The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VI

This is Part VI of The BIG “Was this a LD?” topic.
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I’m kinda sure this was an LD but I’ll post it anyway.
First off, the dream was crystal clear nothing like I’ve experienced before nothing blurry. I can still remember me saying in my dream “whoah, this can’t be a dream, it’s way too realistic”. It was like real… But it was my birthday in the dream and my birthday is in December so I thought… WTF, this can’t be real, my birthday is in December and we’re August!!! But then I saw that everything was so crystal clear, so I thought again that it must be real.

So I guess the fact that I was wondering if it was real or a dream made me lucid for a little moment. The experience was awsome though :tongue:

I’m not sure if what I had last night was a lucid dream or not. To be honest, it feels like just a regular dream, but it had the characteristics of a lucid dream. Keep in mind, I haven’t had a lucid dream to date.

I was in my dream, on a rooftop, and I decided to use reality checks. I looked at my hand and saw 6 fingers. I turned away and looked back and saw 5 fingers, I turned away and looked back and saw 6 fingers distort into 5 fingers. I looked down at my nose, and could see it. I tried to think of more reality checks to do, but couldn’t remember a thing. So I guess I thought, “Oh, I’m lucid.” And so I started jumping high leaps on top of the roof.

But soon after ‘I felt the lucidity disappearing’ (I say that in quotes because it didn’t really feel how I think lucidity should feel, or maybe I just can’t remember it feeling very lucid since I don’t have excellent dream recall). And when the ‘lucidity disappeared’ I woke up (false awakening or real? I have no idea). Then I went back to sleep and attempted to lucid dream again, so I looked at my hand again and I had 6 fingers (or a distorted look set of 6 fingers). I told myself, “I’m lucid” but I quickly started to lose it. I started to spin but that didn’t work, so I ‘woke up’ (again, I can’t be sure if I really woke up or if it was a dream). Then I did it one last time: I went back to sleep, looked at my hand, ‘became lucid’, and either woke up again, or just kept dreaming in a non-lucid state.

Right now: It feels like it was all a regular dream. It feels like I never woke up, but merely dreamt that I woke up.
I don’t really have great dream recall. I can remember about 1 dream per night, but not with a great deal of detail. Is it possible that I had a lucid dream but couldn’t remember it well enough? Or is it just that I dreamt about being lucid without ever reaching lucid state?

Any help is appreciated. :smile:

you most definitely had a lucid dream, you just didn’t have a lot of control, next time you do an RC and see 6 fingers, don’t do another RC(except if you feel you’ve seen it wrong, then you might want to do the “plug your nose” RC) but try to focus on achieving more control

and as to the feeling of “losing lucidity”, it’s really quite simple to know: if you start to “go with the flow” and stop having the idea that you are dreaming, you’ve lost it(you actually always “know” when and where you’ve lost lucidity when you wake up, so i’d say it’s probable that the places you said you lost lucidity are the actual places you did) also, most lucid dreams end up in you either waking up, or having a FA, which i’ve only had in a lucid dream(or a chain of very vivid dreams, once:P)

Thanks, sirius)(black. :happy:
I’m very excited with the thought it could’ve been a lucid dream, but I’m still unsure. Do you think that the lack of control, is part of the reason why I think it felt so much like a non-lucid dream? Could my somewhat poor dream recall be the reason for lack of control, or could that be why I don’t feel like I had a lucid dream?

I mean, I can remember ‘waking up’ (false or not). I can remember being excited that I had a lucid dream. But everything seems a little faint, and I think to myself…maybe I just dreamed I was excited, maybe I just dreamed I woke up, etc.

Isn’t a dream lucid by the simple fact of realizing u r on a dream? I read you didn’t hace to do anything special but realize. So you did have an LD

chimeray: I actually don’t think that counts. You were questioning whether it was a dream or not, meaning you were very, very close to being lucid, but you still didn’t actually realize that it was, in fact, a dream.

Oh, I guess you’re right, UCM_AXEL_.

I just wish the dream was more vivid. I didn’t even intend to have a lucid dream. I’ve always wanted to use the other techniques, but I guess the one I never thought about (DILD) was the one that came out on top. As once a person who despised RC’s, I am now extremely happy to have done them.

Thanks for the help. :smile:

well for sure you had a lucid dream, i think the question you should be asking is… was it one two or three that you had.

even if those were all false awakenings, the fact that you were able to regain lucidity so easily, and so many times is a great accomplishment, especially for a beginniner.

i would be almost willing to bet that it was three that you had. But for absolute sure, it was at least one.

Okay, I see nobody’s replied to mine yet, so I repeat:

I started out by attempting a WILD, which didn’t exactly work. I fell asleep, and I remember having a dream (although right now I don’t remember what it was about). Then I had a FA, and I remember “waking up” and wanting to write down that dream. But then I “fell asleep” again (still dreaming, I might add), and entered another dream. This one was taking place at my high school, and Shiguru Miyamoto (the guy who first created Mario games) was there. Being a huge Mario fan, I was really excited. He had a Japanese translator there, and I told her to tell him that I said hello and that I really loved the Mario games. She did, and translated for me that he said hello back. I was still really excited–at first. Then, all of a sudden, I remembered that I hadn’t gotten to write down that earlier dream! I didn’t want to be rude to Miyamoto and his translator, but I really needed to wake up before I forgot it (apparently it was really interesting). I quickly said goodbye, and then I woke up. And I couldn’t even remember the original dream that I’d wanted to write down!

Can someone please tell me if it was lucid or not? I don’t know if becoming lucid in a dream-in-dream means that I was actually lucid. Can someone explain this, please?


Just thought i would ask if this was an LD, it was sort of confusing and it feels like it didn’t really happen but its in my head that it did.

I was in bed with my eyes closed just thinking about stuff that had happened during the day, eventually i was aware of my heart pounding and my head almost spinning and i got worried and tried to move and quickly realised what was happening so laid there for a moment trying to calm down. I could hear a sort of buzzing noise and i could see these ghostly faces appearing in different colours and eventually a clear image formed, i was in a garden behind my house but the garden was different and i could see the big brother house (after watching big brother earlier that day). I thought about walking towards it and tried to move and i took a step towards the house, then i did the spinning technique to make sure i didn’t loose Lucidity but found it really difficult and it felt like i moved my actual body, i tried again and took a step in a circle but then i woke up.

The signs seem to say it was an LD but it was all confusing and now i think about it, it is like it never happened, just me imagining it happening or it was all a dream, but i know it must have happened because i woke up and checked the time on my phone.

Would appreciate any opinions

Fleep :content:

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6 Months ago, before I even heard of LD’s I had a fantastic dream. I am an astronemer, so I love the night sky. This dream was I was in my backyard and saw a shooting star, after I stared at the spot in the sky for a while hundreds of thousands of shooting stars shot across the sky. For some reason I started trying to make other things appear. I made the northern lights appear, than galaxies, than I made all of the stars in the sky make lines to each other with the name of the constellation they made below the lines. When I woke up in the morning I went online and looked at the names of the constellations that I saw and they were correct! My subconscious new the names of the constellations and what they looked like when I didn’t! Was this a LD? I didn’t know I was dreaming, but I still controlled everything that happened. :dingding:

A lucid dream is a dream in which you know for sure that you are dreaming, now, wheater or not you can controll stuff is another thing.

Yep, that’s a LD. You were concious that you were dreaming, so it’s considered a LD. Congratulations! :clap:

Oh, by the way, I’ve got a very random question: where did you get the idea for your name from? Not trying to pry or anything, I’m just curious.

I’m really not sure if this small fragment of a dream I had a few nights ago had me lucid for a moment.

I remember it being all dark and black. I was lying down (my head was at least horizontal, I think) and I said “I’m dreaming”. I start feeling this kind of funny feeling inside of me (like when you finally realize your next for a big event) and it gets stronger, but then I think my dream switched over to something else right after.

WOO!! :woo:
Im actually so happy! I have been at it for 3 months and it is tyical i have an LD on the night i don’t intend on having one! Crazy world eh?

Its fine, well it was origionally a nick name i got at school about 4 years ago because my name is Phillip and it sorta came from flip flop. Its wierd i know but i use it for everything now.
I was also recently told about a comic about ‘Fleep’, if your interested in it then this is the link.

@ Karuni: Sorry, i’m not sure if that was Lucid or not (I only had one and it lasted for about 15 seconds), it sounds like it could be because you said you were dreaming therefore possibly realising it? Did your heart beat fast or anything because mine did.


Hee hee yeah…I was really excited the first time I got a LD too… All day I was constantly blurting out to my little brother “I had a lucid dream! Isn’t that awesome!!!” I think he was ready to hit me by the end of the day. :tongue:

Oh, a nickname from Philip? Cool. I actually asked because Fleep is the name of a character in Super Paper Mario (coughthebestgameevercreatedcough). But yeah… :aww:

Lol i was so happy! Now i won’t be able to get one for like a year now, its jsut my luck!

I take it you like that game then!! Lol well i have never heard of it so i might have to look into it :razz:
I am obviously more popular than i realised :tongue: :bow: I shall have to practice my autograph and red carpet walk :cool: haha

I’v had a few lucid dreams so far and I’m not sure if I was realy lucid.

When I realized I was in a dream I was still unable to think and act on my own. I still felt like the dream still dictated what I do. Like, instead of become lucid in my dream, I felt like it was a dream of me become lucid. I aso felt like, instead of reaching a goal, it wasn’t realy lucid dream.Was I realy lucid?

I have heard some people say yes, but more say no.
You are extremely close.
I would consider that a huge step towards lucidity, but not quite at the full level.

really in the end only you can answer this…
remember how you were thinking during the dream … were you really aware that you were actually in a dream while dreaming?
if you were aware then they would be low level LDs
the fact that you were unable to think and act on your own seems to imply it was a FLD