The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part V

Well, if you knew that you were dreaming, you had a lucid dream. You could made a succesful RC, but not realize that you are dreaming, things like that just happen. Nobody can recall from your dream that you was lucid or no. If you recall a trought “Cool, Im dreaming !” or something like that, you had a LD. If not - well, that was a ND.

For me, it seems that you made a succesful RC, but you didnt realized that it was a dream - so you propably had ND.

Im not sure if it was just a ND cause when i was dreaming i think i thought: “i am dreaming” but as i didnt feel it so real in that moment as it felt in my two other LD’s i think u could be right…maybe it was just a ND hehe, but it didnt feel like a ND either :confused: is there a dream sort between ND and LD :content: If yes it might have been that sort of dream. . Thanks a lot, I will keep trying :smile:
My last question is if i should write down in my DJ that it was a ND or that it was a LD :confused: :smile:

From reading above im pretty sure this was a ld but here we go any way:

I was in the countryside after screwing stuff up quite badly and i was just thinking to myself how bad things had gotten and i thought to myself well atleast it will be ok when i wake up. then i realised wot i had thought and did a quick rc before jumping in the air and not landing! was quite a lot of fun and i was amazed that i could feel the wind. The bits where i was a bit unsure were areas where i did not have as much control for example flying too high caused me just to drop down and it felt quite a lot like a rollercoaster. Also i hadnt used any techniques, in fact id stopped writing in my dj because i could recall atleast one dream a night without it (although that went up when i was writing in it.)

My questions are, was this still lucid even though i didnt have complete control sometimes? And why did it work now but not with any techniques?



:hmmm: then it’s more like low-lucid LD, I guess.


Yep. You had actually pretty good control, some flying troubles happens to everyone.

Well, spontaneous LD’s happens. That was a DILD. Methods like MILD, RC’s and Autosuggestion causes them. But sometimes they dont have to be induced my anything - you have a throught that you’re dreaming, and this gives you lucidicy.

Sry for slow reply

I had a two weird dreams a couple of days ago. I hope someone can shed some light this. :happy:

In the first dream, eventually I was biking past some birds that didn’t fly away. That made me doubt it was reality. After some thinking, I thought I was pretty sure I must be dreaming, and thus were lucid. That instant everything got very, ehm, instable, for lack of better terms. I stopt biking, and leaned to a signpost to try and see if I could stabilize the dream.

Clear case, you’d think, but I’m not sure. You see, I never had a LD before (save the one I had this morning! :grin: ), and I have no clue how to stabilize a dream. Yet I was doing it, or at least, attempting to do so. Also, eventually I didn’t manage anymore, and woke up, in a dream!

The following dream in that very same night was just as odd. Eventually I was in this elevator, which had to go to what I felt was the floor below ground level. But instead, on the led display, it said “4”. I told it it should be three. Wrong number, I know, but still. :smile: It changed to “3”. “I must be lucid then!”, I decided. Here I also remembered the previous dream. Again, everything went instable, and I was trying to stabilize the dream.

I also noticed three was the wrong number. I found it a typical dreaming mistake, and said it should have been minus two. In reality of course, it should have been minus one. :eh: And it wasn’t until I was fully awake (I’m not sure whether or not that was via another dream as well, it could well be), that I remembered that the inside of the elevator was actually a public toilet! :bored:

I’d love to hear your take on this. Was I really lucid twice, or have I just been busy with lucidity far too much lately?

I think I had an LD yersterday but i’m still not sure :sad: I’ll explain the dream (it was quite short):

I was standing at a public swimming pool and this lady comes up to me and she told me I was dreaming.
I remember I said “I know i’m dreaming lady I know I am”. I did a RC by looking at my hands, they were all blurry and stuff.
Then everything got blurry and I think everything started to fade away. I started spinning around and when I stopped the blur had disapeared and I was still in the pool.
I saw someone wanting to get out of the pool and I think I wanted to test if I was lucid and said “Oh my god you’re drowing!” (but she wasn’t)
suddenly the lady realy started drowning :eek: . Then the pool went all weird and that’s the last thing I can remember.

I don’t realy know if I was lucid because it didn’t feel “real” when I think of it, it feels more like a ND.

Anyway think this was a LD?

eddy: Why would you think the two dreams were NOT lucid? You seem to know for sure that you were dreaming, thus you were lucid.

