The Big Spirit Guide Topic - Part II
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To a question something about having multiple guides. i answer.

Okay, i have had the pleasure to have met 2 of my guides. One who is a ancient spirit, long white hair, green eyes and a great aura of kindness and love. “Milinda” she actually calls herself… I havent seen it in writing in my ld’s i’ve had with her so it could actually be wront spelling. She have actually called hersell “Your spirit guide”. And the few words she’ve said to me was. “Calm yourself, you’re not alone” and answered: “You could take better care of your body” to the question: “Can i do something for you?”.

The other one is what i can call a man… boy… trickster. Actually very wise if you listen to him, but mad as a hatter and a big joker. I’ve grown custom to his habits in my dreams. I can sense him in other DC’s and i havent seen his true self. He feels like a mixture of madness, wisedom, youth, ageing, green and red. He has called himself “Your Dream guide”.
And so he is, helping me with everything from normal dreaming to LD-continuity to jumping from LD’s to AP. (LD->AP is the worst thing. Eather you AP or you LD, Not both). When I asked his name he answered: “Adgoran”. hmm. Actually i think his first answer was “Are you asking from wich hell or heaven i’m from? third one from the left?” but then he gave me his answer.

Ooooh I like your spirit guides!!

guides? as in both? shrug


lol, i thought you wrote “i look like your guides”. Sorry about that.

And yea, I like them too. They are… Mindboggling, and i think they want it that way

If spirit guides are just your subconcious, what separates a spirit guide from a regular dream character? how can you tell someone is a spirit guide and what is so special about them that makes them a spirit guide?
I think that everything in the dreamworld can be a spirit guide. Even like a rock or something :grin:

Spirit guides aren’t “just your subconcious”. Unless they are. Nobody knows, or at least nobody who knows have proved it to anybody else.

The general belief of people who discuss spirit guides is that they are not just your subconcious. People who believe that they are your subconcious are unlikely to be interested in them.

Actually I do believe that spirit guides are your subconscious. I believe that my spirit guide is part of me. But you’re right that most people seem to think differently.

Anyways, I trotted back to this post because I just realized something really interesting. My spirit guide’s name (Tora) means “tiger” in Japanese. It’s interesting because cats were heavily involved in the dream that I met her in.

I found this out after glancing at ShiroTora’s username. I sort of did a doubletake when I saw it. It sounded Japanese, so I looked “Tora” up in an online English-Japanese dictionary.

Hm, what a coincidence eh?

when you meet a SG in a dream you will know, he/she will be different than a DC. maybe in the dream you won’t realize it but after waking up and trying to remember the dream you will have a certain feeling left, one that you don’t have when trying to recall a ‘normal’ DC.

I agree, SG’s can appear in whatever form or shape will have a meaning for you. Sometimes they will announce themselves, other times they will just be present and later in time you will realize you met your SG.

when asking for my SG in a dream and she appeared, i was pleasantly surprised and really grateful. It was a very powerful experience. The first meetings with my SG’s (both in dreams and meditations) made a big impression on me.

Now i’m very happy to see one of them in a dream, like meeting an old friend. I have also a connection IRL with my SG’s but that is more in thought and images. In a dream i interact with them like real people, and hugging them etc, that is so wonderful :content:

A few nights ago I had an LD from FA and I flew out my bedroom window like usual. I kept flying until I saw this farm house on the horizon, then I flew into the upstairs window.

There was a little girl playing with toys. I asked her who my spirit guide was, and she said she was. I was like, no way. I asked her again and he didn’t answer with words, but like telepathically. She said that all of the DCs were my spirit guides. Then I heard some one comming up the stairs and woke up in a different dream, but forgot I was dreaming.

If DCs come from your subconcious and your subconcious could be a major part of “your spirit,” then couldn’t all DCs be spirit guides?

I understand that this DC was kind of dumb, and I have run into another DC that I would probably consider to more likely be a spirit guide, but if they are both from the same place, then maybe the actions of all your DCs are your spirit guide, and only rarely does your spirit guide manifest itself into a single being.

Please excuse my ignorance, but I’ve been reading this topic and was just wondering what a Spirit Guide is? Also, what is a dikini?

