Shared Dreaming Groups (new title)

…so i’m posting it here. Why isn’t there an online groups announcement place? Not for mailing lists, but shared dream groups for online? Such as…
People who actively share dreams in a group and have an established ranking system. Or some people who Focus on one part of shared LD’s.

I mean, like an online group that meets in dreams, with the first person to become lucid make the other dreamers “wake up”.

I hope that was clear.

I think there have been a few attempts, but they have never been coordinated enough to actually get any real traction.

PS. I think this topic belongs in ‘Beyond Dreaming’… but I aint no Mod! :tongue:

i like it.
maybe somebody should just start a topic someplace and make badges or links to put in the sigs… (and a memberlist, not to unlike the birthday list to be on the first page of the topic)
i would really appreaciate topics and groups to that effect.
i have been most curious about shared dreaming… but have hardly had a chance to practice it! i think it would be a great addition to this forum.


Heh, that was where i wasgoing next. Although… I probably better get up to my 3rd star before i make my next move. :tongue:

EDIT: I hope i’m the first one on this forum to make a shared dreaming group…think i’ll call it the chronicles.

why wait shatter? start it now!
er ahm maybe Q would be interested in creating a few “open” groups… (not to unlike the researchers) but instead of having there own complete forums, having them be sections, or threads in beyond dreaming.
and i think it would be really wonderful to have an open group for philosophers… for all those who fancy themselves philosophers to have a badge under there name, and those who are newing the new quests to be a part of the quests group… and of course one for shared dreamers, and possibly one for astral projectionists, im making up new words!
i think it would be fun, and a good way to know who is who.

and back to the shared dreaming bit…
i am highly sceptical - all the same, it is something i have really wanted to try! and i know all of two people on this forum who have the same feelings - a group would work wonders.


Alright, You’ve inspired me! I will make a new thread called The Chronaclers. The Chroniclers.

Now that is what I’d call the real DREAM TEAM.

Its a great idea. Would I need an etheral address for you to come by and collect me?

I understand why you feel skeptical, I used to as well. I had a freakishly shared dream with my father one night, quite by accident.
I posted it here in my dream diary, but the response was kind of like :sleep: - Non existent. Guess everyone was LD’ing! :tongue: