The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part II

Woohoo! My first one too! :boogie:

But too bad I couldn’t change the scene or bring in new DC’s, guess I just wasn’t ‘lucid’ enough. But hey! I guess there is always tonight!

P.S. Does green tea help induce LD’s? Because I drank a LOT the day before.

Aw, luuuuucky! My first (and only) LD lasted about 3 seconds. heh Good job! :content:

Isn’t the “dream diet” sort of random for everyone? -shrug- I’ll have to try green tea…

actually, the “more lucid” you are, the (theoretically) less control you have; “more lucid” means “more real” (I personally tend to find I have way way more control the less lucid I am).

Waw Shackadak! You have had a very great first LD! :eek: That’s wonderful! The way you managed to make it last longer is impressive! Congrats! :good:
Definately one of the best first LD’s I’ve ever read… :wink:

(I’ll merge it in the “BIG Was it a LD? topic”)

I don’t know. Never heard about that. :eh:

I need help!
I had the weirdest dream last night…
I woke up at around 7:00 AM. I was trying to sleep, and eventually I closed my eyes and everything went white…
I felt slightly awake, but slightly asleep at the same time, kind of like in between a dream and reality. And then I heard two voices talking but I could only see white…
And suddenly, I remembered myself back in my bed trying to get to sleep, and I thought to myself, “What is going on…” and then I said out loud in my dream “Wait… This is a dream!”
Suddenly, I felt sucked backwards, and heard a weird magical tinkling sound loud in my ears. My ears kind of popped, like when you go in a plane.
I saw a face in the whiteness.
I got terrified.
And then my eyes slowly opened themselves, and everything looked yellow for a second.
I thought I might still be dreaming, so I did some reality checks, but everything seemed okay.
What the heck happened? Was it a lucid dream? Was it even a dream? I mean, I have only been recording dreams for three days, can it possibly be…?

Oh shoot! I think I may know!
It couldn’t have been the hypnagogic state could it?! I wasn’t seeing things because I was about to enter my dream?? OH SHOOT, I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!!
I had to get scared and wake myself up!! Just when the dream was materializing (the face…?).
I could have been lucid!!! OH WHY??!?!?!?!?!
Darn, so close. Oh so very close.

Perfect analysis, Drazenka! :smile:

You were in a deep hypnagogic state, the one Flo calls “intermediate state”. In this state, there is very few yet no images. You’re quite in a dream.

It’s a succesful WILD.

Beginning of a lucid dream.

Congrats on your first LD! :good: It was very short, but at least it proves you’re gifted in WILD’ing. :happy:

first: hi to all great dreamers on this forum:)

sorry for my very bad anglish but i hope that somebody can helpme. pls.

i have a very strange dream last night and i’m not sure what is that, lucid or not???

i’m with 6-7 unknow persons in some elevator fall down whith very high speed.
in the elevator have one bad in the centar and one miror on the wall at the left,ewerybody is screeming, the dream is so real like in the real world, in the dream i realise that the elevator will crush very soon and my live is going to end.(in the dream i’m able to think) i’m trying to lie in that bad (who is in the centar of the elevator)trying to fall in sleep (to fall in other dream)and i succes . the elevator is fall down. but i still don’t wake up. I wake up in other place (in the same dream) with another people and the dream is continue from that place…untill i realy wakeup in my bad, at home finnaly.

sorry for my anglish again, but i hope enywone can help me to realize is this LD or what :confused: (if sombody understand me) :help: pls.

Hi psyhunter.

I can understand you (it is not to hard to figure out what you are saying :smile:).

I am not sure if that dream was lucid or not. It sounds like it was, but it is hard to tell.

Ask yourself this question:

‘Did I know that I was dreaming?’

If your answer is:
‘Yes’ - then you were lucid
‘No’ - then you were not lucid
‘I am not sure’ - then you probably wasn’t lucid

It could be a very vivid dream. It could be a conscious dream too. Sometimes, you have a level of consciousness which is quite good, but you don’t know you’re dreaming, so it’s not a lucid dream.

In normal dreams, we can think, imagine, etc. As you thought you could die, it’s not a lucid dream.

This moment could have been lucid, as you thought you were sleeping or dreaming. But that’s not sure.

It’s a false awakening. You believe you’re awaken, hence it’s not a lucid dream.

So it’s very hard to say when your dream could have been lucid. It sounds like it wasn’t, but perhaps was your lucidity level very low. As Sureal asked, did you know at some time that you were dreaming?

thanks for your replays, its really helped me to realize that probably that is not a lucid dream,it is somthing else.

i ask myself that question, like you told me, and the answer is No.3 - ‘I am not sure’ :smile:

@Basilus West
maybe really it is a very vivid dream (if i know what is that vivid? :content: ) thanks anyway :wink:

btw: it will be good if sombody can explain me what is a vivid dream?
thanks again, and sorry for my bad english

I hope i will have a real LD soon :tongue:

It’s a very realistic dream, with vivid (brilliant) colours.