Benn: Did you know that you were dreaming? Or did you, in your dream, just said so without being sure and do a RC without realizing that your hands were not like they should be? If you knew you were dreaming, you were lucid. If you dreamt saying you were dreaming and doing a RC without really knowing it was a dream, you weren’t.
And by the way, my low (all :tongue:) LD’s feel like ND’s too when I think of them now.

Well, I’m not sure… I suppose they could be, but I wasn’t my full conscious self. I mean, I still wasn’t making complete sense. Ok, I don’t always make complete sense in real life either… :tongue: But surely I would have noticed.

And I did have one WILD, my first definite LD, in which everything seemed so much more real… Like, little short of real-life-like real. In those two dreams all was still rather, well, dream like. :smile: Kind of blurry.

Perhaps the whole FA thing blurred my recall a bit though. And maybe I couldn’t think straight because of the lack of stability, I just don’t know.

Zup now you mention “did you know that you were dreaming?”. Well at the point I said “I know i’m dreaming lady” I had this weird feeling that’s why I did the RC.

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About 2 months ago I had this dream, and I still remember it.

Okay, here it goes; I was in china, and the weather was cold/warm. Me & my crush were on a bridge above a river. I could feel the mist coming from the river. I almost fell off the bridge,(because of the missing boards in the bridge)but he caught me by my hand. He pulled me up, and I could feel him kissing my hand. Then I woke up.

dreamgirlx3 it just sounds like a vivid dream to me. In a lucid dream you KNOW you are dreaming while in the dream.

I have had two more confusing experiences…

The first was about four nights ago. I had a dream that I was trying to WILD (and I succeeded, in my dream) Then I was in this room with these pipes. Just to check if I was dreaming, I checked my hands to see how many fingers I had (about 20something). Then I recalled reading somewhere about how if you told yourself that there was a mint in your pocket, there would be. So I felt in my back pocket, and sure enough there was an Andes mint. Next, I remembered that if you spun around, you would change environments. So I spun around and around, and then I felt myself lifting up. Everything became blurry…
Suddenly, I woke up (in my dream) and continued with it.

The second was about two nights ago. I also had a dream that I was trying to WILD, and I got this sinking feeling, and I tried so hard to make my body come apart from myself, but I couldn’t do it…

I am very confused.

I suppose the moral of this is ALWAYS do an RC when you first awaken…

I had what I think was a LD tonight.

I was at work (working in a hamburger restaurant). For some reason the area behind the counter was larger than usual and the counter was wider. Anyway, one of my bosses placed me att the cash register(correct english word for it?) on the end of the counterline in a corner. I stood there for a while and served some customers. Suddenly, I realised there was about 10 people behind the counter that I didn’t recognize and I was pretty much “wtf?”. I walked to the kitchen but it was empty, so I went back to my register. When I arrived, one of these unknown people stood at my register serving customers, with my boss beside him/her(couldn’t see if the person was a male or a female). I remember thinking “What the hell is that sucker doing there?” and I went to my boss and shouted that now it’s not my responsibility if there would be any diff (too much or little cash in the register). Then I cant’t remember more for a while, but then suddenly I’m standing at my register again.

A customer walks up to me telling me he didn’t get the food he ordered and payed for. I asked him if he had saved his receipt and he said no. I told him I couldn’t give him any food if he didn’t showed me the receipt and then suddenly he gives me one. I look at the receipt and which says he ordered a glass of water (which wasn’t what he said he’d ordered). I told him that the receipt just said that he had ordered a glass of water (which doesn’t cost anything anyway) and he gives me another receipt. I look at it but it’s empty. That’s when I started to think that this may be a dream. I looked at the receipt again, it wasn’t empty anymore but filled with text that was all blurry and moving around. That’s when I knew it was a dream.

