The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VI

AsiAsi I know exactly what you mean! The same thing happens to me all the time, the whole dream is a ND, and then I start to wake up and I say “Noo! This is a dream, let me stay!” lol. Also if in a ND things get really bad, I think “This must be a dream…” but then I wake up. I’m not entirely sure, but I would say what you described is a lucid dream, because as soon as you realize that you are dreaming in the dream, it is a lucid dream.

Also, well done Zoe! Great first LD :happy:

Yay thanks!!!

In my last LD I realised I was dreaming by questioning too much the fact that if I was dreaming or not. Then I went like “if I doubt it that much this must be a dream!” Then when I was trying to fly the scene was too dark so i said “increase visibility” a few times and everything went to light, I was walking in the streets and I could even see the faces of the people who was driving in the cars!! Amazing, cause I usually see things blurry in my dreams.

Oaky, last night was (if is was,) my longest LD ever. I twas like 1 or 2 minutes long. I remember telling all these people to disappear, and I did, leaving me in a blank landscape. I was worried that I would wake up, so I decided to eat some warm bread (long time since I had homemade bread; I just wanted to have some). It looked all doughy in my hand, but it tasted good and very warm!^^ For most of the rest of the dream I sort of wandered around wondering what to do, and then I started to lose a little lucidity.
If I was even lucid. See, for a lot of the dream I didn;t really think “I’m dreaming”. I did think “I can do whatever I want”, and maybe subconciously knew I was dreaming, but it still felt weird.
Or this could also be because I woke up from that dream in the middle of the night and went back to sleep, losing some of the lucidity feeling. I always say I will write it down anytime of night, but it was a weeknight, so…
Could someone tell me if I did? IF it was this means I made awesome progress and I will be overjoyed. Either way I woul dmake progress, but having a real LD is just better, you know?

If at any point you realised that you were dreaming, at the very least that part of the dream was lucid :smile: As for the rest of the dream being lucid It is hard for me to say. If you compare how those parts of the dream felt, to how it felt when you realised that you were dreaming. You should be able to tell if you were still lucid or not. :wink: congratulations :happy:

This dream scared the hell out of me. I had just done a bunch of yard work and I was really tired, so i fell right to sleep. To skip all of the boring stuff that occurred before possible lucidity and get right to the good stuff: I was piloting a small helicopter type aircraft over a grand canyon type landscape. I suddenly realized that I was dreaming and I have no idea how my train of thought went this way but, I figured it didn’t matter if i flew perfectly or crashed. I let off of the throttle and began to free fall towards the earth. at the last moment I became unsure whether I was dreaming or not and tried regain control of the helicopter, but failed. It was quite possible the scariest moment of my life not knowing whether I was going to die or not. I woke up the most scared I’ve ever been, and eventually realized I was alive. I’m not sure if I was lucid, because why would I have chosen to crash?


If you were really aware that you were dreaming, it is possible that you lost your lucidity during the excitement of flying since when lucid you would know that you couldn’t die or get hurt in the dream.

Im so confused :confused: …idk if this was ld i just…omg idk…anyway heres how it went:
well…if u all can remember, that turner beast in maine that was hit by that car?
well the dream wass full of them, they were chasing the car, and then they like, broke out one of the tires, so me and my step dad get out of the car, and we run, and we see this van infront of us dumping out the turner beasts, :eek:
i still remeber the liscene plate because i was focusing so hard on it, it was: NGJN14
so anyway, i run into this church to hide and decide to pray, and i felt really peaceful, but then, they broke down the door so i run into this school, when i see my sister plugging her nose, that’s when i think i became lucid, i did a RC and i could breath through my nose!
so i flew around, killing the turner beast, but i still felt that urgency like in the dream, i still didnt totally feel indedpendent, :sad:
was this a LD or was it just a dream about LD i really don’t know, when i woke up it felt like a normal dream, but in the dream idk what it felt like…
P.S. in the dream i wrote “future” on a peice of paya, put it in a cubby and in my dream i pulled it out and it said “748-9988” :confused: could somebody plz tell me what that means??

it all depends on if you did the RC automatically and then acted as if lucid without being aware … just using the powers
A lucid dream is defined as knowing you are dreaming while in the dream. So it all depends on how you were thinking at that time.
Also remember, you can be lucid just for a few moments and then fade back into a normal dream again :meh:

hmmm well, at first it was a normal dream, and i think maybe, i was aware i was dreaming twice in the dream, then i faded beck into the normal corse of the dream…so it wasn’t LD?

if you are fully aware in any part of a dream, I would count it as a LD :yay: even if it fades back again… since the difficult part is becoming lucid :content:

Okay, this is what happened to me last night:
I had a dream that there was this black lab but it had this weird spiky ball for its nose and tail. I thought “hey, that’s weird, I must be dreaming!” Then I promptly woke up. (For real, not a FA. I think.) When I woke up I was still very sleepy, but I thought “hey, great, I just had an LD, too bad I woke up!” Then I very quickly fell back asleep. This exact same thing happened a second time, only the second time I can’t remember what I was dreaming about when I realized I was dreaming. When I woke up in the morning, I remembered thinking that I had had an LD in the middle of the night, but now I wasn’t sure whether they were really LD’s. The thing is, I remember remembering the dream in the middle of the night when I was sleepy, but I don’t remember the dream itself very well. Is it possible that I could have had an FA and dreamed that I remembered that I had an LD? Or that I could have misremembered/misinterpreted my dream? Or that I could have dreamed that I realized I was dreaming, without actually having an LD?
Sorry if that didn’t really make sense, and sorry for all the questions, it’s kinda hard to explain what happened.
I want to know because if I really did really realize I am dreaming, it means I am very close to having a (longer) LD!! :happy:

yes, it is possible especially if you have been thinking about lucid dreaming a lot.
But even if it was a dream about being lucid, it means LDing is on your mind … so your first proper LD is getting closer.

So you are in a win/win situation :thumbs:

I also dreamed about LD this night. In the dream I was hopping to become lucid as soon as I will be sleeping. So I found myself practicing a WILD technique (in the dream, still unconscious). Then I quickly got in some kind of a SP followed by the very realistic feeling of a free fall. I was expecting to wake up in a LD but I woke up in real life. (really annoying :panic:)

And even tough I was awake now, I still performed a RT to check if I’m not dreaming. (Perhaps the first time, that I was not sure if i was really awake or not in real life)

I’m new here and just yesterday read a lot about LD, and today i had something similar where i was in the bathroom and for a second didn’t know if i was really awake, so i did a RC and i was. :eh:

Anyways last night i decided to try recording dreams since i normally do not remember dreams. Well i put a piece of paper beside my bed and a pen, i fell asleep while thinking about things as well as reminding myself to remember my dream. I started dreaming about pole vaulting, and then some girl accusing me of stealing the mat. I then realized it was a dream and woke up, i looked at the time and it was about 30 minutes after i fell asleep. I then tried to focus on counting while falling asleep (WILD approach i think). i noticed my limbs getting tingly and like i couldn’t really move them (didn’t try to much though) as well as blurred vision, so i closed my eyes and continued counting, and then realized i couldn’t focus on counting, i would skip numbers and lose my spot. I then started to dream about being in class on the computer, and i was clicking a button but what was supposed to happen wasn’t happening, i realized it was a dream and half woke up but was still in a state of tingly limbs not wanting to move. So i tried to dream, and caught myself in a dream again, so I looked around the room. But i noticed while i was trying to look at details it felt like i was making the details up myself. So i figure after i caught myself dreaming i came out of the dream state, and was just thinking about my dream and adding details that i thought might have been there, but not actually dreaming about it. Since after i found out it was a dream, it no longer felt like i was there, but watching it with the ability to change what was happening. And when i tried looking at details i found myself narrating what was in the room.

By definition i believe this counts as LD low level because i was dreaming and realized i was dreaming; however, as soon as i realized i was dreaming i think it stopped being a real dream, and more me just “thinking” because i didn’t feel involved in it. However this being the first night trying to have/remember dreams, I believe this was successful.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi and welcome to LD4all :cool:

This reminds me of the really strong HI or daydreaming that i get while falling asleep. It feels more like looking at an illustrated daydream than really being in the situation. It usually helps me if i try to focus on a different sense, like hearing or touch. Feeling one’s own feet is a good way to make a LD more solid.

You did impressively well for a first attempt :cool: sweet dreams and good luck!

I was taught about LDs by a friend last week, and thus I’m still pretty new.
My first night, I had a dream where I was in a field of sand. I felt as though I needed to do something with the sand, and then I realized “wait. normal people don’t manipulate sand at will! I must be dreaming!” and I immediately woke up.
Later that night, I had a dream where I was in a plain room with 3 giant iMacs. After staring at them for a minute, I decided “if I step into one of these computers, I’ll be taken to a different dream-world.” I stepped into the one on the left, and woke up again.
I was wondering if it counts as being lucid if I wake up right away, especially since I don’t feel like I put as much effort in as I should have, and any further effort to LD has produced no further effect.

It really depends on you since it isn’t a LDing competition. If you feel you are getting these glimpses of lucidity very easily and you have only been attempting to LD for a short period … you may prefer to wait until you can stay in the LD before counting them.
But if you feel that the act of becoming lucid is an achievement in itself … it is also equally correct to count them as LDs.

Well, last night I was dreaming that my six year old sister was talking about LDing and stuff… and after I awoke from that dream (or so I think!) it… felt like I was leaving my body, and I was floating… I was so light! I was too afraid to open my eyes… and I had remembered to not be so excited… but when I tried to relax, it felt like I floated back down into my body. Then my arms felt like they were on fire.
I did a RC shortly after, and I was awake. Was I dreaming while I had that floating feeling and leaving my body feeling? Or was this something else…

Because I’m not so experienced with LDing and what it feels like…

I’d say that if you just had a feeling that you couldn’t really control then it was just a normal dream. In LDs that I have had, it is just like real life, ie. gravity applies etc. unless I decide to do something different, ie. fly.