Good luck on your LD quest! :smile:

Hi, I was just wondering about what the definition of lucid dreams is. Like, where do you draw the line? I’ve had many, many dreams where I know I’m dreaming and I can alter them to a small extent but I’ve never been sure whether they’re classified as lucid.

eg. A monster was chasing me through a building and I was backed into a corner with nowhere to turn. I suddenly remembered, “Oh yeah, duh, I can fly!” (because flying is just second nature to me now) and jumped backwards through the wall and flew up into the air to safety.

But recently I had one that was different - I was lying in bed and I felt a tingle and a buzz over my body and then I thought “Hm… I think I’m lucid.”, and I put my hand through the wall and again I felt a buzz. I was so excited about being lucid and ‘in control’ that I stood there trying to decide what to do but I took too long and had a FA and then woke up for real.

Are both of these considered lucid? I know the second one definitly was but the first? Semi-lucid? Low level lucidity? confusled

well if that is a vivid than all my dreams are very vivid, but still not lucid :smile:

thanks again Basilus West.

Hey capsicum :wave:

First you have to realize that dream consciousness is not a series of consecutive but distinct levels of awareness. Dream consciousness is more like a whole spectrum, a fuzzy thread of awareness going from fully nonlucid to fully lucid (and beyond). At some point on this thread, the amount of selfawareness has become so big that selfreflection becomes possible. Instead of unconsciously asking yourself “is this a dream?”, you now say “this IS a dream!!”. I think that’s the best place to draw the line. The main criterion to determine whether or not you’ve crossed that line, is to ask yourself afterwards “did I REALIZE to some extent that I was dreaming??” Even if for a short instant you said to yourself “this is it. I KNOW that I’m dreaming”, then you were lucid. However, if you only came to the point of telling yourself “I’d swear this is a dream” but afterwards you just dwell on like an unconscious puppet, you were only prelucid, because you never truly had enough selfawareness to REALIZE what you were saying; you never said “I AM dreaming”. See the difference? It can be a subtle one but it’s really a huge step if you experience it. A prelucid dreamer is almost at the verge of realizing, but yet he can’t break the bonds with which he’s attached like a marionette to the hands of the Dream Maker; he questions his reality, but he hasn’t yet the strength to break the bonds and start thinking, perceiving and experiencing for himself. All this changes dramatically when he becomes lucid.

If we keep the previous in mind, then you have to ask yourself “did I realize I was dreaming when I remembered I could fly?” From what you said, I can’t really determine if you were lucid. IF you were lucid, then it was probably low-level lucidity because you were still more or less playing the role you played before remembering you could fly, namely someone trying to escape a monster. Nevertheless, you were lingering near the line, that’s for sure :smile:

Definitely a LD.

Hey mystic, come a little closer!!

[color=green]Who is this Dream Maker dude? i’d really like to have a little chat with him[/color] :plotting:

Thanks for your help! I’m still not really sure what I was in that first dream. It was a while ago and I can’t quite remember how I felt but the whole issue is much clearer for me now! Hopefully, now that I’ve had one lucid dream, more will come. :happy:

Yeah me too. I only heard vaguely about him… rumours, legends,… Seems like a pretty big guy in Dreamland though. Maybe a good quest for your next LD? :wink:

@capsicum: two keywords if you want more LDs - practice and patience. Even if things go bad, low motivation or just laziness, don’t quit it! Keep practicing everyday and you’ll soon enjoy the fruits of your work :happy: Good luck!

I think I had my first LD(Well I have had others but I didn’t know it was LDing at the time).
It was kind of disappointing though. I just looked in the mirror and realised that I had grown a foot in height in a couple of seconds so I was just like"…I’m dreaming!" But I was too excited or something because I fell through the floor, then I hovered back up on…hover boots I think. I was just trying to get back into the room. Then I turned to the bed and God-handed it shouting “Let there be a willing women on the bed!”. Instead, the bed turned purple. So I span and it went all black and I went into another dream for a couple of seconds. I forgot I was dreaming, then woke up.

hi all im new to this site and found it quiet interesting lol, erm were to start really, was this an ld dream , or were these ld dreams lol.

rightio ill start here, since from about 1 yr ago every month almost ill ahve a dream in the dream i get out of bed walk out of m bed room slowly to the stiars which in real life go down 5 ft turn onto a small landing then down another 3 ft, but int he dream the stairs are huge and i trip over nothing at all and start falling for ages, even tho i know in the dream that the stairs arnt that high and that i cudnt be falling this long, i hit the wall at the end of the fst 5 ft wke up in a startle and thats it, i think this one has something to do with me being scared on heights lmao i know im a pussy lol.

the other one i have every couple of months is were ill be outside my house on a small patch of grass, knowing its adream becasue everything is stopped the peeps in there cars, the people walking dogs etc and i wud be standing there thinkign to my self fly fly fly, and after about 5 mins of thinkign this i wud be lfited of my feet and my body wud be turned bellie down so i was facing teh floor about 5 ft of the ground i wud sorta glide a few feet forward then fall on my face and wake up lol.

even after waking up
i wud know it was a dream instantly because inside the dreams i wud jsut know it was a dream because i cudnt talk or effect ne of my actions.

so what do u tihnk i dunno how im doing this or how my sub concious is doing it.