The BIG Suneye Topic - part II

for some reason i cant go onto the website and download it. could anyone that has it email it to me or point me out to an alternate website? my email is thanks

This is part II of the Suneye-method-thread. Part I can be found here:
link now works (moogle)

Ok my eyes are back to normal now after that little nap, so that’s a relief. My problem is that I don’t know where my eyes are after I close them so maybe I’m trying to look too hard, I just don’t know.

Slightly above the eyes, I guess I understand where to focus my eyes now a bit more, thanks LostBoy.

I’ll lay off this for a little bit until my eyes recover more. It was a strange experience anyways, expecting to look up but my eyes are still down. I’m glad that’s over…

I know what you mean about not knowing which way you’re looking when your eyes are closed. One thing that I was wondering about… doesn’t Suneye say that you are supposed to try to keep awareness away from your body? Turning my eyes up like that makes that really hard for me.

Well, if this is 95% effective :cool_laugh: I think I’ll try it Friday night…Until then I won’t have enough sleep time. Damn school :grrr: Maybe I’ll make it my goal to have an LD by the end of christmas break. About the relaxation thing, I’m always tense and my muscles and joints ache alot which sometimes makes it difficult to stay still in bed…and I could imagine difficult to NOT be aware of my body at all. Do you guys think this could be a problem in achieving lucidity? I’m one of those side sleepers who can’t sleep on my back ever, but I think alot of people have no problem with that.

Anyway I’ll try this when school’s out and let you know what happens :smile:

no sleepin on ur side i dont think is a problem for lucid dreams. it dont work wit suneye from wut i hear but ive had LDs and woke up on my side and stomach b4. I heard if u fall asleep on ur back ur most likly to get nightmares or sumin i dunno if thats a worldwide fact or not but it is for me. i tend to have bad dreams if i sleep on my back. and for the Suneye method i dont think its 95% sucessful that sounds lik an exaggeration. ive only read lik 2 successes wit this so far. I mean think of the difficulty of it. Not sumin easy. Generally when u wake up ur mind becomes conscience first then ur body. In an LD ur mind becomes conscience but ur body dont. U get lik in a nice balance wit urself. When u fall asleep ur mind normally goes alseep first then ur body. sun eye is tryin to reverse that and keep the mind awake.

Well, here’s my opinion and I know that you’re all just DYING to hear it…

Sleeping on your side won’t hinder your LDs. I sleep on my side all the time and I still have them. I don’t even think that it will hinder you with this technique. He does state that as you fall asleep, you do the third eye technique only until you fall asleep or need to give up in order to roll over and sleep. I’m sure, however, that you could continue to do the third eye technique on your side. What would be the reason that you couldn’t?

I think if you expect to have nightmares by sleeping on your back then presto. From time to time I do sleep on my back and I NEVER have nightmares. Ever.

I have tried the suneye tech and I had no success but I think its because I stayed awake for the full hour. I think my body tends to wake right up when I get up. In the method description he says that you want your mind alert and your body tired. When I get up… within a few minutes, usually, I am ready to go for the day. Even after only six hours of sleep. Perhaps I need to modify it for myself and stay up for only ten-fifteen minutes. I’ll have to try that.

well thanks to pilot i got the file and i tried it last night. although i found it hard to keep focusing on my third eye and those words i found that when i used the technique i had 4 very vivid dreams. i just found it hard to focus cause i’d get bored and think i’m not going to fall asleep for a long time so i start my own dreams and then i’d eventually fall asleep. i’ll definately try again though, it seems to be one of the better methods.

finally, my first LD in a month. And I have suneye method three to thank. Well, sort of. I decided to try the sleep deprivation thing and stayed awake all night, two nights ago. After walking round like a zombie all day yesterday, which was a seriously hot day aswell I thought I would take a quick catnap in the late afternoon. I was asleep for about two hours and had some crazy sleep paralysis in the middle of it.
I went to bed around midnite. After six hours i awoke, only to find myself too shagged to want to get out of bed, so I turned over to get some more sleep. Had another six hours sleep, at the end of which I had a short but fun LD. I was in a theatre or hall of some sort and was about to go onstage to play guitar for the audience. At some point on stage I realised I was dreaming and asked the audience to shout “am I dreaming?” which they did very loudly. I proceeded to fool around on stage for a while, having fun with a band that were there too, at which point, I woke up.
I think it was the fact that I needed so much sleep that was was the key factor here. I wonder what it would have been like to get up for an hour then do the third eye thing.

