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I remember reading a post somewhere on this forum about calling on your spirit guide during a LD. Well, I had a dream the other night, during which I became lucid not too far into the dream - at that point, I actually remembered the topic, and I called to my spirit guide, a few times. After the third time I actually screamed it… “I want to see my spirit guide!!” …nothing. :[
Is contacting one’s spirit guide NOT possible in all LDs for some reason?? If it was possible in all LDs, my spirit guide would have shown him/herself. Do you have to be on a certain level of lucidity to meet your spirit guide? :confused:
If anyone has any helpful info on this matter, please respond when you get a chance…I thought everyone had a spirit guide, but this negative experience discouraged me into thinking I don’t have one. :frowning: any suggestions??? Thanks.

The subconcious is a tricky thing when it comes to dreams. When you are lucid, it is only your mind that limits you. People underestimate just how stubborn the mind can be.

Your subconcious was still thinking in real world terms, where you are not visited daily from spirit guides. You need to clarify that you are lucid dreaming for your subconcious, so that it can let go of physical, everyday boundaries and enter the dream world.

Try starting with smaller ld activities. Flying and other forms of levitation are good beginnings, but summoning spirit guides and creating objects out of thin air are hard for someone not trained in tricking their own subconcious.

Strange,to me it was really easy to “summon” my guide,easyer than some other things (flying for example seems harder to me).
Well,i didn´t really wanted to meet a “higher beeing” that guides me.I wanted who someone who stands for my subcounciousness,so i can ask myself questions directly,perhaps that makes a difference.

Could be that your problem is that you can´t bring somebody in your dream “out of nothing”.Next time look around for a colored door,behind this door your spirit guide will be waiting.


Okay, This was realy interresting thread. Yes, The trick is to know your own subconcious. The way it work. And as Confusion said: The mind can be stubborn. That is soo true. Can’t you feel it, when you are creating a thing out of thin air, working against you?

when i was in my first ld my spirt guide was just in the room :confused: :confused: :confused: and she said she was my spirt guide

I once read that spirit guides come to you when THEY feel you are “ready” to receive them. Please don’t get discouraged as I have called and gotten no answer.

I have encountered beings that I believed were spirit guides… some that came when I called and some that showed up on their own.

When I want to see a spirit guide, verbally or mentally I will ask for my spirit guide of “pure white light” (I do this because, as with everything else in life, there are “false” spirit guides). If you are lucid and a threatening entity/person approaches… think of your hands/body as being encased in protective white light and you can destroy them with a touch. Good to know! :smile:

One more thing, a spirit guide need not take the form of a person… one of my spirit guides was an animal!

Is it possible that you have a bit of doubt in your mind which is actually preventing you from meeting your spirit guide(s)?

All you gotta do is listen and given half a chance, they’ll pipe and and talk your ear off :content: So I either have multiple-personality-disorder, or a spirit guide helping me out. I prefer thinking of it as the latter heh. They’ll surprise you too, have you think of things you would have never ever thought of on yer own. Some of them think theyre very funny hehe yes you James :content:

I think Dreamscape is correct in that if you generally will have difficulty with materializing people and objects at will in lucid dreams, you’ll probably come across the same problem as summoning a spirit guide.

What usually helps me is to focus on a dark, ambigious spot in the place I’m at while LDing and imagaing a person there. Then turn you’re attention away, and look back a few moments later.

The last time I did that when asking for a “spirit guide”, 3 men appeared running towards me, and urging me to follow them. I woke up before I got anywhere, but atleast something appeared.

My other encounters with my “spirit guide” was unintential and not asked for.

Especially the first time I was introduced when he hit me so hard in the stomouch that I immediately woke up. I suppose I should be grateful because I was in a nightmare with a serial killer behind me in the car.

His only introduction was over the radio saying "This is your soul " and then proceeded to knock me awake.

Ive heard there are different spirit guides.

Human and animal.

I dont know what my animal spirit guide looks like. Im getting a sense that it might be a bear, my main one that is.

Ive read what their qualitys are and i think the bear had leadership, loner, protective and strong. They fit me :smile:. I also admire the bears, great powerfull muscle machines. Who knows, it might be a frog or something. I havent met them.

There are supposed to be different ones for different stages and situations in your life.

The thing that interests me is the shadow guide. Its the dark side of yourself, you have to prove yourself to it before it lends you any help. Im getting a sense that the “monster” thats following me in my dreams is that. Hopefully i will be able to confront the thing one day… one day… :neutral:

What is even more interesting to me is the cause of a spirit guide. I wonder whether spirit guides are internal or external. Personally, I feel that they are internal manifestations of our experiences. However, I have not met mine yet so I can’t say one way or the other with evidence.

Just short question of definition:
To me,a dreamguide is a “normal DC”,someone who was created from your subcounciousness to lead you in your dreams.
A spirit guide is more something like a guardian angel,a non-human being that helps you to find your way.I don´t know if i believe in that,however.
To you make that difference?

I think your dreamguide always looks like you expect him to be.Your spirit guide probably would appear in in a way that makes it easy for him to communicate with you.So,that also depends on you and can change.


I also often wondered whether spirit guides are coming from ones inner or subsconscious or have a reality outside of oneself.

But, assuming they are coming from one’s subconscious or inner self, then one may have to conclude that they run deeper inside of us than we can imagine.

From my own experience, a ‘dream’ character’ that can make me cry and overwhelms me with love with the slightest touch of a hand, deserves my attention, whether originating from inside or outside of me.

It makes me feel that in the end, the whole question may not matter so much.

Uh, I think it’s pretty hard to draw the line between internal and external reality.

Regardless which theory we believe in there are profits out of having one:
1.Internal(subconciousness)-asking right questions can give usinteresting answers coming from the sourse we dont often have handy.And it stores everything,even things we dont realize we have.
2.externall(spirituall)-would be great if it was the truth.Answers are priceless.
just my two cents:)

I’ve put a post relevant to this topic in the Dream Diary section.

wow Aitun that sounds incredible. I’m definately going to try this when I finally get my next lucid dream. On a real drought at the moment.

spirit is such an abstract idea. you have a spirit, whether it be a being or an essence within you.
your spirit is guiding you. when your in high spirits you do kind things, when you’re in low spirits you hit people with hammers. so in truth, you kind of are you’re own spirit guide.
also, when themes regarding dream control and manifestation come up you hear alot of having to be able to trick you’re mind. tricking yourself in this context seems to equate bulls**ting yourself.
i would simply use my mind to do such things.
optical illusions are tricks to the mind.

I met my spirit guide or whatever he is in waking life and then I met him in my dreams. Now when I have an LD I usualy seek him out first thing. I always sort of figured that he was my dream guide too but maybe not. We seem to have an um… interesting relationship in dreams.
I’ve had afew other recurring DCs but I haven’t asked them who they are yet… maybe next time.

You met him IRL? I don’t understand.

I wonder who I’d see if I were to call out for a Spirit Guide in a LD. I still have to try it.