One time when I was trying to WILD at night and half asleep I came to and remembered briefly hearing a voice, a dark voice, but not evil, saying, “you can’t do that right now, you’ll understand why when you die” or something…

I’ve never had success with trying to initiate contact with my spirit guide, but that had to come from somewhere… and I dont’ like it…

unconscious terminology means death probably isn’t literal… so maybe it means it’ll happen soon, but something has to change a lot first… but…

I dont’ know… it was odd, it was a fragmented memory like “hey, what did I just hear?” becaues i was unconscious at the time, I managed to hold on to it somehow, and it was very to the point… maybe it means I unconsciously don’t believe I can WILD, maybe it was genetic memory, or a guide talking? I don’t know.

I don’t particularly like that answer, it could have been generated since I wonder if I can WILD at will, if LDing would subsequently get boring, and how that could correlate to the after life.


Hmmm… Seems that not lot of people have met a Dream (or Spirit) Guide… if it only does exist one…

A Dikini or Daikini is a sort of goddess or angel in the Hinduism and Buddhism. She’s a female entity and can be good or angry.
A Spirit Guide is a guide who guides your spirit :happy:

I lately ask for my SG in a LD and I saw him. He looks like a character of a book I have red. So I suppose it’s more imagination than anything else.
Another time, I ask for my anima (always in LD) and what I saw, that was puzzling, seems to be a reminiscence of my early childhood.

Physics & most spiritual worldviews have it that all is connected & all is one. In light of this why do we need to make a decision as to self & other, if the mesage resonates positively why not give it a chance.
Also there is ample evidence that the subconscious is universal not individual so why the need to divide?

I had a very stupid experience about SG last night. For a few days, I’m searching my SG in my LD’s.
Last night, in a LD, I was facing a mirror. I found it was a good way to find my SG and I asked the mirror (quite like in White Snow : “Mirror, beautiful mirror, could you show me my SG ?” :wink:) to find my SG.
Wasn’t it a good idea ? :grin:

But there is the problem. I immediatly saw in the mirror a man, hanging from the ceiling, hiding like a ninja. I saw myself walking underneath, without seeing him. Then the man strangled me with a rope ! :bored:
“What’s that crap ?”, I thought. :grrr: I deleted the image and asked another time : same result ! I asked four times, and four times I saw the same scenery ! :confused:

Don’t ask me for an analysis… I really don’t understand what it means ! If you have any idea, don’t hesitate to tell me ! :smile:

Now, I wonder if you can meet your spirit guide everywhere in a dream. Wouldn’t it be better to search in high places, like temples in the mountains, etc. ? What do you think about ?

:lol: :rofl: :rofl: :lol:

Wow! That is hilarius!

?Maybe your SP is big on helping you with critical challenges.?

Don’t feel bad though, here’s my experience from last night, yet not as ridiculous as yours:

I go around asking tons of people, one by one, “Are you my SG ?, Are you my SG?..”
finaly I get a “yes” response.
He is an eleven year old Japanese boy who was in my middle school who I never hung out with.

I’m shocked,
“Hey! You look just like T____ J____ from 6th grade???”
Then SG says, “Yes, that is how I appear.”
(this is me → :bored: )

But then this is me → :content:
And I ask him a great deal of questions :happy: and to make an incredibly long clear LD short; I got alot of understanding and am happy to be reunited with my SG, who decides to take on any random form he wishes just to shock me for fun and laughs. :tongue:


Grrr! It’s seems that these sorts of stupid things just happen to me! :grrr: My spirit guide must be some madman in an insane asylum, like in Bulgakov’s book “The master and Marguerite” :crying:

Can a talking mule with ducks feet and a camle hump be a Spirit Guide??

Where’s darwin when you need him?

:rofl: :rofl:

One old man who told me about lucid dreaming (if i remember correctly he was able to have LD at will in every night), told that his Spirit Guide is prophet Elijah(?) who lives in high mountains. He also described the exact place and told me to visit him and say that he sent me :happy:

Some days after that i had my first long LD and after that i started to search about lucid dreaming from internet. But i have not had chance to visit his spirit guide in mountains yet.