Its probably 95% effective if you get it right, but you probably only have a 5% chance of getting it right at 6 am :zzzz: I tried it two times, the first time I fell alseep before I woke up properly, but the second I got weird dreams (whats new) but great dream recall. I think this is a good method if you keep at it and get it right. :smile:
I’ll try it again tonight and tell you what happens in the morn

I had very vivid dreams last night after attempting the suneye method, but no lucid dreams.This is the first time I am trying this,so it might take a few more times before I can succeed.(I have been trying for a whole year without a single lucid dream!!)

you have been trying for a year? Thats sucks dude, best of luck though. So far this method is giving me more vivid dreams, I think its helping me alot actually. 95%? I dont think so. But it helps 95% of the time.

hmm well, i went to bed on the first night of christmas break with the intention of trying this technique, and i actually had my very first lucid dream! this is odd, because when i woke up soon after, i decided in fact not to go through with the SUNEYE technique since my goal had already been reached. i tried this technique the next night in high spirits, and went through the whole process, but i didn’t have the same luck. i actually experienced below average recall. anyway thats my experience with the technique.

i can’t seem to download it either, i can d/l any other file from the site, just not that one… do you think they may have removed it? if anyone has it & can send it to me, please do, my email address is thanx

I gave this a try last night, surprisingly enough it almost worked. I felt the vibrations and the feeling of being paralyzed, but I got a bit excited and woke myself up. I made a few alterations to the method. Instead of actually looking at my third eye with my eyes (which kept me awake) I just concentrated on that spot like you would in the MILD technique. And I didn’t wake up at 1 or 2 I did it when I was first going to sleep because I’m an impatient person. I’m gonna try again tonight, hopefully I’ll do it right.

Just downloaded the SUNEYE documents and am hopeful that this may help me as it has helped others.

I have an idea that I am going to try tonight instead of following the methods as they are written. In the first part of method 1, the author wrote:

“The third eye, or Ajna chakra, as Yogi text calls it, is located in the center of the head,
above and behind eye level. Modern science calls it the pineal gland, approximately 9-
mm x 6-mm, and does not understand exactly what its function may be, but do agree that
it is affected by light.
Many texts have claimed shifting of consciousness when the third eye is focused upon.
Hypnotists usually induce hypnosis to a subject by having them look up at a shiny object,”

This got me thinking about light and its possible uses besides Novadreamer and similar products. I have a light at the head of my bed, and have noticed that going to sleep with it on can cause strange and vivid dreams. As I read the SUNEYE method1 I realized that the light above my head may be causing me to unknowingly focus on my “third eye”. I am going to experiment with this. I also thought of buying a timer so I can have the light come on (and shut off) whenever I want, but can’t do that at this time of night.

Anyway, I will post again with results and I hope others will try this and tell me if it helps you.

-t :eek: m-

This reminds me of another theory that I was reading about recently. I can’t remember where I saw it but basically it was suggested that one of the reasons why people seem to dream more vividly in the late morning is because of the light levels at that time. Of course, the more apparent reason is simply because by this time you have been sleeping for several hours already, and REM periods are approching their longest.

If anyone had any other information about this I would love to read it.

i think i just had an LD by using with but i havnt even read it! lol
i found this topic late last night and read through a few pages of that so i know its basically looking through ur 3rd eye reminding ur self to have a lucid dream and remember it… and i tried it just shortly to see if it hurt my eyes like so many people say (and it didnt) then i dont remember falling asleep but i do remember having my longest LD ever :cool_laugh:
tho a few notes about it, was ALOT of blocks where i dont remember like 5 or 6 over an hour long dream, it was very early in sleep coz when i woke up id only been asleep 2 hours and it wasnt very high in lucidity but i think thats just my fault tho i havnt had any strong ones yet.

i donno if this was just luck or somin but honest all i read from the zip was the read this first.doc lol

Can somebody e-mail me this, too? When I try to download it GetRight screws it up.

Ookay. The link to the Suneye-zips says that filebase is currently unavailable or somesuch. I can’t seem to find anything other than very short & limited descriptions of the method with google.

Can someone who has the docs upload them somewhere or perhaps mail them to Please? Pretty?

Anyhow, gonna try tonite with what little info I got. Wish me lux.

yeah, same here… i realy wanna know what you guys are tlaking about and i cant even get the downloading, so can someone plz -mail to me perhaps?