I thought “let’s take advantage of this” and jumped over the counter and punched the customer in the face. Then I went downstairs at the restaurant and met another one of my bosses (and this one is extremely hot) and asked her how she was doing. She said that she was fine but turned around and started running. I looked behind my back and saw a copy of my boss (the one I just talked to), only this one looked like a Kandarian demon (all of you who’ve seen the movie Evil Dead know I’m talking about) with no pupils in the eyes and the head was wobbling from side to side. I remember thinking “now that was uncalled for, I just wanted to have some fun” and then I started running. The demonboss chased me but I ran like an antelope (long jumps) and got away. The demonboss disappeared but I kept running to catch up with my boss (the hot one, not the demon one). After a while I found her and asked her what that thing was. She answered but I can’t remember what she said. I told her that we had to get out of there when suddenly the demonboss appeared again. We started to run again but suddenly we were in a basement corridor that I didn’t know. I looked behind my back and the demon came towards us floating in the air. At this point I had forgotten that I was in a dream but realised it again so I told my boss (the hot one) just to keep running, and that the exit is around the corner. She asked me how I knew that and I told her “This is a dream”. We ran down the corridor and around the corner and there was a door, I ran through the door and came out on a cliff overlooking Stockholm. It struck me that I was alone. Someone called out my name behind me and when I turned around my boss was there, but not alone. There were two of her, one was, ofcourse, the demon (now looking normal). I looked down on the ground and found to scissors and picked them up. I stood there and tried to figure out which of the two hotties was the real hottie :happy: The one that stood on the left started two cry and said “please help me”. I walked towards the one on the right but then turned left and pushed the two scissors into the stomach of the crying boss and pushed her out of the cliff. I turned to the other one. She said “Good evening”. I thought “crap, I killed the wrong one… but then again, this is my dream”. My boss turned around and walked away. I shouted “aren’t you forgetting something?”. She walked up to me and kissed me, when we stopped kissing I looked at her. She had turned into a girl that goes to my school (Who isn’t even hot :meh: Crap), I was disappointed but thought “Hey, less is better than nothing” and started to look forward to what was to come, but I woke up :meh:

I’m sure it was a lucid dream, since I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn’t control it that much. If it was up to me, the demon part could’ve been skipped :razz:

Yes, I know, my english sucks, but I hope you understood at least half of it :razz:

I had a dream that i remember pretty well, but i’m not exactly sure if it was an LD.

In my dream i walked into the bathroom at my house, which was exactly like it is, but i had this very intense head trip feeling. I seemed to be high, but i don’t know on what. The feeling was so vivid though, i could feel my head spinning, it was very intense. After not long though, i realized “Wait, i stopped doing drugs, i can’t be stoned…” and then i woke up.

@ Simba
That kind of dream is often very confusing :razz: But first one was a lucid dream. You did knew that you were dreaming, altrough you was sure that you falled asleep in reality. In second one you did not knew that you were dreaming, you was just trying to get one.

@ Stockholm
A cool full of action LD :cool_laugh: I really enjoyed reading it, mostly “crap, I killed wrong one” part. And your english is pretty good, I had no troubles with understanding any part of it.

It seems that it was not a lucid dream… you noticed a DS, concidered it’s oddness, but you did not throught “If so, it must be a dream”.

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ok well i’m 13 and all through my younger life even though i didn’t know wat it was at the time i was very nearly lucid. and i THINK i had my first lucid dream… my only doubt is that it happened differntly frm other peoples happen. i didn’t do the reality checks, it didn’t happen slowley…
i just suddenly had this burst of light and i went really happy and there was this voice in my head saying i was in a lucid dream,. then i nearly slipped into waking as i was so happy so i gripped the plant pot i was holding tighter and came back.
but also i heard u can do cool things like turn invisible and stuff but i think i was so excited it didn’t happened and i woke up. but am i lucid???

since you are reading this no you are not Lucid. But if you mean those other times then it would depend on if you realized that you were dreaming. If you knew you were dreaming then you were Lucid :ok: .

Also, just cuz you didn’t become Lucid like everybody else doesn’t mean that you didn’t become Lucid. Out of the whopping 3 times that I became Lucid, I didn’t use a reality in two of them. It just came to me that I was dreaming. I think I actually still thought the dream scene was normal but I knew I was dreaming. Sometime it just hits you “Wait a sec,… I’m dreaming!”

If you want just a simple answer, no it doesn’t sound like you were lucid, more like you were falling asleep consciously and maybe you had a little bit of dream content come in. But yes, if you can do this, you can also be in the dream world lucid too. But.

If you want to stay lucid, whether you are in White Light or in a dream, or anything of the sort, you have to stay calm and not think too much, because there isn’t a need to think really, you already KNOW you are dreaming, so you don’t need to add more thoughts to it like “oh my i’m dreaming!!! wait what if this happens, what if i wake up!” you just relax and take in your surroundings and explore them how you want.

enjoy as much as you want. think, analyze, but don’t over-think or worry, because thoughts create dreams really quickly, so if you think about waking up too much you might.

If it was a dream, and if you knew you were dreaming in the dream, then yes, you can consider it a lucid. And besides, that’s how I became lucid in my first lucid dream. It just came to me, I knew I was dreaming. But right after that, it became an FLD. So yeah, I think you had a lucid.

Congratulations! :cool_laugh: