The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part V

whoa… when I saw the word ‘hanging’ I jumped to the conclusion you made her ‘hang’ herself… that shocked me for a moment lol how horrible…

uhm, Tool… this is a lucid dream for sure… depending on how ‘clear’ it was for you its probably a moderate level one because you didn’t really have good control…

all this is from what i’ve read ~ i’m noob at lding myself :razz:

Tool, a lucid dream is defined as a dream where you’re aware that you’re dreaming. Therefore…

This sounds like an LD to me! :thumbs: Congratulations! :happy: LDs don’t always come with full control… I know from experience. :tongue: Just remind yourself that it’s all made up in your head, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to control it. :content:

Ive had a few dreams that were almost lucid ones.

The first one I had a sense that I was dreaming threwout the dream, I walked into my kitchen and did some tests. I looked at my hands, they were normal, I flicked the light switch and the light turned on. I though, “if the light went on this cant be a dream” and I continued dreaming.

The second im pretty sure I was lucid, I scensed the dream was turning into a nightmare and I realised I was dreaming. I turned around in the dream but the scean got blurry quickly and I woke up.

The third one I dont think I was lucid but I was doing things I would like to do in Lucid dreams and having conversations like in the film Waking Life.

Is it not strange to be able to turn a light on in a dream?

Hi, Peachey. :wave:

Your first dream doesn’t sound like a true LD if you only thought you might be dreaming, but weren’t really sure. It sounds like you were close to achieving lucidity, though. :smile:

Your second dream was definately an LD, although a very short one. :neutral: The third dream was probably an ND based on LDs if you weren’t aware that it was a dream.

Light switches and other electronics can work during a dream. It’s just that electronics acting strangely seems to be more common than, say, tables behaving strangely. That’s why it’s a good idea to be suspicious if electronics start malfunctioning, but I wouldn’t use it as an absolute basis to determine whether you’re dreaming or not. :wink:

Ah bugger…

I really need to work on my dream recal, since last night. I had an LD or a ND in which I dreamt I was Lucid. Very strange feeling to dream that you’re lucid (or to know you’ve been lucid but only remember small fragments of it.)

Anyway, since I’m ill (The winter flue has got to me too :sad:) I’ll hop back into bed for a sec and see if I can get some succes.

Nope, no succes. I’ve tried some WILD, but didn’t really got far with it. Fell asleep and woke up 'cause my phone rang. My bf called, so it wasn’t thát bad.

Ok last night i did MILD in my dream i was like in a online videogame sort of thing.I was doing realy bad so i got hacks for the game.When i used the hacks i could do anything (interesting part next) Well anyways i could do like anything like be a huge blackish purplish demon thing,or materialise things out of midair.So i didn’t know it was a dream but it was like i could do anything sort of like a lucid dream.(accualy i havent had a lucid dream sience i was like 8 so i dont realy know what it feals like) Oh and the dream was not blurry at ALL.

Hotrootsoup, I moved your thread into this already existing one :content:

Your dream sounds like a ULD / FLD to me (Unaware Lucid Dream / False Lucid Dream.) Since you can do whatever you want, but you don’t realise you are dreaming. The one big rule for a lucid dream is that you realise you are dreaming and that wasn’t the case in your dream. I have non-lucid dreams who aren’t blurry at all either and there are also people who had blurry lucid dreams. It’s just a big plus if your dream is not blurry at all.

Well last night I had my first LD that was actually really long.

You can read about it in my Dream Journal


It’s the last one

Anyways the dream was really hazy like and it skipped a lot but I remember feeling like I was in total control and I defiantely remember saying that I knew I was dreaming and I told people I was lucid dreaming but it was kinda weird.

It felt like I was dreaming that I was lucid

Hmmm so what I actually Lucid or dreaming that I was lucid?

I dont really like it when people ask these questions but yeah i think it was an LD. Congratz. I wish you luck to another one.

Dreamdudeguy, any dream where you know that you’re dreaming is considered an LD. I’ve had times in NDs where I would say things without really thinking of what they meant, like a recording, but this sounds like a real LD judging by this line in your DJ:

Congratulations! :content:

Congratz ( you were mean to me on my other post) But congratz anyway!!!


grats on your first LD!

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I’m new to LD’ing and stuff and I think I had my first LD :smile: I’m not sure tough :tongue:

It went realy weird tough.

When I went to bed I told myself I would remember my dream and I would wake up. I woke up around 4 am and I rememberd a dream… or 2 I think :tongue: . Anyway I told myself to stay awake for a while and try WILD / MILD. Suddenly my brother is sitting on my bed (didnt see him tough my eyes were closed :tongue: ) and talking to me… at 4 am ??? I ignored it and I tried to fall asleep. Then suddenly I feal someone poking my eyes and hear the person say: “He’s almost lucid, Yes almost! Keep going”. I opened my eyes and I’m in my still in my bed, no brother or other person that was poking me, it felt kind of weird too. I didn’t RC for some reason tough. Then i wanted to create an object out of thin air but suddenly there was a big flash of lighting and some thunder! And then I was awake :sad: it was 5 am at that moment :eh:

But I still dont know if I realy was lucid, could it have been a Fake LD?

I’m sorry for the long post, and maybe bad english? :tongue: But I tought it was a realy cool experience :smile:

Since at no point in the post did you say that you knew you were dreaming, I would have to say: No, that wasn’t a lucid dream.

It was however one big missed dream sign. I do find it very interesting though, that you were being coached by a dream entity.

I’ve had a few dreams where dreaming/lucidty was mentioned but I failed to realise I was dreaming.

Benn - if you want to determine whether or not your dream was an LD ask yourself, “Did I know I was dreaming?”. If the answer is yes then you had an LD. From what you told us I’m thinking it was a ND but you might not have mentioned that.

I dont know :confused: :sad:

Don’t any of you ever have dreams where you know you are dreaming, but you aren’t lucid? I have them all the time. Or, conversely, where you are lucid, but can’t believe you’re dreaming even though you intellectually know it’s true.

Lol Vi! What do you mean by lucid? Cause the definition of lucidity is “knowing you’re dreaming” so you can’t be knowing you’re dreaming and not being lucid, by definition.