I’m sure that most have you have heard of the Suneye Method, but alot of you probly dont know exactly what it is or where to get it. Well, the suneye method is more like a combination of methods, all put together in an interesting way, and the end result is an amazing lucid dream, or even if you would like, an Out Of Body Expierience (OBE.) This method was created by this lady, and posted it on her site (which is now missing), but you had to buy it through amazon, and it cost around 15 dollars if I remember correctly. Well luckly, I found a place where you can download them for free. The files included are : Method I.pdf, Method II.pdf, Method III.pdf, conquering fear.pdf, Navigating the other Worlds.pdf, read this first.doc, and relax.doc. This is the best order of reading them. First read “Read this first.”. Then read “Method I.pdf”. Method I is the first method and the method which I think you guys shuold try first. The other methods are more hard and complicated, and basically variations of Method I, but if you would like go ahead and read the other methods. The next thing you shuold read is Relax.doc, this will help you relax during the process. If you are scared, read conquering Fear.pdf, but if you aren’t scared, I wouldnt because it could cause fears which you werent previously afraid of. Then read Navigationg the Other Worlds, this will help explain how stuff works in OBEs and LUcid dreams and how to do things. So the order should be 1. Read this First, 2. Method I, 3. Relax, 4. Conquering Fear (optional), 5. Navigating the other worlds.
All these files are in adobe acrobat reader format (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc). If you dont have word and cant read them, post your email address an I will copy and paste the text for you.
Remember, these originally cost money, and the research she has done was very succeful. If you follow it by the book, you will have a 95% chance of success on the first or second try, thats what she put on her website. Im dead serious! 95%!! I remember also reading a section with like a thousand poeple who have tried this, and wrote down how succedful it was. I even contacted a few of them and they were lajitamite.
So please!!! please !!! try this, im sure you won’t regret it.
Heres the link, just copy and paste into your browser and it shuold start downloading. …

Rememmber to post your results!!! ,Ben

I’m unzipping as we “speak”

95% huh? I always seem to be part of the minority though. If it said 49% success I’d feel a little better. :grin:

thanks for that. Hopefully I will try it tonite/tomorrow.
I made myself a self hypnosis tape last nite with the aid of my partner and a mini disc recorder. Will post any progress.

sweet. Ofcourse Ill try it Im up for anything :content:

oh my god! thank you ben7. i downloaded this yesterday read it, followed the instructions and had my first ld ever!!! it was sooooo cool! thanx alot for posting this, it really helped alot.

PS- I’ve been trying to lucid dream now for about eight months and the farthest i ever got was i’d be dreaming and i’d see something weird and go “hey i must be dreaming” and then i’d wake riight up. It was really annoying. This sparked my first WILD.



Hey thanks ben7! I will read as much as I can and I will post any results. I can’t believe it already worked for someone. I can’t wait to read it. look:

lol Raging_Canadian

I will also be trying the methods prescribed. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t thought of utilizing my “ajna chakra” until now. I hope the results are promising. Please try this out and post your results my LDing friends.

GOod job mabus!, please tell us more. What was your WILD like? did you get the vibrations like they said?

hehe i found a typo :smile:

I didn’t really feel the fibrations. My body felt numb and it felt like I was sinking. Once I felt like I was sinking I simply willed myself out of my body and opened my dream eyes.

Which method did you use, Mabus? Give us some more details!!Share the wealth!

Focusing on the third eye is hard and it hurts my eyes! I understand how it is to work, but is it really necessary to focus as described? Isn’t it possible to injure your eye muscles by trying too hard?

Pilot… obviously you shouldn’t keep going if you are really hurting yourself but as with any other muscle in your body, using it more often will make it stronger. Its an action that you aren’t used to. Do it only as long as you can stand and then let it go and come back to it later.

One of the accounts in the Method I file talked about only being able to do it for a few moments at first and with practice increasing that time.

I’m kind of excited to read this method over and try it out. Thanks for sharing with us, ben7. :content:

Well I don’t regularly go to bed early enough to get 6 hours of sleep, sit around for an hour :eek: , then sleep again. I stayed up a couple of minutes then went back to bed and had some crazy dreams :alien: . Very vivid. Fell overboard and ended up crawling up the nets of a near fishing boat.

I can focus on my third eye for like 4 minutes straight now. Its easier with my eyes open though. Anyone notice this?

My eyelids blink a damn lot with this, kinda like when I begin to WILD… but this night I didn’t have everything, but I think I did it wrong :razz:

Thats what I mean sorta. When I close them for a while they get all. . . twitchy

Me too. Thats kind of weird that its so much easier to do it with them open. Well, practice will make perfect. I wish I had a good night for trying this out tonight but I have classes tomorrow. Oh well… I’m going to try it as soon as possible.

Trying it right now. I’m 17 minutes through my hour-awake period…hopefully I can stay awake that long. Well, so far I had a LD during my first sleep, It was really cool, people turning into birds and like testing this new bird-transforming-into-device. When it was my turn I became Lucid. Didn’t get to fly, though :sad: . I woke up as soon as I realized, and, to my surprize, it was almost exactly 4:00, the time I planned to get up for it! Pretty cool, eh? I’ve always been able to do that, wake myself up at the time I think when I go to sleep. Who needs alarm clocks, I have an internal one. So anyway, wish me luck, in thirty-five minutes I go back to sleep and have my clearest, longest-lasting LD ever! Okay bye goodnight…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I noticed that when I was doing the third eye thing i was tensing other muscles in my body. I also got the eye twitching, felt funny :cheesy: but then I also got these waves, or its hard to explain, ive had them before and i dont think their associated with sleep paralysis since sometimes I get them when Im awake also, or I used to get them when I was a kid and would lie down on my couch… not anymore though

I had alarm clock set at 5, I woke up at 4 thought if i should wake up now, but decided to go back to sleep. 5 my alarm went off so even though I could have gone straight back to sleep I got up went to toilet washed my face with cold water and tried to go back to sleep. ended up being awake for 2 hours since i couldnt get back to sleep, then it was time that I would normally get up for school, so It really screwed up my good 8 hour sleep, and left me with 6 hours and no lucid dreams, or any dreams to be correct…
not giving up yet though. will try again tonight, but wont stay up at night, will just wake up to put the alarm clock off…

Well I’ll keep trying without straining my eyes so much… One thing I should mention is that you should use this method every other day, or don’t try too hard at the begining. The author either failed to include this in his files, or I must have missed it but anyways:

I’m not trying to scare people away from using this method, but it’s always a good thing to include any possible hazzards in any method.