The BIG Suneye Topic - part II

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At this pont, I would do anything for an Ld, I have been trying for two years, and the only LD I ever had was a nightmare I couldn’t stop, it was terrifying. I just woke up, and I decided to try this, I’ll tell ya if it works!

For some reaon I can’t download the link supplied. Something about the archive not being valid or something. I’d really like to read this method, because it sounds very successful.

:help: Suggestions? :help:

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Can someone email me the Suneye method files? It gives me a wierd error message when I download the link given in the sticky topic. Thanks a bunch.


Any response would be appreciated.

Just sent them to these addresses.
I hope it’s the thing you want

Thank you! :happy:

Thanks again. :grin:

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guys i found this pretty cool technique on the internet…its called CILD (Chakra Induced Lucid Dream)… i didnt get a chance to try it yet but if u do let me know the results lol :grin:

2.11. What is CILD (Chakra Induced Lucid Dream)?

This technique works by focusing on your Third Eye Chakra that is
located slightly above and between your eyebrows. Set your alarm clock
so that you will wake up after 6 hours. Look up and at the center of
your Third Eye before closing your eyes. Keep your eyes in this
position as you close them. Give yourself appropriate affirmations
until you fall asleep and visualize yourself having a lucid dream or
leaving your body. If you haven’t fallen asleep within 3 minutes, move
your eyes back to normal position and try to fall asleep. When the
alarm clock wake you up, go to the bathroom and fresh up. For the next
hour read some material on Lucid Dreaming or Out of Body
Experiences. After reading for an hour go back to bed; roll your eyes
back to your Third Eye. State your intentions for 3 minutes or until
you fall asleep. One of three things will most likely happen. You will
have a Lucid Dream, have a false awakening or wake up paralyzed that
you might use to leave your body. At the very least should you
experience vivid dreams. For more details look into The SUNEYE Method
by Joe Russa.

Hmm. This seems to me to just be WILD using the “third eye” as a focus point to maintain awareness. Still a cool idea though.

I’ll have to second this. I have heard of this technique before and I might try it sometime and report back when I do.

Actually, the first. and only full-length LD I’ve ever had, was a CILD! I was trying a meditation at bedtime, something between “centering” (moving your consciousness to the center of your body) and “chakra portal astral projection” (since those who’ve had an OBE often say they go out the crown of their head, and others say you can do the same with the third eye.)

I used my second stomach instead of my third eye. The second stomach doesn’t get as much attention as it should :tongue: But instead of an OBE I must have fallen asleep and “come to” at the start of a dream.

I think so too, but I’ve had more frequent (well… 2…) and firmer successes with chakras compared to, say, visualizing a tarot card as a doorway / focus point to maintain awareness, and stepping into it. Or trying to keep in mind a boring apple. The significance and complex traits attributed to chakras, I think, would make them ideal focusing points…? 'Cause they’re not too elaborate or simple to concentrate on…

I tried this method last night
i remembered two dreams and had an FA.

They’re in my DJ if you want to see them :cool:
I’m going to do this again tonight

a few months ago (before i remembered about this site. i had an account but forgot about it) i had a lucid dream but i’m not sure how it was induced. i was trying out the suneye technique and then in the dream i woke up in bed knowing i was lucid dreaming. would that be considered suneye because i used the technique or a false awakening?

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Is anyone familiar with this technique? I’ve read about it on a lucid dreaming website in Hebrew. The technique involves going to sleep while pointing your eyes up to the center of the forehead - “The Third Eye”. In this state you should be able to easily become aware while you are dreaming.

However, I tried this method for the past two nights withought any results. Also, I saw that in the LD4all website there is no mention whatsoever about this technique. So I would like to ask if anyone is familiar with it at all, and if so, would you have any advice to share with me? Or perhaps this technique is a complete bullshit and a waste of time?

The pineal eye is the chakra responsible for your connection with other realms, therefore it is a good idea to concentrate on it.

It is a very known method to evoke projections.

Results will come.

Your chakra may be unbalanced and your concentration may be lacking.

Practice makes perfect ^^

The idea is to have a clear mind, just look to that direction and be aware of the chakra, it is also a good idea to start being aware to the crown chakra as well as you get more and more relaxed, don’t try to do anything except being aware.

Hope this helps

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