The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part V

This was not a LD
To be a lucid dream you have to be aware that it is a dream while dreaming. You actually say you didn’t realise it was a dream.
So it was just a normal dream with control.

KingOmar … :yes: it is possible to have a LD with never hearing about them before
from a recent poll it appears about a third of our members had LDs as children and most wouldn’t have known about LDing at the time.

hello all, this is my first post, but i have been doing lots of reading on these fourms.

well yesterday i had my first lucid dream ( or so i think ) ive been trying to get one for a week or two, anyways i was in a plane i quickly did some rc’s and i could still breathe when i put my hand over my nose and i had 4 fingers.After realizing i was in a dream i quickly said “i’m dreaming!” but then i got this wierd feeling like my body was being pushed over and i was kind of floating then i suddenly woke up.

so was this a lucid dream? and what was that weird feeling?thanks alot!

:yay: :yay: Of course it was! You, in the dream, realised you were dreaming, and therefore you were lucid! :cheer:

yeah congratulations!! :thumbs:

Congratulations !

This strange feeling were WILD sensations. They may sometimes happen in a DILD.

I don’t know if this was an LD or a FLD so could someone help me?

I was walking through the woods when I realized I was dreaming. To double check I looked at my hands and had six fingers! While I was trying to figure out what to do I decided to (once again) take a Lucid Pill ;p . This time, when I started to lose it, I opened my eyes more and gained Lucidity back :slight_smile: . However, the person in front of me screamed. I thoght that something so loud would wake me up, even though I was still standig in the woods. I counted My fingers and had 5 again and concluded that I was awake now and continued my dream :frowning: . So can someone tell me if I was LDing or not?

:yes: a lucid dream since you knew you were dreaming but later

it faded into a normal dream

That happens to me too sometimes… very annoying. Try repeating to yourself that you are in a dream! :content:

Okay, here is my experience. See what you can make of it.

At the end of today’s nap, it seems I became “aware” to an extent, but for some reason I was concerned with the clarity of the dream. I tried to focus on the dreamscene before me as strongly as I could but this seemed to throw me out of the dreamworld and into the waking world frequently. I would see the ceiling (perhaps FA), then close my eyes gently and feel a sort of electrical vibration before the next dreamscene appeared, far clearer than most dreams I can recall. Sometimes however I could see some static as if I’m getting bad reception on the television. I don’t know how long this phasing-in and out went on. Also note that waking up briefly and going back to sleep happens very frequently in my naps.

Finally, the electrical vibration thing is in all likelihood not a real WILD, just the dream version of what I expect a WILD to be based on what I’ve read on this forum. But I can’t be sure of even that.

I suppose this was just another False Lucid Dream, but I’d like someone with experience to shed some light on this if possible.

When I WILD, I sometimes get a kind of skiping across the awake/dream boundry that sounds simmilar to what you exprienced. I get into a dream, then wake up somewhat, but am able to get back into a new dream, then wake up, dream, wake up… There are tipical WILD experances in between the wakeup and dream, but I never get the vibration, I get HH, mostly visual with some somatic. you could try letting the dream coninue a while, it could stabilize by itself befor you try to change it. This helps most of the time. You just have to learn how long you have to wate befor you start takeing over the dream.

Well,I think I had my second LD a couple of weeks ago.I remember that I walked to my school (3km :sad:), went inside and saw a bed in front of the teachers’ room.I decided to go to sleep (in a dream :smile:). I don’t think i saw a dream-in-a-dream at that point, but when i woke up (still in a dream) I thought:“Why was the bed in there?”. I assumed I was dreaming.I went out and started to fly (for the first time.I’d like to note that it wasn’t a high-level LD so i did see my hands a little,but I didn’t really feel the air or anything).It was pretty cool.I flew around the corner of the schoolhouse and saw a very beautiful girl. So i landed and did something that any male person would have probably done with her :smile:.At this point i woke up.

It is possible that I had my second LD today.
I was talking with my friend in a dream and then suddenly I thought “hey, maybe this is a dream”. I looked at my hand, and indeed, it wasn’t normal. And then… I don’t know. I knew that I’m dreaming, but I don’t know, if I was aware of it. It’s possible that I just dreamt about being lucid, I’m not sure… Or maybe it was low-level LD. I remember thinking “and so I have my second LD, I have not to excite too much”.
I have very little recall in fact.
Is there a way to tell the difference between dreaming about being lucid and really being lucid?

This is an age old question here. I personaly don’t think that there is a difference between “dreaming that you are lucid” and being lucid in a dream. I say if you become aware that you are dreaming, ( even if you are dreaming about being aware that you are dreaming ) then it was a lucid dream. Now I would say that it was a very low level lucid moment. You were not lucid enough to do anything, and it dosen’t sound like it lasted long, but it is more then just an ND.

Hey! after reading the post above by Orenji, and what moogle said just below it it sounds like I had a prelucid dream and not a lucid dream… well it’s hard to say because in mine I wake myself up from it intentionally, so perhaps I was “concious”? But then again… I never could control my dream at all and it wasn’t CLEAR as it would be in reality, everything was very blurry/dark almost like a state of ‘nothingness’.

Hi, first time poster and maybe first time LD’er?

Here’s my story:
At some point in one of my dreams last night I realized I was dreaming. Honestly, the dream was pretty fuzzy and I didn’t even remember it until I was done writing down all my NDs in my DJ. The first thing I can remember from that dream is doing a nose RC and being able to breathe very faintly. It’s hard to explain what I felt next, my body went all tingly and it felt like I was being sucked into the dream. This was all something I’ve never experienced in my dreams before.

Anyway, in my dream I remember I was sitting on the coach watching TV (it wasn’t really working properly, lots of flickering) and then I did the nose RC and realized I was dreaming. After that I sat on the sofa for about 3 seconds then everything went black. I was really excited to finally experience this and I think this probably caused my dream to go black. I remembered to rub my hands and spin, weird thing is I was still sitting down so I couldn’t spin. I tried to stand up and spin and rubbed my hands and the sofa scene reappeared but this time the TV was off. For some reason I thought I had woken up and was upset that I had lost my first LD. From that point on I lost lucidity and went back to ND. Was this a FA? I was really asleep in my bed and not on the sofa.

Thing is it didn’t seem very clear and I cant really remember the details. I do distinctly remember the sensation of being able to breathe with my hand over my nose which was the first time I’ve felt that. So my question is, was this an LD or just my brain playing a trick on me?

Incase it matters, before bed I spent an hour or two reading through lucid dream success stories on another forum and then had a banana for dream recall then went to bed.

Yes it sounds like an LD. A low level LD, but an LD. This is normal for a first LD. It sounds like you did all the right things, but in a first LD they offten don’t work, as they didn’t for you. Just keep at it and you will get better.

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I was walking around in my home town but,everyone was speaking spanish so I realized it was a dream and started saying to myself that I was dreaming to have a lucid dream and not to wake up and at first I tried to change the sky colors and it didn’t work then I remembered to look at my hands that it was the easiest thing to do. So I made myself look at my hands and I did then I saw a girl on a balcony (and I know it’s horrible) I tried to make her commite suicide and it didn’t work til’ I turned around and then I turned back around and the girl was hanging from a scarf off the balcony. Then the rest of the dream I was just trying to make things happen in which nothing would but I still knew that I was dreaming.

Sounds like a lucid dream to me… I dont know if it was high or low level though.