The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VI

Ok,last night I THINK I had a lucid dream. First of all, abit of background, I became interested in this a while back, but then my life got a bit more stressful so i left it alone for a while, and it’s only since today, when I woke up thinking i’d become lucid, that i’ve gotten interested in it again. So basically, I wasn’t trying to have a lucid dream last night.
Anyway, this might get a bit complicated, in my dream last night, I remember thinking that I was in a dream, I don’t know how but I just remember thinking “Am I in a Dream?” and then thinking “Ok, if I am in a dream I will be able to jump through my bedroom window”. So I tied jumping through my bedroom window (To no avail by the way :tongue:) And then there was a bunch of other stuff.
But my dilemna is, I’m not entirely sure if that was actually a dream, or whether I just dreamt I had a lucid dream :confused:

There is often a difficult to describe feeling when you realize you are lucid. In one of my earliest Lucid dreams I tried a similar thing. I said in the dream I must be dreaming, if I am, I should be able to fly. I jumped and floated slowly to the floor, losing lucidity as I hit it. Dreaming you are dreaming is a good indicator that LDing has penetrated your subconscious. If you are struggling to figure out if it is an LD or dream about an LD. I wouldn’t worry about it, you will be able to tell once you do have one.

Ok, so this morning I woke up and laid in bed still trying to remember my dreams. I was remembering one, but then i started to remember another. It was an LD! But when I began to remember it, it didn’t feel like it was an LD. I remember doing things in the dream like reality checks, and rubbing my hands together and things that I do in LD’s, but why couldn’t I remember it? And when i started to remember it… It didn’t feel like I had ever been lucid while i was sleeping. It just seemed like an ND with all the LD characteristics

So… Was this simply just an ND about LD-ing? Or was it an LD with poor recall? Or was it just a very low lever of lucidity?

This has never happened to me, where I have to work to remember my LD’s. Usually I wake up right when they’re over and remember them perfectly, and I know that they were LD’s. It’s sort of upsetting to feel that I had an LD, but i don’t remember the feeling of it. :cry:


trophycase, it’s really hard to say sometimes. :bored: All of those options are possible. I too tend to not forget my LD’s, so yeah, it’s weird when/if it happens. When you did the RC’s did they tell you you were dreaming?

FLD’s can be fun but really make you crazy! Once I actually said “man, I’ve never been this lucid!” in a dream without beeing lucid!! :grrr: (ok, even today I’m still not 100% sure it wasn’t a LD. :rofl:) Anyway…

I had something weird this morning I’d like some comments. :grin: I put it in my DJ.

So, basicly, the lack of visual vividness makes me tend to think it was HI, although that doesn’t mean a thing, I know… Any comments would be much apreciated. :wink: If this was a WILD, it was my first HI initiated WILD, I think. And any tips on how to get the visuals more vivid (or a link) would be great. I didn’t remember to try “increase vividness!” or other things…

Well, I had a freaky experience this morning with HI, SP and, I believe, LDing. IRL, I was just laying in bed after I had woken up. I was sort of halfway drifting off to sleep at one point, on and off I guess you could say. Then, without warning, my head felt like it was vibrating and becoming paralyzed. I figured that I was going through true SP for the first time, so, trying not to get too excited, I just waited. I could hear an odd laser/synth sound in my ears, and I saw some weird “energy beam” HI that looked a lot like graphics from a video game I have (the sound I was hearing resembled the sound of the beams from the game). Then a strange purple cloud appeared as HI, and it looked like there were numbers or letters etched into it and the whole thing was shifting. Then the picture of a hotel room came into my head, and this is where I believe an LD occured. My upstairs neighbor and one of his little kids were there. The kid was talking about how I have amazing powers and he doesn’t. I shook my head–noticing that my hair, waving in front of my face, was a lot shorter than it is IRL–and told him something about since it was a dream, anyone could have amazing powers. At that point I believe I flipped in the air or something to show him, but that part didn’t seem to be from my point of view, and everything faded as I started to move my RL body again. I’m pretty sure it was a low-level form of WILD done in the morning…and I’m probably going to try again later if I’m tired enough to take a nap.

Perfectly described. :smile: Probably a micro-awakening or a FA, then a SP or a dreamt SP, then a LD. The fact you had in the same time images which looked like HI, and that they remind of a video game let suppose it may be a false SP. You can find a similar experience in my DJ here; and another curious one that semt clearly to be a false SP.

And about possible confusions between micro-awakenings and FA, you can read here a case when it was quite impossible to distinguish between them (even after having woken up, I mean).

All this isn’t such obvious indeed. :content:

This topic is a split topic, it continues in part VII here :dragon: