

I personally think if we are all thinking of the same visual rather than just some image of what we think another member may look like, we’re more likely to actually meet there.

Anyway, after so many years, I finally got around to making an irc channel for us. It’s #SkyIsland on the Chat4all server. Either enter the LD4all chat and type /join #SkyIsland
or connect to on your own client. Maybe an active chat room will keep more people focused on this. :smile:

There’s a slight problem with this, though; a dreamer looks different to multiple people. I have been seen as a silver person and a black person; specific dreamers and spirit guides have been seen differently by people within the same dream.

For example, a person may want to see Gawn (the Dream Warrior Master, enemy of Nevergawn), so he goes with somebody else. He may see Gawn as the devil (actually happened, apparently since he was a fool), but another person saw him as a whole different figure.

Again, I am not trying to tell you how to work the Chroniclers or say this in an arrogant way, I am just trying to relay from the experiences of people way more experienced than I think most of you are.

I understand where you are coming from with the focal point idea, I’m just putting in some feedback on it.

Im into this, my LD rate is rather low though :tongue:

My sleep schedule: 21:30 (9:30pm) – 6:00 (am)

For the somewhat existent quasi-person who reads this topic, we now have a channel #skyisland on I get on occasionally, and there’s usually at least one person in there.

i had a bad experience sd with a girl i KNEW, er thought i knew anyway lol, I dont think ill ever try it with strangers. But i did think of doing this once as to team up on the girl i had a bad experience with, but now things are ok

Well, I’d be honored to join the Chroniclers. I’m currently trying to get involved more with LD4All users and functions. I’ve applied for the Scribes (because I like that kind of thing) and I would love to have SDs with other LDers. The Chroniclers seems the way to go, so, count me in.

Sleep Schedule
9:30 PM to 8:00 AM (Weekends) Although sometimes I sleep till 11 :razz:
9:00 PM to 5:00 AM (Weekdays)

EDIT: Time Zone: EST (USA East Coast)
Sorry about the big Font. Just wanted to make sure it was seen. :tongue: