The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 41

This is Part 41 of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.
Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

Hi all I’m a newbie too. I’m not sure what to put here, or why i’m here in fact :help: i’m sure your all lovely people :peek:

HI, i’m kinda lost here… and i’m brand new. i had my first ever lucid dream yesterday night. it was amazing… because in my dream i suddenly felt an explosion of light and i was thinking wow i am having a lucid dream. then i could feel my eyelids closed in my real body at the same time as them being open in my dream body… it was weird!!! anyway… i would like to meet some pepole so plz feel free to talk to me. i am 13 and my name is giv.

Welcome everyone! you must be here for a reason michelle @_@ anyways, it’s a great place here, everyone’s friendly! Follow the rules (if there are any, I never checked…) and just be yourself :happy: Good luck on your quest for more Lucid Dreams!

Hi. i’ve been meaning to join this site for some time but for some reason I never did.

Anyway, i am 17 years old, from North Carolina, and i have been having lucid dreams since I was very young though i just recently learned about them this summer, and how to initiate them.

i went to the website to find my ‘kin’, but i am still not entirely familiar with the concept. It seems interesting, nonetheless.

:welcome: Hi! Your very lucky to be a natural Lucid Dreamer! If your dreams are interesting you can always start a DJ here (in case you don’t already know a DJ is a dream journal- keep one to help you remember dreams)!

I look forward to reading it :ok:

:welcome: hello michelle, fizzymoon and kameleonkat :smile:

/me gives michelle a welcome :hugs: and provides a sofa for her to hide behind :hide:
just take your time getting the feel of the forum and before you know it you will feel like you have always been here :yay:

:wave: fizzymoon, I read your other post (and moved it here … 959#345959 into the quest forum) from what I read in it, it just sound like you were lucid. The definition of lucid is knowing you are dreaming while in a dream… the onset of lucidity can happen differently for different dreamers.
I hope you decide to begin a dream diary in our dream diary forum :thumbs:

/me :truit: cue5c
the LD4all guidelines are here Announcement: LD4all Forum Guidelines - Read this First! ← link

have you read some topics in our dreamspell forum too? if you still have some questions then post them in that sub forum and someone will come along and answer them :yes:
oo natural LDer :eh: /me is a little envious too :wiske:

thanks for the welcome guys :smile: and I made a dream diary here>


Yup yup :smile: thankies for the welcome :smile: I stumbled across here looking for stuff on the mayan calander etc. Never realised a lucid dream forum existed, that is why my first post was a bit apprehensive.

Yeah so lucid dreaming, I’m pretty sure i can set my watch to them- If my life is going good I would safely say i never lucid dream- ordinary dreams all the time i feel nearly cheated a day that I don’t seem to have dreamt or can’t recall a dream. Dad has been trying to get me to keep a book of my dreams but i cant. I seem to go into a trance when i recall them, my firends thought i was weird at the start but now they just listen :smile:

I usually have my lucid dreams when I’m stressed out I would never say they are bad dreams but i definately know i’ve had one the next morning they are vivid and clear, and over the years themes crop up.

prehaps i just need to go see a shrink or something :confused:

Wassup everybody i just learned about lucid dreaming yesterday and i’ve never had one but i hope i do soon

:welcome: welcome to LD4all BusySleeping :smile:
:thumbs: good luck on your LD quest

Hi, I’m Bas. I’m 13 years old, and live in The Netherlands. (no, I don’t like way smaller, Dutch boards :smile: )

Gooooooood morrrrrrrrnnniiiiiiiiiing Baaaaaaaaaasss! Hooooooooope youuuuuuuuuuu geeeeeeeeet soooooooome aaaaaaawwsooooooome lucid dreams.

Welcome Michelle
I hope you like it here :content:

:welcome: giv
Congratulations with your first lucid dream. I hope many more will follow.

Welcome kameleonkat :wave:
I hope to see more artwork from you, because it was great :happy:

Welcome BusySleeping
There are several techniques to induce lucid dreams. Look around and see what works for you. Good luck :dream:

Welkom Bas
The English LD4all is just better than the Dutch one :grin:

im new here. Im not interested in Lucid dreaming :razz:
But i am friendly and interesting to talk with…
I love logic :happy: and im interested in metitation…
i also play one game - quake3 ( as a level designer )
I also cant finde here where to talk about meditation :happy:

I started on the path to lucidity last week, just keep a notepad or scrap paper and a pen by your bed to write your dreams down in. Try to make recalling your dreams the first thing you do in the mornings, as part of your routine. If I can’t remember one, sometimes I will remember all or parts of it say, in the shower or while I’m having breakfast.
It also helps if you have people (friends, family) who you can talk to about them, this will embed them in your subconcious more.

:welcome: hello Bas and okay7 :smile:
I’ve already read your post in your new dream diary Bas … 330#346330
I wish you well with your recall and quest for LDs :thumbs:

okay7 :wave:
mm meditation … there is a topic
The BIG meditation as a LD Aid topic in pathways
Making a meditation playlist

I think most of the older topics are now in the archive forum.
if you wish to start a new meditation discussion not linked to lucid dreaming … beyond dreaming forum would be the place to post :yes:

Hello to one and all!
Just checking in here with my newbie “hi” message :smile:
I’ve never experienced lucid dreaming, but I’m very eager to begin the attempt.
Through reading reams of online material, I’ve become familiar with the concepts involved, but now seek further assistance.
Thanks to all of you in advance, for your guidance!

:welcome: hello bandog … /me spots a fellow blue eagle :yay:
There’s lots of help and information available around the forum and a wide range of lucid dreamers (all ages and all abilities :smile: )

/me gives bandog an invite to the 30 years or older thread :wink:

I hope you steadily get more control in stabilising your LDs :smile:

Well another newbie saying hello :smile: I’ve been able to lucid dream for about the past 3 years on and off now without really trying (in early 30’s). Since I discovered what it was all about I have tried to make a conscious effort to persue them. Unfortunately I am going through a bit of a dry spell at the moment so hopefully reading through the board and prompting myself to keep doing reality checks (which I confess I am not very good at remembering), might just make them happen a bit more often :happy:

hi im monkmonk recently got in LD ing and paticualrly interested