The Chroniclers Part II

You get me Lucid, and I’ll make you not FA. :tongue:

Just you gotta make me lucid first.

What is the evernight LD technique? Autosuggestion? (That’s what I used to do that worked…been to busy lately now though)

Actually, it is BILD. Belief induced lucid dream. I know I will have a lucid dream everynight, and it works. No questions asked.

Are we suposed to memorise the names of the members? So that we can call them when we are on the island :tongue:

No, you can just call the chroniclers.

I’ll teleport next time…
Anyway, it was really sunny. They looked out of place actually.

Sky island seems similar to my lucid plaza idea. Unlike sky island, however, the lucid plaza never caught on.

Oh well.

Just a reminder: The first Chronicler Mass Shared Dream attempt is tonight! I hope to see you all at Sky Island! :happy:

Wow, I actually forgot. Thanks for the reminder.

Good luck, everyone.

i’ll see you there

well I can sleep a lot tonight. I hope that I see you at night!

Well, since our schedules are diffrent, I hope the back half has more success. Ehhh, there is no accounting for some things.

i don’t remember any sky island but i had a dream WITH shatter in it where i THOUGHT about LUcidity :content:

that’s it…

Shatter is my good luck charm :lol:


No lucidity here :sad:. Only a weird nightmare about a man using some sort of weird gun to suck out people’s eyeballs :thud:

Sorry guys…I had nothing. :sad:

Yeah. If the “latter” attempt fails, I will reschedule for a week from now.

No dice. Just a failed WILD causing me two hours of looking at my ceiling, paralyzed. :o

EDIT: Crap, double post. :cry:

oh that reminds me i still need shatter’s blessings for tonight!

You will succeed TRJR!

There will be an attempt next saturday!

Awesome. This time we’ll all have more preparation time seeing as how we’ll remember it. :tongue: