The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part V

“Knowing you’re dreaming” is the “easy” definition, but I think there’s more to lucidity than that. To be truly lucid, you have to have your whole mind at your disposal, including the logical part. Have you ever had “lucid” dreams where you knew it was a dream but still acted irrationally, treating DCs like real people or other illogical things, like “damn, the car’s out of gas, I’ll have to walk to where I want to go?” Even though you should know it’s your dream and you create what happens?

I know I’ve had plenty a lucid dream where I’ve said “Hey, I’m dreaming!” and started flying around or whatever, but then realized I wasn’t actually lucid, and changed my thoughts accordingly.

I think that I had a LD or something like that but I don’t know for sure. I can’t remember the dream only some parts. I know i was speaking with somebody but I don’t remember what or with who. And then I realized that everything is weird and this must be a dream. The fealing was very intens and I was very confused not nowing how I got there and what I was doing. Than after some seconds everything went black.

Until than I never had any LD (or I don’t remember any) and I didn’t knew that LD exists. The next day (yesterday) I remembered the dream but I wasn’t sure if the events really happened and I had problems remembering when that conversion occured or I was dreaming and I awake or if I am just having a deja vu feeling. Looking thru wikipedia I found about LD and than I found this forum.

So do you think that this was an LD or not?

Sorry for the long topic and for and for my english (I’m not a native speaker).

Vi, the definition of a lucid dream is that you know that you are dreaming. It has nothing to do with the level of lucidy.
There are lots of people that think that it is not a lucid dream if you are not 100% lucid with total control, but if everyone has their own definition of LD, then we can no longer understand what everyone is saying. We would have to ask every time that someone said “I had an LD” just what they mean by LD. So we have one definition, if you are aware that you are dreaming, then it is an LD. Then we talk about low level and high level LD´s.
So you can have very low level LD´s where you have no control and your not very “lucid” in your thinking, or you can have very high level LD´s where you are very lucid in your thinking, and can control everything. Most all LD´s are somewhere in between. :wink:

So Harley Warren, you did have an LD. It was short and not very high level, but that is normal for a first LD. They will get better. :content:

Hi Harley Warren, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Yes, it was a LD, but it was very short, certainly with a low level of lucidity and you couldn’t remember it very well cause I suppose you woke up a long time after it or your dream recall is not trained.
And your topic was not so long and your english sounds like correct (but english is not my first language neither). :content:

Vi, I agree with you on “Knowing you’re dreaming” is an “easy” definition (though not for the same reasons). Now I don’t think that defining that a dream is lucid only when you have a good reasoning is more confusing than anything else. Do you remember Descartes’s joke? “Good sense is the best distributed thing in the world, for everyone thinks himself to be so well endowed with it that even those who are the most difficult to please in everything else are not at all wont to desire more of it than they have”. So that even people who are the less “lucid” IRL think that they reasoning is perfect. Hence your definition would be not only useless in scientific researches (whereas the “easy” one is useful) but it would make it very hard to know when you can assert that you were lucid or not. :neutral:

Moreover, it seems that what you say here doesn’t comply to your definition: :tongue:

By the way, I’ve thought about the definition of lucid, and I reached the curious conclusion that a lucid dream was not definable. :bored: Thus, for the moment, I’ll prefer the “easy” definition. :grin:

Now to answer your initial question, yes indeed, most of my LD’s are rather low lucidity level.

Hi Basilus West,

Well I think you are right. I think that I slept more than 1 hour maybe even 2, 2 and a half after the dream. I don’t keep any DJ and I generally tend to sleep very little time a night (about 4 to 6 hours). But in the last week I caught a flu and so I slept some more (well not more than 7-8 hours which is a lot for me). Don’t know if this is the reason why I had the LD. Maybe I’ll try in the future to sleep some more and keep a DJ but last night when I tried going to bed earlier to see if I dream again I finished up waking up at 3 AM and not being asleep nor dreaming (or at least not recalling) at all.

One night I had a dream but im not sure if it was lucid, It was the second time I tried to have a LD. In my dream I was able to imagine myself moving my arm up and I was moving my arm up, but it only last a few seconds. Was I having a LD

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Ask yourself: “Did I knew that I was dreaming?”

If answer is “yes”, you had ld :tongue:

By your description I don’t think it was, but DeadDuck’s question is the one to ask. A lucid dream is nothing more than a dream in which you know your dreaming.

So, I think I had a LD. I knew (not the whole dream but a reasonable part of it) that I was dreaming.
I’ve been doubting today whether I had a LD or a FLD. I imagined waking up from a LD would let you have the LD fresh in your memory, but I couldn’t remember it all very well. Another reason why I thought this could have been a FLD is because even though in the dream I had the feeling I had control over what I did, after waking up I realized that I probably didn’t really have control after all.
But after reading the repeated sentence ‘if you know you were dreaming you had an LD’ in this topic, I concluded I probably had an LD indeed.

So I was wondering, what exactly is a FLD? I thought a FLD was that you dreamt having a LD, but how can you make a difference between knowing that you’re dreaming and dreaming that you know you’re dreaming?
I hope someone can clear this up for me 'cause this was my first LD and I’d like to know for sure that it indeed WAS a LD.

zup - sounds like an LD to me. People usually remember their LDs clearly at first because they stick out to them, but the memory can be unclear and groggy just like in any dream, especially if it is a low level LD. Don’t know about those FLDs though.

don, BWest - Well, I guess I just have high lucidity standards for myself. I’ll keep it that way, just for motivational purposes =P

Harley Warren - The longer we are asleep, the longer the REM stage of our sleep cycle lasts… which means more dreams! I’d definitely say that sleeping longer contributed to your LD.

So, FLD is a dream when you do not know that you are dreaming. You are just doing things you would do in LD. :tongue: Like flying, fireballs etc. But you are dreaming that you are doing it IRL, you have no clue that you are doing it in dream.

There was a topic like that; Someone said about LDing to friend, and he said that he’s (she’s? :eh: ) olny dreaming about know that he’s dreaming. But is there any diffrence in it? If there is lucidicy, nope. :tongue:

And the main question:

If you knew you were dreaming, you had a LD.

did you knew you were dreaming?

You seem to knew it.

I think I had a low LD while having a FLD. I was doing things I’d do in a LD (like RCing and, of course, flying), but I didn’t know all the time that I was dreaming.

Thanks for clearing it up (so I had my first LD, yay) :smile:

Vi it is good to have high lucidity standards. :cool_laugh:
When it comes to LD’ing, I think that most people mix up the possibilities of LD’ing with being lucid. It is kind of like driving a car. Just because you have a drivers licence doesn’t mean that you can drive like a stunt man. Lots of people who can drive very well have accidents. Once you have the drivers licence, you start getting more experience and work at learning to drive good enough for your needs. Lots of people stop learning when they can drive to work and the store. They never even think about driving on the freeway, or driving across country in vacation. :sad:
LD’ing is also something that has to be learned. some people want to be very good at it with lots of control, others are happy with just being so aware of being in a dream and how vivid everything can be.
The definition of being lucid is that you know that you are dreaming while you dream. But that is just the beginning. Once you are lucid, then a whole new world opens up to you. You have so many new possibilities that the normal world doesn’t have, but like in the real world, you have to learn how to do things. If you have high standards, then you will work at it until you can do everything you want. If not, you may give up when it doesn’t work right away. 
When more people work at LD’ing, we can learn more about it, and maybe someday you can take a class in LD’ing, just like you can take a class in driving today. (just to keep with the example above :smile: )

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hello, im new here my name is tom, im from israel and im 15 years old.
ok, yester day i dreamed that im in my house, and one of the neighber’s (she was pretty nice chick) is in my computer becuase her computer was broke.
when she wanted to left, she started to ask me alot of questions and i didnt like it.
suddenly, i realized that i dont know what she doing here and how she came to my house, i told her to wait one second and i went to my room to do a reality check (with a normal clock, not digital) and its was a dream ! i came back to her and waited so she finish all of her questions but then i realized that i can just bang her off, i closed the door in her face and walked in the house. when i looked at the mirror and i sow my self as old man with dark dark black eyes and face without look of life. its was scary. i tryed to fly and it didnt work. few second after its over and i dont remember anything

i had a few dreams that sound like this but im not sure if it is a dream about me having lucid dream or its acutally lucid dream.

how can i tell ??

Hmm well you definatly was Lucid there, when you did the RC on the clock and could tell it was a dream, so thats a good start :smile:

wow… brrr… wouldn’t wanna have a reflection like that. :eek:
Scary indeed

Yeah, scary, I have to admit. , but it was a low lucid LD (due to flying failture). Congrats.

yes i think is was a LD with low LUCIDITY…
i remember these LOW lucidity LD’s better than other normal dreams, but when im trying to go back in my mind into this dream i cant belive its wa a lucid dream…
anyway, i will keep on the good work and will use thing to get my lucidity higher.

details on myself:
dealing with LD : 2 weeks ago.
favorite RC: to think how i get here and if it all make sence.
number of LD’s: 4 i think… with low lucidity anyway :sad:.

yes it was very scary… i was in panic after that nut still dreaming and knowing that i dreaming… i tryed to fly just dot think about that look in the mirror.
my first LD was became lucid by looking in the mirror… since than i afraid from mirrors that y i tried to be a hero and lokk in the mirror >>> wrong.

anyway, im strong human and i always deal with my fears coz i know that if i will ran away it just get worse.

[size=92]A few nights ago, I had fallen asleep at my computer. My TV was on, as I was half-watching it earlier. I’m still not sure what exactly happened during that time, because what I do remember was very strange.

I was dreaming, or so I assume, and somehow inadvertently performed a (an?) RC with my hand - I noticed I had four fingers on my right hand (More like three and a stub, actually).
I immediately thought, “This isn’t normal; I must be dreaming.”

However, the fact that I could hear (though not understand) the TV confused me. I assumed “I could be simply daydreaming, and this isn’t really a lucid dream.”

After thinking that, I sort of just woke up. All I remember is opening my eyes. I’m still not sure if it was a daydream, a lucid dream (that lost lucidity), or something else; which is why I decided I would ask here.[/size]

I’ve thought of a method to determine whether a dream was a LD or a FLD. When I next become lucid, I’ll first do three different reality checks in a specific order (to reinforce the fact that I’m dreaming, even if it is a FLD), then carry out a very simple action that can be done anywhere. If I fail to do this, my dream will have been a FLD.

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Hi all, last night i went to bed at about 1 am and put my headphones which where playing Deep Mind IV on. When i woke up for the first time at about 10 am, i remembered a normal dream which had to do with school and another dream which i dont know if it was a lucid dream. I remembered myself sitting in front of my computer and like a videogame the dream continued. In that dream i stook my finger through my hand and it worked so i think i told myself i must be dreaming. But as i stook my finger unvolontary through my hand, i mean i didnt notice something strange in my environement before, i dont know if it was actually a lucid dream. What do u think about that? I hope u can help me :content:

Ps: I think in my two other lucid dreams i had in my whole life i felt different than today. With them i am sure they were lucid dreams.
Bye :wink: