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Anyone in interested in spirit guide experiences,

may find it useful to look at the spirit guide section of ‘exploring dreaming’

Hmm… I have a few more stories to add up there. Will do soon. Hope it find someone!

I had an ld last night and decided to ask to see my guide,well i called for my guide and the black kitten I got a few weeks ago appeared and started purring and rubbing itself against my hand to be petted,then I woke up.what do you think it means?


In one regular dream, I was standing in front of a statue which turned into a beatiful asian(not to mention nude!) and she was telling me that I was close to astral projection and having lucid dreams. I don’t really remember what happened after that bUt I think it might have been a guide. She reminded me of what I pictured my inner self(or wisdom) to be. I noticed that when I daydreamed or a idea popped into my head, the mental imagerey would usually take the form of a character(like if you wanted to beat somebody up who was smaller than you, you might imediatly have a mental image of a robot crushing a smaller robot). The one that often poses as a voice of reason was a asian Samurai from a anime(outlaw star, the Samurai one). The asian chick who was the statue women I guess could b the same person with her hair down and clothes off(plus I saw her in as a real person and not animted). Do you guys think she is a dream guide or a spiritual guide? I also had a instance where I was lead through a destroyed mall by a white haird women in black to a pile of rubble, where I picked out a glowing object. She sounds more like a dream guide than a spiritual guie.

Why dont you ask it next time you meet it?

Today I asked for my spirit guide and I meet a very small tree looking figure, a weeping willow with eyes, mouth and nose without leaves.

I asked it: Who are you ? and it answered: Am I you or me?

I think it ment something like: Am I a part of your mind or not?

I will try to do the same in next LD, and tell it I wanna meet my deepest fear and challenge it. If I win I maybe conquare it IRL, cause fear and phobias are only a part of the mind.

I want to meet my spirit guide, but in every LD i’ve had so far, i just explore and see what i can find. If i remember, the next thing i’ll do is either meet my spirit guide or fly. which do you guys recommend I do first?

fly, I have never flew in a lucid dream tho, but some years ago I did it very often in normal dreams.

yeah, i suggest flying first too. flying is awesome

but anyway, i tried to contact my spirit guide in my last LD, maybe i used up most of my lucidity because i was having fun flying before i remembered that i wanted to try to meet my guide. but i had kinda a false awakening in the basement of my old house but then i remembered that i was dreaming again and tried to summon my guide

nothing happened, then i had the bright idea of going next door and expecting my guide to be there (it was a trick i picked up from somewhere on this forum) but then i woke up :sad:

do like this, close your eyes in the dream, think that you wanna meet your spirit guide, and then open your eyes, I think it will work

Well, closing your eyes might not be the best way (a lot of people wake up after reopening them… or at least I do…) But the door way works… Picture a door in front of you and tell yourself that your spirit guide will be on the other side, then open it and see what happens :content:

me and aydira talk a lot about our spirit guides online, they have become close friends to us because we talk to them irl and sumtimes in dreams for me aydira’s has been visiting her a lot more in her dreams. But i can talk to my guide about all sorts of things, she is great. Aside from bein a guide she is more lik a spirit mate but thats how things work she told me. That the guide that is always with us is our one true love and when we find people irl that we love it is because they have a good energy for reflecting our guides love thats y we have different amounts of love for different people cus they got different levels of compatible energy. She also told me a lot of secret things about stuff and me. but i recommend you all meet atleast one of your guides and talk to them to find out things on ur own. if u dont know how do a search for it. When they talk to u in life you will prolly think its comming from you but its usually not. They answer you or talk to you through ur brain or subconscience i never really askd her to specify but then ur subc relays the message to you through thought which is y ull think its comming from u. Thats how its done its pretty much the only way except for maybe a few cases involving “gifted” people. Just be open and believing.

Had a cool dream quite some time ago - I asked to see my spirit guide and this big massive oak tree appeared, and I knew that was it. So I tried talking to it, in the hope that it would be able to reply, ent-style, but to no avail. So I climbed up it. Didn’t get very far though.

Once I get better at LDing I definitely want to meet my spirit guide :content: In the LDs that I have, I always forget to try to though… :bored:

K i have a theory or maybe not a theory, just my view or hopes of what a spirit guide is. I think they are kinda like a guardian angel. Except instead of being something you see in the waking life they come to you in your sleep. Either way they are always with you and the only way to talk to them is to meet them in the dream world. They can answer questions about yourself/guide you etc.Please note that a lot of my ideas are influenced by all the disney movies i watched when i was little. in this case All Dogs Go to Heaven both I and II. I just like the idea of guardian angels and not being alone. Maybe they know to all your thoughts and feelings etc and understand without you having to explain. yup that’s my 2 cents

I think of spirit guides as part of you. His Dark Materials readers – Think daemons. They can teach you about yourself, as they are part of you :content: It would also make sense to meet them in LDs, since everything you dream about is related to your sub-conscious. I’m not sure if I’m making sense or not…

Anyone to talk to would be fine for me…

Yea I share the same opinion. That’s what I meant when I said ask them questions about yourself and to guide you. Because they’re part of you but they might be able to access part of you that you didn’t know was there. Thus coming to a better understanding of yourself. ex. telling me what I actually want to do with my life. I have 2 years left of high school that starts in a couple days and dont know where to focus myself. Although of course my ultimate goal is to win the lotto and/or become a great snowboarder and get famous but the chance of that are almost zip.

I talk to my spirit guide/mate a lot and she hasn’t steered me wrong yet, in fact i owe a lot of recent events that turned out good to her. I dont consider it seeing the future and changing ur fate because ur spirit guide is supposed to help u wit ur life.

I have a few easier things on my LD to do list before meeting my spirit guide… Supposedly it’s supposed to be pretty hard to do, so I’m going to work on some other stuff first :smile:


Spirit guide is someone that guides you. It will never mislead you. He/she wants to help you to grow like a blooming flower.

I owe a lot to my spirit guide too in fact. :wink: My life wouldn’t be better than this! :content: I discussed with my parents and finally they listened. I got my computer back and I’m free now. That’s only because that I got warnings in my dreams for few nights before I went back home to have a long talk with my parents.

I have met my guide in few of my LD’s, but it was when ‘meeting my guide’ wasn’t on my intention list. :shrug: Apparently guides only guide in their time not ours. Hey, it’s still cool isnt it? :peek:


I consider spirit guides to be part of you, rather than a different being who comes to you in your dreams. They can show you things about yourself that you might have not known, and also can guide you… But to me it makes sense that they know what you know, because they’re part of your subconscious or whatever.

I’m not making sense, am I…


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