The Chroniclers Part IV

I wish you succes , it might not work the first time , but if you keep at it it will work evventually (even for me it will :yes:)

I had massive recall last night. I remembered 5 segments from different dreams, but I still didn’t get everything. I didn’t get to sky island though.

Thank yoy Sakoda. Your confidence gives me courage :content:

Still, if illusions start, i doubt that i will find the mental stength to open my eyes :tongue:


i had a great feeling about last night, i really did

and i was even doing a WBTB

but, i don’t even remember waking up! i know i did because my alarm clock was turned off! I must’ve gotten up in a daze, turned it off, and fell back asleep without doing any of the LD stuff i needed!

bah, and i am SURE that if i did it, i woulda had it >_>

well, no use crying over spilled milk

Nice try anyway TRJR. (I spilt milk the other day :razz:)

WHAAA , the double post moster made a strike … :nuu:

WoC, i like giving people caurage … and myself too :yes:

Wait … you are supposed NOT to open your eyes if you get HI, or did i get something wrong here ?? :confused:

The point is that if i open them i might see the “old hag” or another scary image :wink:

Don’t worry about Old Hag or anything like that. Here’s a tip: if you’re trying WILD, and end up seeing Old Hag Phenomena, laugh. Laugh as hard as you can. It will help your brain get into a more positive mindset, and turn that old hag into something happier, like a DC who’ll help you gt lucid, or if you’ll really lucky it’ll become you SG.

Clever Wyrmfell, sounds like NLP techs.

Something else you can do is read about it untill you understand the theory, then just keep running into the unknown and you will soon be loving SP as you know it will be your gateway to lucid dreaming.

Dont be afraid of having everything you want, it is just another way to get to sky island.

I will be watching guys, keep it up

I wanted to sleep alot so i didn’t tried to gain SP last night :sad:

But reading the theory behind all these is indeed the first step to overcome my fears. Now i fear less :content:

I think i had my closest encounter to WILD last night =]

See DJ

Checks member’s list

Uh… Sakoda? Did you join? Cuz you aren’t on the roster…

Chatspeak removed

Now for something a little more on the topic, i vaguely remember in the dream last night that i went to sky island. All i can remember about it is that there was a beach shack :eh: .

LOL… i meant i wish him success with WILD :razz:

Hello everybody, I’m The K, and I’m Big. along with that, I’m a new member of The Chroniclers, and as soon as I get back up to par on my LD’ing, I’ll be joining you all in your quest for shared dreaming :grin:

I used to LD a long time ago, hence the “40-50+” under my belt, but I stopped, and now I’m starting again

So how does this work? we all try to get to sky island and see if any of us wind up there actualy in the same dream?

:welcome: The Big-K! We just try and get a shared dream and go to sky island is basically it. I hope you get good at lucid dreaming again!

good luck guys, ill drop by in a week or so to see how you are going

okay, i’m pretty sure this is where shatter told me to post, so here goes:

i know that we’ve given up on the schedule of sleep times for dreamers here, but i personally think it would help greatly. to correlate the sleep of members here at certain times seems like it’d naturally help us generate the results we are trying to achieve for shared dreaming.

even though i already spoke to shatter and he says he’s got another view on this subject, i think the schedule would help. does anyone else think that a chart showing everyone’s sleep times (or average times) and maybe even seperated into sleep zones so you know who you’re dreaming with, would help? i would be willing to construct such a chart if anyone else thinks this would be helpful.

I agree that might help Tahku. I would be very helpful and a nice idea.

yea that would be really helpful. i think that you should make it…

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