The Chroniclers Part V

Aaaargh! That’s it, you better be ready tonight, Chroniclers! I don’t care if it’s not Saturday night, and I don’t care if your sleep schedules are different, 'cause I’m gonna be on Sky Island making a scene!!

(Btw: if you still want sleep schedule things, I can calculate my time in GMT…)

Than I’ll see you there. ^^

Well if you say so, then i will also be there.

Although there is a big time difference…


Now that the holidays are over, I’ll hopefully have more time for LDing now.

Anyone wanna give me a description of Sky Island?
The more detail the better, 'cause I’m going to make that drawing of it.

Ill join if that is ok
and i also want to see what my mind thinks that u guys look like :uh:
or what you make me think u look like :wow:

Sure you can join. You’ve been added.

Yo Sean, you gonna be there tonight? I am. If you see fireworks or any explosions, that’s me. I’ll also be there tomorrow night too incase you miss me. :smile:

Has there been a map made for Sky Island?
I heard someone was going to make a 3-D computerized model or something?
I just want my Sky Island to be similar to everybody else’s.

Wyvern - GAH! School’s kept me so busy I didn’t check this topic! Sorry… I’m gonna give it a go tonight, though!

Okay then. So will I. See ya there.

here is my render of a “possible” sky island

is it ok?
this is my first terragen model
srry that i couldent put much in i sont have a modeling program

awesome…When I go to sky island i’m gonna make my own secret liar where i will make ebil plans :ebil:

i cant get lucid and when i do i cant remember to go to sky island

Have you tried Blender?

Anway, epic Sky Island render, Montecat.

Same here. I’ve became lucid twice. Both times I just flew around…

where is everyone?

I’m here and have been trying quietly, but I haven’t been too lucid lately :\

I’ve also been extremely busy between school, 2 different tae kwon do dojangs, planning a huge birthday party, planning for college next year, and robotics competitions.

At the end of next week I’m headed to Georgia for the robotics world championships, then to Florida for a week of spring break relaxation, so my DR and LD’s should recover again :smile:

Ysim once again restores the Chroniclers topic!

I haven’t been concentrating on this much, but I will start again.

Actually it was Montecat.

I was gonna revive this thing myself on Saturday but looks like he beat me to it.
Anyway, I’ll be there, waiting.

…Unless I have to haunt some of you guys too just to get you to see me… :ebil: