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Hey guys! I’m 13 years old, and I’m wondering if I’m having lucid dreams.

See, a lot of times, I’ll be dreaming, and then realize my eyes are closed and be like “I wonder what things would look like with my eyes opened” and of course, when I open them, I wake up! :grrr: Am I lucid dreaming, and if so, how can I keep myself from opening my eyes?


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It’s very difficult to answer your question. I don’t think it’s really lucid dreaming, but the state you’re in perhaps could lead to it. Instead of trying to open your eyes, you could try to roll out of your bed (mentally of course, not physically :wink: ).Then you could find yourself in a LD. I’m not absolutely sure about this, but it’s worth trying.

Yeah, it’s kinda hard to do that though, coz usually, if that happens, it’s while I’m running from a monster or something, so “I’m dreaming and I should roll off the bed” is kinda hard to think of, lol :tongue:

I would have to say that no, what you had was not a lucid dream. It does not sound like you realized that you were dreaming. It seems like you may have had something close to what we call a false lucid dream. ( FLD ) That is a good sign because the concept of lucid dreaming is filtering through to your dreams. Just because what you had was not a LD, don’t worry that does not mean that you can’t have lucid dreams. Anyone can, it just takes some time and practice.

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Hey all,
I joined this forum a couple of days ago and this is my first post.
Quite some time ago my good real life friend Mantis told me about lucid dreaming and i tried moving my finger while going to sleep. This resulted in being unable to move and breathing like someone who is sleeping yet still being completely concious. Mantis told me this was called sleep paralysis.

Then a couple of days ago after i joined the forum and reading about the techniques i did a wild when i went to bed.
This resulted in three independant odd experiences but i am not sure if they were really starting ld’s or something else.

  1. after watching the hypnotic imagery flashing before my eyes, mostly combined with imagery from the pc game Oblivion i suddenly found myself sitting in a room talking to my grandmother. I realised that this was not possible and woke up.

  2. the same as the first one yet i suddenly heard and felt an apple hitting my chest while lying in my bed. it rolled of me and hit the ground. after this i woke up.

  3. After the hypnotic imagery i found myself floating backwards sheathed in white light with an old man holding a staff standing over me. then i woke up.

It seems to me that when i realize that something is not right i wake up, maybe from excitement :cool_laugh:, but im not sure.)

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Dreams #1 and #3 look very like lucid dreams. I suppose dream #2 is a LD too, but it may be a sort of enhanced HI. It seems you are skilled at WILD’ing. Just keep up and congrats on your first successful attempts! :clap:

Okay I think I had my first lucid dream, but I didn’t try any techniques except WBTB. SO I woke up and was on LD4All for about 40 mins. then I went back to sleep. And I was drifting off, and for some reason I just thought off a desert an there I was. Then I said, “Well I don’t want to be here!” and I thought of a beach. So I was at some beach and there were tons of people, doing some kind of folk dance. So I just watched them for a while. Then, I was in an ND.

So this was an LD right?

As long as you knew you were dreaming…yea. I’ve done that before but I didn’t know I was dreaming.

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When i was about 6 i came out of my body looked down at me sleepin on the bed and i was a spirt kinda thing then i flew to the fridge and sat in it and i was flying around the dark house .
i dont know how i did it and i only ever did it once i wish i could do it again but i cant
was this a ld ? :confused:

It was a LD if you actually knew you were dreaming at the time.
Some would label this as an OBE or Astral Travel.
Then again it could just have been a dream about coming out of your body.
Only you can decide. :smile:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all xx-Ashleigh

Ok, I dunno about this one. It was 10:20 in the morning, my phone-alarm went off in a crazy way (something wrong with the damn speaker :meh:), turned it off and I went back to laying comfortly in my warm and fuzzy bed.

Feeling as if I could fall asleep any second, I did a lil’ RC followed by HILD. I think it almost worked, my body suddenly felt pretty different (as if I was on some mild drugs). Didn’t work though, I was too awake I guess. That, and some construction worker in my neightbourhood decided to start up the old power drill.

Anyway, I did shortly fell asleep again after this (just normal falling asleep) and I dreamt I was at an office for a in a training period (or, as they call it in Dutch: ‘stage lopen’). At one point in this dream, three colleagues and myself are walking down this stairway talking about stuff. And at one point, I have this short conversation with a colleague:

Yes, that conversation actually was in two languages, here’s the full English version:

And suddenly I got it, it hit me… I was dreaming. It was as if I was Neo in the Matrix and suddenly started to realise, to believe, to KNOW.

Why I’m questioning if it’s an LD: I didn’t got to do anything. I think the dream suddenly ended there or something, cause all that happened from that point on was that I had the feeling I was spinning around, as if I was in a tornado. I tried to rub my hands together, but I simply couldn’t see a thing, as if I didn’t really have a body or something. Tried saying ‘increase lucidity’ too, but I have the feeling that I only thought that sentence instead of really saying it out loud in my dream.

After that, I woke up (time: 10:40), remembering practically everything. So my question now is, was this a LD ? :happy:

JPeetje: yes, when you realize you’re dreaming this is sufficient to call it a lucid dream. Doesn’t matter how short it was, doesn’t matter what you have done, doesn’t even matter how much control you had. Those are not necessary conditions and most beginners don’t have control or long LDs anyway. It’s the realization and the awareness that counts.

I think so JP :happy: Congratulations :wink:

I found that saying ‘increase stability’ before ‘increase lucidity’ really helps a lot, you might want to try that next time :grin:

Yay !

Thanks guys ! :smile:

Hmmm, I’ll try that next time… :smile:

last night in one of my dreams, i was standing in a living room of a normal-looking house with lots of people milling around, like a party. i looked at my hands and realized i was dreaming. everything instantly became more real than any other dream i have had. i gently and automatically told myself to remain calm, which i did. but a moment later, everything began to get hazy and fade, and i knew i was either losing lucidity or waking up…or something. for some random reason, the first thing i did was walk up to a guy and said, “hey, you know that glass of milk i asked you to get for me? could you get it for me right now please?” thinking that would help. the scene was still fading, so i closed my eyes and tried to remember what it was i was supposed to do. spin the room? yell out a particular phrase? picture my hands? and then it was gone. i cant remember if i woke up right afterwards, or went on to another dream.

now, the more the day has gone on, the more i wonder if i was just dreaming that i was lucid without really being lucid. i know that im not quite ready for lucidity because my dream recall is far from up to par, and i only started my dream journal up again a couple weeks ago. i have been looking at my hands a lot during the day, and doing the visualization technique for a week and a half. but the book i am reading (the lucid dreamer) says that the technique usually takes 3-6 months to work.

what do you experts think? a brief glimpse of lucidity?

Today I think i had my third low-lucid dream. ANyway i began very strange and im not sure if it was a lucid dream.

It started in a ND, where someone told me something like talk to the ghost or sumething when you wake up.

So after that i seemed like i was in my room, but my bed was in a other angle in my room.
Anyway i think i had a FA here. I seemed to awaken, but i couldn’t open my eyes, like when you are very tired and youre eyes wont open. I could only take a small peek at my room.

I saw brown ghost flying in mijn room and they greeted me and i greeted them.

This is the point in which i kinda realised that i was dreaming, but i just couldn’t get my eyes open or even move (i think i dreamt that i had SP).
Then i tried to do the spinning-around technique. But it was very strange, i didnt move my body, but visualised that i was spinning. It was very awkward but when i stopped i was in my room again but it had other colors etc and the positions of the furniture were changed again.

And this is the point where i lost lucidity :sad:

So my biiig question is was I lucid and why couldnt i open my eyes or even move?

Yuu probably were having SP, indeed. SP takes place in a state between dream and awakening, it is normal to see weird things and to have a confused state of mind…

So yes, it was some kind of lucidity, now you just need to work on it so next time you can turn it into a real and clear LD… :smile:

Hi wanderer nico!

No doubt. It was a LD. :smile:

Not remembering what to do happens when your lucidity level is not very high. Anyway, the good tricks when the dream fades are rubbing your hands or spinning.

It can be much quicker. Average time for making a DILD technique work is about one month. Good luck! :content:

Hello everyone, my name is Brandon. I’ve been trying to have a lucid dream for about a month now, trying various methods. I have recently been listening to this audio clip I have from Stephen LaBerge about a night-time type trance thingy for lucid dreaming. I had recently kinda given up on it because I had gotten no results, but last night I did a little MILD and WBTB. I’m not sure if this dream happened before or after WBTB though…

I’ve kinda hung around the board before, so I finally decided to join to see whether this dream I had last night was an actual LD…

Alright, so this is how it went, I think…

I was in my dream, but I kinda got “teleported” to this location that I know - it’s across from where my dad works.

So I was in the parking lot, and for some reason, I took my glasses off. When I saw my hands, I instantly realized I was in my dream… Being as excited as I was, I started rubbing my hands together, so I wouldn’t lose the dream. I figured this would be a good time to see if I could fly. Well, I can, but not very well. I jumped into the air and started floating. I tried to fly in the “Neo from The Matrix” position, but I was moving very slow. At this point, the dream sort of ended, and I woke up in another dream

Through the rest of the night, I took off my glasses in my dream a couple of times and became lucid again, but it didn’t last very long.

So that’s what I remember. Any thoughts?
Also, I have one quick question… Is it easier to dream lucidly after you have your first lucid dream? For my sake, I certainly hope so…

Hi Brandon! Welcome to the forum :wave: and congrats on your 1st LD! :clap:

I seems that tooking your glasses off is a good RC for you. As far as I understand you have been fooled by a false awakening. It’s always interesting to perform a RC when you believe you wake up from a lucid dream.
It’s a good thing to rub your hands together. You should do this (or looking at your hands) in the beginning of a lucid dream, then from time to time. It’s a prolonging technique.

I’m quite sure it’s easier to have lucid dreams after you have had your first. But you have to continue to practice induction techniques. First LD’s are often very short. It’s generally due to excitation. People find too it’s not easy to fly in your first LD’s. With more experience, it goes better and better. Good luck for your next LD’s! :smile: